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Chapter 114.2
Chapter 114: What is the difference and Confrontation (Part 2)

“I, I’ve only wiped a little psychedelic (hallucination) drug to the white jade hairpin. Dad, you and I know that even if Wangye had a contact with that drug, he won’t be affected. That drug will only be effective to Lin Chujiu.” Mo Yuer’s shoulders shudder, but her body is quite straight and her voice is very clear. Proving that she is sure of it.

Although Divine Doctor Mo was angry, he knows very well that what was done is done. So, nothing will change even if he nags at her. He can now only fix it, so he asks: “Where is that thing?”

“The white jade hairpin? Dad, rest assured, I’ve already dealt with it.” Mo Yuer said with a little pride: “I have two exactly the same white jade hairpin. Xiao Wangfu’s people don’t know it. Dad, you look… …”

Mo Yuer stood up

and brought out the same white jade hairpin in her dresser. Divine Doctor Mo looked at it, and when he saw that there is no trace of the said medicine. He nodded his head in satisfaction. And while he’s still there, he looks all over the room of his daughter. He only left when he didn’t find any abnormality.

But, just when Divine Doctor Mo went out the room, he met Lin Chujiu’s eyes who’s being carried with the sedan chair. And when their eyes collide, the two of them had a tacit understanding that they might not see each other again. 

Divine Doctor Mo who has unchanged facial expression left calmly. Lin Chujiu who has unchanged posture let the guardsmen carried her far… …

Inside the house, Xiao Tianyao was already sitting in his wheelchair and just waiting to hear the announcement outside. Xiao Tianyao didn’t open up his eyes, he just gently tapped his

his fingertip to the handrails.

“Wangye, Wangfei had come to see you.” The guard from outside announces. And soon as he heard him, he said: “Let her come!”

When the guardsmen entered, their footsteps were steady and has no sound. And even right after they put down Lin Chujiu, they just quietly turned away and closed the door.

“Wangye, this consort can’t pay her respect, please excuse this consort’s rudeness.” Lin Chujiu said indifferently. Her face has no trace of any emotion, but her eyes look calm and scary. Her lips have no trace of blood, but whenever she opens her mouth, her voice trembled because of the pain.

Seeing her pale complexion, Xiao Tianyao’s eyebrows unconsciously wrinkled and said: “You seek benwang for what?” She just woke up, but she’s very anxious to move her body, so does that mean she doesn’t want to keep her life?

“This consort seek Wangye.” Lin Chujiu is not stupid enough to

enough to ask Xiao Tianyao directly because she knows he won’t agree: “To ask for his permission to check Miss Mo’s room.”

“You haven’t given up?” His people had checked that place countless of time. So, what else does Lin Chujiu want to do?

“Yes, this consort won’t give up. I know I was right, so why would I help those people hide their fault?” Her voice is weak but still revealed her firm decision.

“You are right? That’s why you stopped Doctor Mo’s treatment and almost made benwang’s legs completely destroyed? So, do you want benwang to thank you?” His words were taunting, but there was no trace of mockery.

Lin Chujiu doesn’t feel guilty, so she said: “I don’t know the side effect of the dragon soul. But, I know, that if Wangye stayed there and continue the treatment. You will not only lose your legs but also your life.”

“You … … sure?” If its still like its still like before,  Xiao Tianyao will not listen to Lin Chujiu.

But right now, if what she said was not true, then why would Lin Chujiu dare to appear in front of him? Why would she dare to go and check Mo Yuer’s room? Lin Chujiu is very smart, so she knows very clearly that if she didn’t find anything to Mo Yuer’s room. Her fate will end up more miserable. And even if he pardon her, Divine Doctor Mo and Mo Yuer will not.

“If I am not sure, why would I let myself hit your bathtub? Wangye, did you think that I didn’t know I might get hurt?” This is the first time Lin Chujiu speak with a smile after she entered the room, but… …

Seeing this smile, Xiao Tianyao couldn’t feel happy. Instead, he felt very uncomfortable, because he felt like this woman in front of him is not the same… …

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