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Lin Chujiu is very determined to see Xiao Tianyao. So, although Doctor Wu doesn’t want to agree with her, he couldn’t find a reason to stop her. With her current situation, Doctor Wu and Housekeeper Cao understand that Lin Chujiu must really prove her innocence if she can. Or else, what will the difference between staying alive or dead?

Housekeeper Cao was uncertain, so he looked at Doctor Wu and ask: “Can Wangfei’s body hold it?”

“No.” Doctor Wu simply said. Because of that, Housekeeper Cao prepared himself to persuade Lin Chujiu to take it slowly. And just wait for her body to get slightly better before she goes and sees Xiao Tianyao. But, Doctor Wu suddenly added: “However, Wangfei herself is a doctor. She knows more than anyone else her condition. There must be a reason why she had to make such a decision.” Because if there’s none, who would be willing to risk their life ah? 

Even if her body can hold it. Her injuries are very serious, so every step she will take is like walking over the knife. And normally, a person wouldn’t want to experience that.

“Rest assured, I will not die. At least, not now.” Lin Chujiu also gave Housekeeper Cao an assurance. But, as for whether her injuries wouldn’t aggravate, no need to ask, because… …

The moment she moves, her injuries are bound to increase. However, if she won’t to do this, she won’t be able to recuperate at ease.

Housekeeper Cao no longer said a word and just quietly retreated. Doctor Wu stayed behind and change Lin Chujiu’s dressing. And while he’s still at it, he boiled her some medicine.

After some inspection, Housekeeper Cao finally arrived at Jing Tian Courtyard. And then, he reported Lin Chujiu’s condition to Xiao Tianyao.

“Wangfei woke up. But, Wangfei insisted to see Wangye.”

“Very well, let Doctor Wu continue taking care of her.” Xiao Tianyao nodded his head in satisfaction. But as for his reply in meeting her: “Benwang doesn’t want to see her.” She’s heavily injured, but want to get up? Isn’t she simply courting death?

If it is like the usual, Housekeeper Cao will no longer say anything. But this time, he couldn’t help but say: “Wangye, if you won’t let Wangfei see you. Wangfei won’t be able to recuperate at ease.”

Xiao Tianyao didn’t immediately answer, he thinks for a while and then nodded his head: “Carried her over.”

“Yes, this lowly one will obey.” Housekeeper Cao wanted to left immediately, but then he heard Xiao Tianyao’s voice: “Pack away the things inside the room next to benwang.”

Housekeeper Cao’s footsteps stop, he wanted to make things clear but then he just secretly whispered inside his heart: Wangye, what do you mean?

Wangye cares about Wangfei, but he doesn’t care if she dies? He doesn’t care about Wangfei, but he wanted to clean up the room next to him for her? Isn’t he a bit contradicting?

Housekeeper Cao shook his head and just turned around to leave. Then, he arranged two guards to carried Lin Chujiu and bring her inside the Jing Tian Courtyard.

Housekeeper Cao’s actions were very simple. But, there were two people that make a big issue about it. Divine Doctor Mo learn about it fast. He hesitated for a moment, but then he decided to go to his daughter’s place because he always felt that there is something wrong.

Lin Chujiu knows medicine and she is wise. She stopped Xiao Tianyao’s treatment so suddenly, but she was so firm about it. So, maybe she really found something wrong.

“Yuer, that day, what did you do ah?” Divine Doctor Mo ask straight to the point.

Mo Yuer’s eyes flash, she wanted to shake her head but when she saw Divine Doctor Mo’s moisten eyes, she eventually nodded her head. Seeing her father confused, Mo Yuer busily explained: “Dad, I just did something small. It wouldn’t hurt Wangye, she’s just exaggerating.”

“You silly!” Divine Doctor Mo almost wanted to vomit blood, but then he snapped and asked: “What did you do?”

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