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Su Cha nodded his head, but before leaving, he didn’t forget to say: “Wangye, if you don’t want to fight for yourself, at least fight for the sake of your three hundred thousand soldiers.” No matter who took over Xiao Tianyao’s confidants and soldiers, they will only end up as a cannon folder. They will be used unjustly to the battlefield.

Xiao Tianyao’s soldiers are too strong. They were so strong that’s why the other three countries and the emperor fear them.

And these soldiers are very loyal, but they were only loyal to Xiao Tianyao. That’s why even though the emperor took Xiao Tinyao’s military power. He cannot mobilize them. And because he cannot mobilize them, the emperor had used them in this conspiracy.

When Su Cha and Liu Bai left, Xiao Tianyao sits in his study room for a long while. But after that, he decided to go to see Lin Chujiu. Of course, he wanted to call Lin Chujiu over and see him, but… … 

When he called one of his guard, he cannot give him the order.

He doesn’t know why, but he cannot say it.

And so, Xiao Tianyao personally went to see Lin Chujiu. Xiao Tianyao went there without notice, so when he got near their place. He heard Lin Chujiu and her servant’s conversation.

“Wangfei, today, Housekeeper Cao sent this thousand years old ginseng. He said Wangye specifically ordered him to send this so that your body will recover fast. This kind of ginseng is really rare, Wangye must have sent it because he’s really worried about you.” Zhenzhu said cheerfully. Compared to other three, she’s a little more naive, that’s why she can say those words naturally.

“Aside from this ginseng, there were lots of good stuff too. For many years, Wangye has been fighting with northern and southern countries. So, they were able to get a lot of good stuff. Wangfei can look at them later.” Shanhu also followed.

However, Feicui and Manao are a bit too old, so they can only tactfully persuade her by saying: “Wangfei, the chicken soup tonight taste really good. Do you want to eat it with Wangye tonight?”

“In these passed few days, Wangye has been working until midnight, so maybe at this time he’s a little hungry.”

Aside from Housekeeper Cao, the four of them also tried to persuade Lin Chujiu. Hoping the two of them would have a good talk.

Because whenever Xiao Tianyao goes out, Lin Chujiu will stay inside her room. But whenever Xiao Tianyao is having his treatment, Lin Chujiu will go out in her room. Seeing this, they understand that Lin Chujiu is hiding from Xiao Tianyao. Or more likely, she’s avoiding to see Xiao Tianyao.

Even if she is the imperial consort. If she doesn’t have the support of the master of the house. She will face a lot of difficulty in this mansion. So if she will continue doing this, in the end, only her will suffer.

Lin Chujiu knows this very well, that’s why she tried compromising before. But, what was the result ah?

Xiao Tianyao is a selfish man, that’s why he still doesn’t believe her. So, even if she follows his orders a bit more, it will only be useless.

In front of those maidservant’s eager eyes, Lin Chujiu couldn’t afford to refuse. So, she only said: “Tomorrow, this ginseng’s taste will become bad, so give it now to Wangye to drink.”

This is a disguised rejection.

So, when the four maidservants heard it, all of them exposed a helpless look in their face. After getting along with her for two months, they learned that their Wangfei is an easy going person. She is not an opinionated person, rather she listens to other people’s words. And if she can do something, she will really do it without any hesitation.

So it can be said that their Wangfei had changed.

When Xiao Tianyao heard Lin Chujiu’s answer from outside her place. He can’t understand why his heart suddenly felt in pain. As if a big hand suddenly grab his heart and crushing it bit by bit. It doesn’t seem fatal, but still, it’s very painful… …

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