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The sound of the footsteps become louder and louder, And because of that, Xiao Tianyao becomes aware that not only Divine Doctor Mo and Mo Yuer had returned, but also Liu Bai. Well, Xiao Tianyao didn’t get surprised, his beautiful Mo Yuer is being suspected, so why would he help Lin Chujiu out?

Lin Chujiu is concentrating on the book she was holding, so she wasn’t able to hear the footsteps outside. She was seriously turning the page, until… …

“What are you doing?” When Divine Doctor Mo and Mo Yuer came inside, Divine Doctor Mo roared in anger, while Mo Yuer’s facial expression change.

“Xiao Wangye, what is the meaning of this?” Divine Doctor Mo asks in anger. But deep inside, he was scared to know that Xiao Tianyao might have learned something. After all, Mo Yuer had really done something.

“What … … an insult!” After she learned that she was investigated, Mo Yuer’s frosty face instantly become red in anger.

The noise outside the room is not low, so when Lin Chujiu heard it. She looks up but then she just continues checking the book… …

They’re destined to become enemies, so why bother saving some face.

“Divine Doctor Mo doesn’t need to worry. Benwang will give you an explanation.” Xiao Tianyao said indifferently while looking towards Liu Bai with his eyes that were full of ridicule. Liu Bai’s facial expression change, he wanted to say something, but then, he just bows down his head and quietly steps back. 

Xiao Tianyao slightly clears his throat, then he took out a small box and open it slowly. Revealing the two white jade hairpin inside. Divine Doctor Mo’s facial expression didn’t change. But, Mo Yuer’s face turns pale and her body frozen stiff.

Xiao Tianyao cold asks: “Divine Doctor Mo, Miss Mo, can you explain these things?”

“Xiao Wangye, what do you mean? If you don’t trust this old man, then don’t ask me to treat your legs. This old man has no shortage in patients.” Divine Doctor Mo didn’t give Xiao Tianyao an answer, instead, he uses his legs to make a threat, but… …

This threat has worked before, but not this time.

After knowing that Divine Doctor Mo can harm him, Xiao Tianyao can no longer trust him. And if Divine Doctor Mo is no longer willing to treat his legs, then he has other ways.

“It’s not about whether benwang believes you, it’s about the facts that were in front of you.”  Xiao Tianyao gently throws the small box to Divine Doctor Mo. But because he was not ready, the small box slipped from his hand and fell on the ground.

The two white jade hairpin fell on the ground. But fortunately, they didn’t break.

“There were two white jade hairpins. That day, when you were using the dragon soul, Miss Mo was wearing one. But, benwang is not sure which one is Miss Mo wearing.”

After her initial shock, Mo Yuer finally restored her calm: “The broken one was mine. These two are mine. My father gave them to me as a birthday present. If Wangye doesn’t believe it, then you can go and check.”

“Miss Mo are you sure you only have two of the same white jade hairpin?” Xiao Tianyao slightly was taken aback, but still giving off a strong sense of oppression.

Mo Yuer doesn’t know Xiao Tianyao’s intention, so she instinctively nodded her head.

Xiao Tianyao sneered and then wave his hand: “Come, send that thing over.”

Divine Doctor Mo had sensed something bad will happen, but it was too late now. So, he could only look at the guard that was coming inside with a covered tray.

The tray was covered with a cloth. So, Divine Doctor Mo cannot distinguish what’s inside. Xiao Tianyao didn’t keep Divine Doctor Mo waiting, he looks at Liu Bai to let him take away the cover.

“Wangye.” Liu Bai’s foot seems like got nailed on the floor. Because he stayed motionless.

“Liu Bai, this is your last chance.” Xiao Tianyao’s tone was flat, it’s not high nor low, but… …

Liu Bai knows that Xiao Tianyao is angry.

With that, Liu Bai no longer dare to resist and walked forward with heavy footsteps. When the cover was removed, Divine Doctor Mo and Mo Yuer clearly saw… …

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