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Poisonous gas? Harmful to the human body?

Lin Chujiu’s facial expression had a big change, and the first thing she thought is Xiao Tianyao’s legs!

After Mo Yuer pours the dragon soul to the tub, it was when the medical system issued an alarm. It means there was a problem in the dragon soul, no, wait it should be in the medicinal bath.

Xiao Tianyao is in danger!

Lin Chujiu change her facial expression, she doesn’t want to just rush forward so she shouted first: ” “Stop! Stop pouring the medicine. There was a poison in Wangye’s medicinal bath.”

“Ah! … …” Mo Yuer was seriously pouring the dragon soul. So, she didn’t expect that Lin Chujiu will suddenly rush forward and push her two steps away from the tub. Because of that, the dragon soul bottle slips from her hand and with a *P* sound, the red liquid spread on the ground.

“Ah! … … The dragon soul.” Divine Doctor Mo stood stupidly and motionless.

“Lin Chujiu, you bastard!” Xiao Tianyao curses in a low voice and then swept his cold eyes to Lin Chujiu.

This woman actually dared to break the medicine that can cure his legs? In the end, what is she?

 “Lin Chujiu, what do you think you’re doing? This is the dragon soul that will cure Wangye’s legs, but you actually dared to ruin it?!” Mo Yuer’s facial expression change and shouted sharply.

Divine Doctor Mo also reacted and look at Lin Chujiu angrily: “You crazy woman! What have you done? Why did you destroy the dragon soul? In the end, what do want to do?”

Seeing the dragon soul on the ground, Divine Doctor Mo couldn’t help but feel more distressed. His stare to Lin Chujiu got even more ferocious. His right hand was tightly clenching into a fist, but he’s trying so hard to restrain himself.

However, regardless of what they said, Lin Chujiu went to Xiao Tianyao side and tried to pull him out: “Wangye, there was something wrong with this medicinal bath. So, please get up.”

The medical system has repeatedly warned her. It didn’t explain to her what’s wrong, but she is sure that it has something to do with the dragon soul.

However, Xiao Tianyao didn’t move and just looked at her coldly.

There is something wrong with this medicinal bath? Lin Chujiu must be joking. Divine Doctor Mo didn’t dare to offend him. His people have been watching him all day. All the drugs that will be used to him have been checked by his people personally. So, how can there be a problem? 

The white jade hairpin? That hairpin has also been checked. Lu Yuan was also been monitored by his people. And they said that he didn’t make another suspicious move.

Lin Chujiu has been hiding her fangs up until now. Is it because to ruined the medicine for his legs?

“Lin Chujiu, what are you doing? Don’t interfere with us anymore! Do you want to kill Wangye?” Mo Yuer came forward and pull Lin Chujiu. But, Lin Chujiu ignored her and push her away.

“Xiao Tianyao, believe me! I’m not lying, there is really something wrong with this medicinal bath!” Lin  Chujiu is very anxious, so she called him out of his name: “Get out of there now.”

However… …

Xiao Tianyao didn’t even move a bit. And he even pushes away Lin Chujiu’s hand: “Lin Chujiu, why did you break the dragon soul? Who gave you the permission? Give benwang an explanation!” Why of all things, she decided to break the medicine that can cure his legs?

In the end, who is Lin Chujiu?

Did she deliberately follow every command he made to gain his trust so that she could betray him in this moment?

“Wangye, I said, you shouldn’t … … Soak your legs more in this medicinal bath. There’s something wrong in it. So, hurry!” Lin Chujiu didn’t get angry because she knew very well that words alone cannot convince Xiao Tianyao. But, she has no evidence. She has no time to get it.

Lin Chujiu was so anxious, so she no longer bothers to care about Divine Doctor Mo’s presence and just directly said: “Wangye, just believe me this once, ok? Please get out of there now. This medicinal bath will harm you.”

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