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With the Empress straightforward words, the Crown Prince turn speechless. So even if he felt sad, he no longer dares to refute and said: “Er Chen understand. This son will pick Wanting and bring her to the palace.”

Lin Chujiu’s identity is no joke anymore. It’s not suitable for her to enter the palace. And even if she enters the palace, she wouldn’t listen to her obediently just like before. She wouldn’t deal with these troublemakers.

“It’s good that you understand.” The Empress is very satisfied with him. And in order to give him some peace of mind, the empress make up a sentence: “Rest assured, Muqing knows that you really have feelings for Wanting. Muqing will take care of her. I will not let her experience injustice.”

With the empress thoughtful words, the crown prince finally had peace of mind. In his eyes, there is nothing the empress can’t do. And once she promised something, she will really do it.

The Crown Prince left happy. But as soon as he left, the Seventh Prince who was hiding at the back came out and look at his mother. When the Seventh Prince saw his mother pale face, his eyes flashed: “Muqing, are you okay?”

The Empress weakly lean her back to the Phoenix chair when she saw the seventh prince’s worried face. And then, she shook her head and gently said: “Muqing is fine.”

But, the Seventh Prince doesn’t believe her words, so he kneels in front of her and said: “Muqing, should I go and beg Divine Doctor Mo to cure you? I’m afraid Sister Chujiu doesn’t know a way to cure you. Because she can’t even cure herself.”

“Don’t go, Muqing sickness will heal without Divine Doctor Mo’s help.” Well, the most important thing is, she cannot let the anyone knows that she’s dying. The Seventh Prince is still young, so if everyone learns that he will lose her mother soon, how he will live peacefully in this palace?

“Imperial Uncle Tianyao’s legs also haven’t healed. So, he can’t even go to the battlefield. Sister Chujiu also cannot leave the capital. It’s very hard to reach those people ah.” The Seventh Prince’s eyes were teary, but he stubbornly refusing them to fall down.

Her mother is weak, so he cannot make her worried about him.

“Rest assured,” The Empress patted the Seventh Prince’s hand and look at him with assurance: “Soon, your Imperial Uncle Tianyao will lead his troops again. By then, Muqing will find a way for you to meet Sister Chujiu. You also don’t need to worry, your Sister Chujiu will not die because those people will not let that happened.”

“Muqing, is what your saying true?” The Seventh Prince’s eyes shine brightly, revealing his expectations. The Empress had only made a guess, but because she doesn’t want him to get disappointed, she eventually nodded her head.

“Little Seventh Prince ah, rest assured. Muqing will not die, Muqing will watch you grow up big.” Even if the price of living is betraying the only person she loves, she won’t regret it.

The Crown Prince is very obedient. Because he really visits Lin Wangting on the same day.

Lin Wanting was able to avoid the Crown Prince by saying that she’s recuperating. But, the truth… … only Lin Wanting and the Lin Fu knows it.

This time, Lin Wanting was also unwilling to see the Crown Prince. But, when Lin Furen said that Divine Doctor Mo was in the palace, Lin Wanting immediately agreed to go in there.

Lin Wanting went to the palace because she wanted to use this opportunity to get close to Divine Doctor Mo. Once she got close with him, she’ll be able to persuade him to cure Xiao Tianyao’s legs. Lin Wanting firmly believes that once she persuade Divine Doctor Mo. Xiao Tianyao will felt move and then he will eventually marry her.

But, will Divine Doctor Mo listens to her? Well, Lin Wanting is not a bit worried. She believes that there is nothing difficult to attain in this world. She can always get what she wants, so she can make Divine Doctor Mo agree.

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