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“I won’t next time.” Liu Bai bowed down his head and smiled stiffly.

Su Cha knows that what he had said is not comforting, so he patted his shoulder and added: “Have some rest, a long one. In the future, you must keep in mind that it’s better not to offend a woman. You can offend anyone else but not a woman.”

With Su Cha’s help, Liu Bai was able to go back to his own place. Doctor Wu gave him some medicine. But still, Liu Bai deliberately sent a message to Mo Yuer, because his heart is still hoping, but… …

Mo Yuer didn’t come to see him. She didn’t even send him a medicine. As if he is a person that didn’t exist.

“I can finally give up.” Liu Bai lies down on his bed and closes his eyes.

Lin Chujiu has proven her innocence and revealed Mo Yuer’s involvement. So even though Xiao Tianyao haven’t done any punishment, Mo Yuer has already been hiding in her place and didn’t dare to come out. 

On the other hand, Divine Doctor Mo was still treating Xiao Tianyao’s legs every day. Xiao Tianyao didn’t refuse him, that’s why Divine Doctor Mo had seen some hope.

But because of the dragon grass’s effect, his legs recovery become slow. Divine Doctor Mo said that his legs will still recover, but it will take two months.

Xiao Tianyao knows it, so he lightly nodded his head and said: “Divine Doctor Mo has superb skills, so benwang will believe you.”

This is definitely a threat, if Xiao Tianyao’s legs didn’t recover, Divine Doctor Mo will definitely lose his life. Divine Doctor Mo understood what he meant, so he had a cold sweat on his back. But, he pretended to be calm.


Lin Chujiu’s injuries were heavy, but it’s not an incurable disease. So after five days,  she can already move a bit. And the first thing she did, is told Housekeeper Cao to send her back to her own courtyard.

Because she doesn’t want to stay anymore in Jing Tian Courtyard.

Housekeeper Cao’s facial expression changed. But then, he persuades her: “Wangfei, Doctor Wu said that it’s still very inconvenient for you to move. Not to mention, Wangye is still staying in Jing Tian Courtyard. If Wangfei wanted to see Wangye in the future, you’ll have a hard time.”

Right now, Jing Tian Courtyard’s security becomes even tighter. So certainly, Lin Chujiu won ‘t be able to come.

“I know my body’s condition very well. You just need to arrange enough people, by then, Doctor Wu will not say anything. As for Wangye, I am hurt this way, I can’t take care of him. So instead of staying here and making Wangye worried, it’s better to go out.” Lin Chujiu’s mouth said that she doesn’t resent Xiao Tianyao, but it seems her heart doesn’t feel the same. 

Because just by seeing Xiao Tianyao, she felt really tired. So, she wants to stay away from him.

“But, but… … if we go outside Jing Tian Courtyard, Doctor Wu will have a hard time to change Wangfei’s dressing. So please Wangfei, think about some more.” Houskeeper Cao is not exaggerating. Xiao Tianyao no longer believes to Divine Doctor Mo. So, Doctor Wu was monitoring his condition in the dark. Divine Doctor Mo doesn’t know it.

“I am a doctor myself, so I can change my own wound dressing.” Once she made a decision, no one can stop her. Lin Chujiu saw that Housekeeper Cao still want to persuade her, so she said before he opens his mouth: “Housekeeper Cao if you don’t want to, I can go and arrange it myself.” 

The guardsmen in Jing Tian Courtyard would dare to stop her, but they wouldn’t dare to hurt her. And now that she is as soft as a tofu, she will easily fall down even if they will only touch her gently.

“Wangfei, do you really have to go out?” Housekeeper Cao is really having a hard time. And at this moment, he really wanted to kneel in front of Lin Chujiu and beg her not make a trouble for him.

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