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Only the writing box was left, but if Lin Chujiu can’t still find any, then… …

Even if Xiao Tianyao believes her, that would still be useless. If she can’t get any evidence to prove her innocence, then she won’t be able to convince the others. But, even if that is the case, Lin Chujiu’s face doesn’t have any trace of worries.

Lin Chujiu checked the writing box from top to bottom. She had also check each compartment of the box. The guardsmen got so excited, and in their excitement, they elongated their neck to see what’s inside. However, in the end, it was only an ordinary writing box and there’s nothing good inside.

Aiya … … some people couldn’t help but sigh and felt an unspeakable disappointment. Lin Chujiu didn’t feel discouraged, she still continues rummaging inside. And because of that, in this seemingly ordinary writing box, Lin Chujiu found a beautiful letter, in which Xiao Tianyao’s name was written. And in there, she also found a few love letters.

Lin Chujiu couldn’t imagine that the noble and cold Mo Yuer would be this bold in her private time. If it was like in the past, Lin Chujiu would laugh out loud. But right now, she doesn’t have time for that.

Lin Chujiu took out the compartment of the writing box one by one. And on the bottom part of it, she found a hidden compartment with a broken white jade hairpin.

“This is … …” Lin Chujiu’s facial expression slightly change and unconsciously look towards the dresser.

There is two exactly the same white jade hairpin. And it looks exactly to the white jade hairpin that she had checked before. Unfortunately, she couldn’t take out the necessary equipment she needs to determine which one is it.

But, as for the hidden broken white jade hairpin?

Lin Chujiu carefully checked it again, so she found out that this white jade hairpin is exactly the same to what she previously had checked. However, just like before, the medical system didn’t detect any harmful substance.

Lin Chujiu took out the broken white jade hairpin. But right after she took it out, Xiao Tianyao’s pupil unconsciously constricted. And from the bottom of his heart, he felt relieved for Lin Chujiu.

With the two white jade hairpin, they can say that Mo Yuer is not innocent. And even if he can’t completely wash away Lin Chujiu’s suspiciousness, at least he can only punish her a little.

“Interesting.” Lin Chujiu said with a bit trace of ridicule. Lin Chujiu wave her hand towards the guard outside. And with Xiao Tianyao’s permission, the guard took off his shoes and came inside: “Wangfei.”

“Take this to Wangye and also took out the white jade hairpin inside the dresser.” This piece of evidence is indispensable.

The guard carefully holds the white jade hairpins and quietly retreated. Lin Chujiu continue her search, but she didn’t find anything except a couple of books. However, Lin Chujiu didn’t even let those book slide, she turn each page and check it one by one.

This kind of action is time-consuming, but Xiao Tianyao didn’t say a word. And even if his time limit had passed, he doesn’t plan to stop her. Lin Chujiu can continue her slow action, because… …

These two white jade hairpins in his hands are enough evidence to make Divine Doctor Mo and Mo Yuer speechless. And if only he doesn’t need Divine Doctor Mo’s medical skills, he would take the father and daughter’s life.

One hour has quietly passed, but Xiao Tianyao didn’t urge her to come out. So, Lin Chujiu had understood what Xiao Tianyao’s means even if they didn’t open their mouth.

*Flip, Flop* … …Sounds of the footsteps resounded. And when the guardsmen heard it, their face tighten and unconsciously look at Xiao Tianyao.

These footsteps? Xiao Tianyao doesn’t need to make a guess because he is sure that it is Divine Doctor Mo and Mo Yuer.

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