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White jade hairpin!

And it looks exactly the same to those two white jade hairpin that was in Xiao Tianyao’s hand earlier. Even it’s fine line has no difference.

Divine Doctor Mo’s facial expression changed. While Mo Yuer incredibly shook her head and said: “This, how could this be? It’s not mine.”

Xiao Tianyao ignored Mo Yuer and  only look at Liu Bai: “You know very well if this thing belongs to Miss Mo.”

Under Xiao Tianyao’s pressure, Liu Bai has no way to escape, so he only bitterly nodded his head: “This is Miss Mo’s white jade hairpin that Lu Yuan exchanged to his when he went to your room. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.”

Divine Doctor Mo’s facial expression greatly change and immediately pushed all the blame to Lu Yuan: “That evil bastard, he actually dare to do such an outrageous thing. This old man must be blind for accepting him as my disciple. Wangye, rest assured, I will not stop you if you want to dispose of him.”

“Divine Doctor Mo doesn’t need to worry about this, he wouldn’t be able to escape his punishment.” Xiao Tianyao is not a bit worried that Divine Doctor Mo might know that he has Lu Yuan. Divine Doctor Mo felt like Xiao Tianyao’s knows everything, so he no longer wants to mention anything.

Well, regarding this matter. He was really wrong.

But, just because Divine Doctor Mo has no further intention to speak doesn’t mean Xiao Tianyao will stop: “There were three white jade hairpins. Aside from this one, these two has problems when we checked. Benwang doesn’t know what was Miss Mo’s intention.”

Xiao Tianyao went straight to the point. Hearing this, Mo Yuer hide behind her fathers back, while Divine Doctor Mo gets angry: “How ridiculous! My daughter will not do such an absurd things. Wangye, don’t be deceived ah! My daughter was definitely framed”

“Benwang was also worried about this, so benwang and others stayed here to make things clear.” While speaking, Xiao Tianyao’s eyes fell on Mo Yuer’s body.

Mo Yuer got really shocked when another white jade hairpin pops up. And she felt really ashamed about it, but… …

Divine Doctor Mo is her father. And her father has always been protecting her. So right now, she was able to calm down herself.

“Wangye, even I don’t know that there is another white jade hairpin. We can’t go anywhere else aside from this place. So, who knows if you just took this white jade hairpin to falsely accused me. Is this what Xiao Wangfu’s usual style?” She can’t recognize it, so she would rather not acknowledge it: “While we were gone, you even brought out a lot of people and broke into my place. You rummage my things and accused me. Is this what a prince should do? So, what’s the difference between you and the robbers?”

Mo Yuer said as if she had experienced the biggest injustice in the world. Liu Bai’s eyes flashed, he wanted to say something, but he hasn’t opened his mouth when Xiao Tianyao coldly look at him.

After stopping Liu Bai successfully, Xiao Tianyao said: “Jing Tian Courtyard was heavily guarded inside and out. After discovering that there was a problem inside Miss Mo’s room, benwang invited the heavily injured Wangfei to look inside. So, Miss Mo can rest assured that others did not enter your room.”

“That’s not what I am asking, what I am asking is why did you search my things?” Mo Yuer bit her lips and pointed out: “Why did you specifically ordered Liu Bai to drive us father and daughter away before checking my things? That’s what I am against with.”

After that, Mo Yuer lost too much air so her frost like face turn red: “I am not in my room when you found this thing. But, you’re accusing me? Wangye, don’t you think you’re too much!” 

Mo Yuer grew up under the great protection of Divine Doctor Mo. And ever since she was young, she didn’t experience any injustice. So regarding about today’s issues, aside from feeling guilty, her self-esteem was destroyed.

Xiao Tianyao ignored Mo Yuer and just look at Divine Doctor Mo. Smart people on deals with the real problem. And he has no interest nor energy to deal with smart acting Mo Yuer.

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