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Chapter 117.2
Chapter 117: Framed and who is the shameless (Part 2)

Although Divine Doctor Mo was angry, he also felt embarrassed, so he only reasonably said: “Wangye, there were many strange events. So please, carefully investigate them first before accusing my innocent daughter.”

“An innocent person will naturally turn innocent. Benwang will not wronged an innocent person, but won’t let go anyone that harms him.”

What Xiao Tianyao had said is reasonable. So, Divine Doctor Mo couldn’t find a reason to argue. At this point of time, Lin Chujiu had finished checking the last book. So, she casually looks at them. Seeing her like this, Divine Doctor Mo and Mo Yuer almost wanted to vomit blood.

“Wangye, Wangfei is our primary suspect. Letting her check alone is not right. This old man couldn’t rest assured. Can this old man request to accompany Wangfei while she was checking.?” Divine Doctor Mo didn’t directly say

that Lin Chujiu might frame Mo Yuer.

Mo Yuer nodded her head and said “Wangye, Wangfei is not only behaving strangely but also wounded. It might be very inconvenient for her. So, this I asked Wangye to find another doctor to check my things.”

Xiao Tianyao nodded his head gently: “Benwang also thinks so, someone come… .. go and find Doctor Wu.”

But, as for Divine Doctor Mo’s proposal?

Xiao Tianyao acted like he didn’t hear anything.

Xiao Tianyao was just about to open his mouth when he heard Lin Chujiu shouted: “Is it now the right time to use Doctor Wu to get rid of me? Divine Doctor Mo is really cruel ah! So, why not just say it personally?”

Hearing her words, everyone turned their heads and look at Lin Chujiu. Lin Chujiu holds the book while slowly walking. Every step she took makes them very anxious.

Mo Yuer felt uneasy, so she loudly

loudly said: “Wangfei, what are you so worried about to keep slandering me ah? Wangfei, rest assured, I might be obsessed with medicine, but I’m not planning to argue with it.”

Mo Yuer deliberately implied that Lin Chujiu is targeting her because she doesn’t want her to be an imperial concubine. She also showed to everyone that she is very understandable.

Mo Yuer acted like she’s fair and square and it was only Lin Chujiu who has a clouded mind out of jealousy of her

But she forgot, she forgot that Lin Chujiu just checked her room meticulously.  And she didn’t miss a thing.

Lin Chujiu stops from walking and lightly laugh: “Miss Mo, your face is turning red due excessive lying and lack of oxygen. If my hands were not injured, I would really like to give you a round of  applause, because your acting is really great.”

“You, what do you mean ah?”

mean ah?” Mo Yuer swallowed her saliva. And from the bottom of her heart, she felt very uneasy.

“Do you really want me to say it?”

“If Wangfei has something to say, then say it. I have nothing to hide.” Mo Yuer’s line of sight fell on the book that Lin Chujiu is holding. Her eyes got locked into it, but she doesn’t what to think.

“Really? Nothing? Then, why did Miss Mo put those things to the bottom part of the writing box and under the books? Isn’t it because you don’t want people to see it?” Lin Chujiu’s facial expression remains the same, but Mo Yuer’s face turn white: “You! How can you just look at my private things? You’re really shameless!”

Lin Chujiu tried her best to give Mo Yuer some face, but she ignored it. So, Lin Chujiu no longer tried to be polite and sneered: “Shameless? Who? Me? Is it Me? Is it really me or the girl who’s coveting someone’s else husband? You speak so righteously and yet you yourself is a bitch. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?  

Almost most of them didn’t understand her remarks. So, the guardsmen look at Mo Yuer directly, and among them is Liu Bai. However, there was this one person that stayed emotionless. As if he also didn’t understand a thing.

Mo Yuer’s face turn red in anger, and in her worry, she shouted: “You!, what nonsense are you talking about? You just framed me, you framed me! Wangye, she framed me, you have to seek justice for me.”

“I framed you? You really have the face to say it like that ah. Good thing, your dad is here, so why don’t we let Doctor Wu check this to find out who exactly frame who?” Lin Chujiu raised her hand that was holding the book… …

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