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Chapter 11.1
Chapter 11: Nightmare and the king of the night (Part 1)


Lin Chujiu knows that Lin Furen (Madam Lin) doesn’t want to give in, but today she won’t let her do so. She received such a poor body because of her, so she should get a little bit of compensation.

Lin Chujiu looked at Lin Furen (Madam Lin) and faintly smile: “Lin Furen (Madam Lin), my time is limited. But, because you give me so much love, I will also give you a little love so you can give me at least two hundred and fifty thousand taels of gold. You know my temper… …”

Lin Chujiu didn’t say the meaning behind those words, but she still implied a threat. Lin Furen (Madam Lin) was able to understand it clearly: Her time is limited, it means that if she didn’t give the money to her before the wedding, then she wouldn’t make things easy for her.

Lin Chujiu’s reputation has been already destroyed, so she no longer cares about it. But Lin Furen (Madam Lin) is different, she is known as a loving wife and a good mother. And her daughter will marry the Crown Prince, so she will never let Lin Chujiu destroy her fame.

Lin Furen (Madam

Lin) has no other choice but to resign herself and ask: “You will take the money and cancel it?”

However, life is not short. She will let Lin Chujiu win this time because she also wants to see if she will have a flowery life in her marriage. But sooner or later, she will still make her pay for today’s account.

“A cancellation fee for your past misdeeds.” Lin Chujiu got up and look into Lin Furen’s (Madam Lin) eyes, then slightly smile: “Lin Furen (Madam Lin), I want to see the banknote tomorrow morning!”

“Tomorrow? It’s impossible … …” Lin Furen (Madam Lin) wanted to drag Lin Chujiu down to her death. After all, Prince Xiao has a very bad temper and his cruelty is known to everyone.

“That is your problem.” Lin Chujiu got up and see her off, but then: “Lin Furen (Madam Lin) … … When you go out, can you remind that maidservant to serve me a rice porridge? Oh! and if Lin Furen (Madam Lin) won’t give me a food, I might change my mind again and ask you to give me five hundred and fifty thousand taels of gold instead!”

After she finished, Lin Chujiu turned around and walk toward her bed, leaving

leaving  Lin Furen (Madam Lin) standing stiffly in the same place.

Two hundred and fifty thousand taels of gold are worth of two million and five hundred thousand taels of silver. This amount is definitely an astronomical figure, even if she use a banknote she still needs a thousand piece of them… …

At night, Lin Furen (Madam Lin) simply can’t get so many silver and bank notes. So during the whole night, she was so worried how she will get two million and five hundred thousand taels of silver!

But, that was Lin Chujiu wants!

Lin Furen (Madam Lin) was busy enough that night and didn’t have time to make a plan for her. While Lin Chujiu can safely spend her last day in Lin Family’s mansion and as for tomorrow … …

Lin Chujiu is not a pessimist person, thinking about things that haven’t happened is useless. She doesn’t know what kind of person Prince Xiao is and she doesn’t know how powerful he is. All she can do now is to wait for their wedding.

Anyway, even if Prince Xiao is cruel and an influential man he will not poison her like Lin Furen (Madam Lin), right?

Lin Chujiu firmly believe that as long as she’s

as she’s alive there is hope.

At night, Lin Chujiu was eating a bowl of white rice. Although she still wanted to eat, but she knew that a hungry person shouldn’t eat too much. So, she restrains herself and rest for a moment, then ask the servant to fetch her water because she wants to bathe.

Lin Chujiu live a miserable life for the whole three days, but now she will enjoy a bath with rose petals just like a real ancient lady.

However, when she entered the bath tub Lin Chujiu found out that the bathtub is not only large but quiet deep like a bucket. Lin Chujiu really want to have a comfortable bath, she misses her jacuzzi at home. Of course, this is because she refused the service of her maidservants.

Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to enjoy her last moment with her maidservants, she’s afraid to be locked down again with their black hands. All the servants in Lin Mansion have been dominated by  Lin Furen (Madam Lin) for a long time now. And the maidservant that was assigned to her is also Lin Furen’s (Madam Lin)  personal maidservant.

And to be on the safe side, Lin Chujiu doesn’t want anyone doesn’t want anyone to touch her.

After a nice bath, she doesn’t need to worry about Lin Furen (Madam Lin) taking advantage to harm her. So, Lin Chujiu take her medicine and then go to sleep.

Even though today’s event made her said a few foul words, her mood is really good and didn’t affect her sleep. So when she lie down on her bed she fell asleep immediately. Lin Chujiu can’t wait to face her new life tomorrow.

Tonight, Lin Chujiu was sleeping soundly. But, there are two people that cannot sleep all night because of her. One of them was Lin Furen (Madam Lin) who is preparing the money and the other one was …

In a study room inside a large mansion, a man was sitting in a wheelchair. Half of his face was hidden in the darkness and the other half was exposed to the candle light. His face looks fuzzy and unclear that added a sense of mystery in him.

The half of his face that was hidden in the darkness clearly sent a feeling that this man is very dangerous and his half face that was exposed in candlelight was glowing like jade and sent an unspeakable charm… …

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