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Chapter 107.1
Chapter 107: Evidence and calm down (Part 1)

Xiao Wangfu has only one resident doctor, and that is Doctor Wu alone. So, now that Doctor Wu had been taken away. The two guards have no way to help Lin Chujiu even if they want to. In the end, all they could think of is to get some medicine from Doctor Wu and bring it in the prison. 

“Wangfei is also a doctor. She should be able to use it on her own, right?” The guard is not sure so he asked.

“Anyway, we can only do this much. We don’t know if Wangfei really didn’t harm Wangye. It’s really hard to say, so we can only help much like this.”

The guards put the medicine that they had taken in the prison. But, when they saw Lin Chujiu lying motionless. The guards couldn’t help but sigh: “Well, I already helped Wangfei,

so I might as well get some quilt.”

“Yes, Wangfei has some clothes there too. Go and get some because Wangfei’s clothes are wet.” And as for how will, Lin Chujiu change her clothes? It is a problem that they shouldn’t get involved themselves.

Whether Lin Chujiu’s clothes are wet, the guard directly put the quilt to cover her body. And then, they turned around to leave.

Originally, the guards were so afraid to leave when they saw Lin Chujiu’s face was covered in blood. Because their soft-hearted Wangfei right now looks very miserable. And she no longer resembles that noble lady that represented their Wngfu before.

The guard’s footsteps were very fast as if a ghost were chasing behind them. They didn’t even try to breathe. So, when someone suddenly taps their shoulder, the guards almost jumped up from fright: “Who, Who is it?”

The guards turn around slowly. But when they

they saw that it was only Su Cha. They felt relieved and busily salute him: “Young Master Su”

“Mmm …” Su Cha simply replied, but when he saw a body towards the direction where the guards had run, we ask: “Is she okay?”

“She?” The guards felt scared, so they weren’t able to react immediately.


“Oh, oh … … Wangfei, Wangfei is in a bad condition. We don’t know where exactly she was injured. But, she was bleeding and still unconscious. We don’t know what to do.” The guards were worried so they spilled out all the beans. After listening, Su Cha nodded his head gently and said: “Take care of Wangfei. Wangye didn’t order to dispose of her.”

Su Cha himself doesn’t know why he specifically made a trip to this prison. They said that she is the prime suspect that harmed Xiao Tianyao, so he should hate her. Housekeeper Cao told

Cao told him the possible side effect of interrupting the treatment. But, he just couldn’t find himself to hate Lin Chujiu. And instead, he finds her words and judgment believable.

Su Cha also believes that Xiao Tianyao himself believes in Lin Chujiu.

Because in these last few days, Lin Chujiu has always been staying beside him. Xiao Wangfu’s people that have been watching and observing for a long time know that this action of him means that he trusts her. Because if he doesn’t, with Xiao Tianyao’s personality, he wouldn’t let her get close to him.

So, who wouldn’t have to know that Lin Chujiu staying in this prison means a secret protection?  

“Take care of Wangfei. Don’t let her get into an accident.” Su Cha patted the guard’s shoulder to reassure them.

With Su Cha’s words, the guards felt relive and then busily said: “Young Master Su Cha, can you please ask Doctor Wu ask Doctor Wu to come and check Wangfei? Wangfei seems have bone injuries, we don’t dare to touch her.”

“I will go and speak to Doctor Wu.” Su Cha turns around and walk, but then his footsteps seem to be in a hurry.

In Jin Tian Courtyard, with Divine Doctor Mo and Doctor Wu’s teamwork, Xiao Tianyao’s condition has been stabilized, but… …

“Wangye, we were able to keep your legs, but our initial treatment had gone to waste. Even the dragon soul was also wasted. We need to condition your legs once again before we try treating them.” Speaking of the dragon soul, Divine Doctor Mo still can’t move on.

Dragon soul is a very valuable thing. And in order to get it, who knows how many experts had entered someone else’s place and killed. 

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao who’s leaning against the bed simply said. His voice sounds weak, but they cannot sense anger, nor joy.

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