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Although Lin Chujiu is not as approachable as before, she still doesn’t make anyone feel embarrassed. She only closes her eyes and goes back to the topic… …

There were several complicated acupuncture points that Doctor Wu doesn’t understand. So, he asks a few more things about it. Lin Chujiu patiently explain them, but she didn’t use a local medical knowledge.

Doctor Wu become emotional because he had seen Lin Chujiu’s long patience. Not everyone can do that. And no male doctor is as good as her.

When Xiao Tianyao learned that Lin Chujiu pointed out the acupuncture points without any mistake, he didn’t surprise: “She has always been this clever.” She was the only one who knows this in Xiao Wangfu, so why she didn’t refuse?

Doctor Wu is a doctor himself, but he is not good as Lin Chujiu. So, when he massaged Xiao Tianya’s legs, he… …

Felt so tired. He doesn’t know if it’s due to his old age or lack of skills. But when he massaged his legs for two times in a day, Doctor Wu felt like he runs for eight hundred miles. His hands were even shaking from the tiredness. He couldn’t even hold a bowl.

“Wangfei doing this before to Wangye every day is really admirable ah.” Doctor Wu doesn’t want to admit that he can’t compare to a woman, so he insisted massaging Xiao Tianyao for a few days more, but… …

He really couldn’t stand it.

So, Doctor Wu look for a young and strong apprentice. He teaches him the proper skill so that he will give Xiao Tianyao a massage every day. Fortunately, Xiao Tianyao has no any objection.

But, why it’s not Lin Chujiu?


In a blink of an eye, half of the month had already passed. Divine Doctor Mo haven’t figured out the cause of the Third Prince’s disease, but he successfully controlled his condition. The Third Prince didn’t get sicked for half month. Because of this, the Emperor got very satisfied with Divine Doctor Mo and promised him that, as long as he will keep the Third Prince’s safe. He will also keep Mo Yuer safe. 

With the emperor’s generous proposal, Divine Doctor Mo felt a little secured inside his heart. And with the emperor’s protection, Xiao Tianyao wouldn’t be able to do anything to them. And because of that, Divine Doctor Mo put more effort in taking care of the Third Prince.

After recuperating for half a month, Lin Chujiu got a lot better. And in these past few days, she tried going out. But, that is only when Xiao Tianyao is having his massage and medicinal bath. The two of them is living in the same yard for half a month, but they haven’t seen each other.

Lin Chujiu admits that it was intentional. She is a person that can control her temper, but she won’t be able to stop herself from responding negatively. Xiao Tianyao also knows that Lin Chujiu is doing this intentionally, but… …

He doesn’t know what to do. 

He wants to compensate her, but he doesn’t know where he will begin because Lin Chujiu is staying silent. So once again, Xiao Tianyao hopes for Lin Chujiu to open up. He wants her to cry out all her grievances, all her dissatisfaction and put her demands one by one just like before. By then, he will know what he has to do. But, Lin Chujiu doesn’t give in.

“Woman is really troublesome.” Xiao Tianyao who was sitting in front of a desk said while in a daze. His left hand was propping his head, his eyebrows were wrinkled and it looks like he was in a big trouble.

If Su Cha knows that Xiao Tianyao is worrying about how he will coax Lin Chujiu, and not the corruption issue or his reputation. He would really laugh out loud.

So, one thing is for sure, that Lin Chujiu is more important than any of those things!

Unfortunately, such thing will remain secret even if they are brothers. Xiao Tianyao will never reveal it.

A big grown-up man worrying a young lady is simply embarrassing ah… …

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