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Chapter 12: Wedding (Part 2)


After Lin Xiang said those words, his words seem like a rock that fall into the calm lake and everyone couldn’t stay calm any longer.

Three months ago, Prince Xiao got into an accident. He was diagnosed by the imperial physician that he will stay paralyzed and crippled for the rest of his life. Since then, Prince Xiao didn’t appear in front of anyone even when the emperor removed his military power, he didn’t come forward to his presence.

For the citizen of East country, Prince Xiao is not a disgraced even if he decided to not appear in front of anyone.

And even until now, everyone still deeply understands him. After all, Prince Xiao is not an ordinary man. Before he got paralyzed he was known as the God of War and the Imperial hero of East Country.

Prince Xiao’s talent in martial arts are superb, he was only one step away from perfection.

Prince Xiao is very wise and can kill a countless enemy on the battlefield.

Prince Xiao is very peerless and handsome unlike any mortals … …

Prince Xiao is … …

In short, before Prince Xiao got paralyzed he was like a god to all the people in East Country. And even to the eyes of the imperial officials, his existence is a superior being like a god.

The people from the East Country might not know the emperor, but no one can’t recognize Prince Xiao the God of War.

Such a great figure fully deserved to be favored by God. But such a great figure will also be envied by many. In the end, a villain plotted against him and now he got paralyzed and can only stay in bed for the rest of his life.

No one knows how many people from the East Country regretted that war, but those regrets can’t change the fact of his current situation.

Since then Prince Xiao didn’t appear in front of anyone, but everyone can understand that. Not to mention, if they encounter the same thing they wouldn’t appear in front of anyone too.

With such a great feat Prince Xiao cannot simply accept it. But the most important thing is his pride. How can he withstand to show his crippled appearance? How can he bear to see those other people look at him with sympathy?

However, today, Prince Xiao will personally meet Lin Chujiu to get marry and he will show his crippled appearance in front of everyone. These things are simply unimaginable.

In the end, what is Prince Xiao’s real intention to Lin Chujiu?

That question can only be answered by Prince Xiao himself. If he will not answer that, then no one else knows the reason. In the end, what is he really planning ah!?

Inside the hall, when all the Xiaojie (Young Miss) heard the message. Each one of them got envious to Lin Chujiu and said: “Chujiu, you must be feeling happy right now ah!”

“Prince Xiao is too good for you.”

“Yes, I’m really envious right now!”

A group of Xiaojie (Young Miss) surrounded Lin Chujiu and talked non-stop. Their words are full of envy, but no one is actually really jealous of her. After all, they are aware of what Prince Xiao’s current situation. So, he is not worthy of their jealousy.

On such a happy occasion, no one should say a word that will make the other party unhappy. But, there was still this innocent looking girl that dare to say unlucky words as if she really felt regret: “If Prince Xiao didn’t get hurt that would be much better, right? And jiejie (elder sister) will be the happiest woman in East Country. But what a shame, Prince Xiao … … “

Yes, the innocent looking girl that said those words for the bride is no other than Lin Chujiu’s half sister Lin Wanting. Once her words were heard by many, all the Xiaojie’s (Young Miss) envious feelings changed into regret.



All that was left as envious noises in the hall are big sighs. If the other people doesn’t know today’s event, they will think that they are in a spiritual hall. Any ordinary girl will certainly freak out, however, Lin Chujiu is not that type of girl. On the other hand, even if the bride doesn’t feel that way but her mother and other family members should have come forward to save her face, right?

But in Lin Family, who will come forward for Lin Chujiu?

Even if Lin Furen (Madam Lin) felt wrong, how can she face them when they helped her. In the end, Lin Furen (Madam Lin) didn’t dare to say anything and can only show a sad look on her face inside the red hall that should have been full of festivity.

Lin Furen (Madam Lin) thought that Lin Chujiu will get angry. But since the beginning, Lin Chujiu acted like she didn’t hear anything and just sits on the bed quietly without a sound.

Lin Wanting prepared those words for a long time, every word in those sentences is like a hidden knife to provoke Lin Chujiu and trample her heart.

Lin Wanting’s goal is very clear, just like in the past, she wants to force Lin Chujiu to make trouble on her own wedding day and disgrace herself in front of everyone. If that happens, Prince Xiao will definitely hate her. But… …

The Lin Chujiu right now is not someone that Lin Wanting can easily provoke. Lin Wanting waited for a long time, but Lin Chujiu is still unmoved and doesn’t show any sign of anger. Even though this time, she had said too much so that… …

“Hey, don’t say anything anymore.” The Jiang’s da xiaojie (Eldest Miss) said and push away her xiao meimei (little sister) to Lin Wanting.

“San jiejie (Third sister), look at the bride.” The xiao meimei (little sister) said while pushing away her jiejie (eldest sister) from Lin Wanting’s side.

“Children come closer to niang (Mother).” the Shangshu Furen (government official’s wife) called out her daughters.

Soon, the people around Lin Wanting slowly reduced in number. But, it was too late already when she realized it!

For so many years, Lin Wanting hold her image as pure as white lotus flower because she always set up the previous Lin Chujiu. But now, the current Lin Chujiu didn’t say anything so her true face got exposed.

After all, this group of women is not stupid. When they heard Lin Wanting’s words earlier it seems like nothing. But, when they tried to recall them they find it very provocative.

Lin Wanting usually act gentle and kindhearted. But, when she get back to her senses she was reminded that the Lin Family sold some of their treasure and also asked for help to other families just to raised silver banknotes because of this jiejie (Elder Sister) of her.

“Do not seek the death of others if you don’t want to die.” Lin Chujiu was still sitting comfortably on the bed while watching Lin Wanting’s acting in excitement. But suddenly, in the crowd… …

The servant announces: “The groom has arrived, the groom has arrived!”

Before sunset, Prince Xiao finally arrived in the Lin Family’s Mansion. Every guest tilted their head to look at the crippled Prince Xiao and not the majestic Prince Xiao. But… …

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