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Cherry Baby hollered, and shortly after, a person in a pink rabbit costume came into view. After that, the auctioning widget appeared onscreen, too.

The starting bid for "Alice in Succuland" was set at 20 Yuan, with a 5 Yuan increment for each increasing bid.

Rabbit Mommy waved at everyone, then turned to Cherry Baby.

[Hey, Baby, why are you selling succulents every time you're on here?]

Cherry Baby: [Because Baby wants to make money!]

Rabbit Mommy: [But you're still so young! What do you need the money for?]

Cherry Baby: [Baby needs the money to help Mommy, and also to buy a daddy! You said a daddy would be really expensive, so we need lots of lots of money to buy one! So Baby has to earn lots of money now and buy the bestest daddy in the world who'll never leave us, ever!]

Cherry Baby took out a piggy bank as she explained, pouring the coins out and counting them.

The way Cherry Baby counted her money was so adorable, but the words she had just said were incredibly moving.

From her childish words, one could see that Cherry Baby had grown up in a single-parent family, living only with her mother. The little girl was naively optimistic and very eager to obtain the love of a father.

Her speech was so moving that the price of the succulent plant skyrocketed with each bid. When the livestream ended five minutes later, "Alice in Succuland" was sold at 2265 Yuan.

The price of similar succulent plants on other e-commerce sites was about 200 Yuan. Cherry Baby's sale of the pot of succulents at the price of 2265 Yuan was an impressive feat.

Fang Xiaocheng, who was waiting beside them, watched the messages that kept appearing on the screen, and all the gifts and rewards and the revenue rolling in from the auction. She was convinced that doing livestreams was much better than selling flowers at her store.

After Cherry Baby and Rabbit Mommy's lifestream had ended, Fang Xiaocheng rushed over to them.

"Wow, I really see it now! Livestreaming is so profitable. You guys are amazing!"

Xu Xiyan took off the rabbit suit and said to Fang Xiaocheng, "Go change into a costume. You can try an episode with Ying Bao later."

"Okay, okay!" Fang Xiaocheng ran off to change into her specially prepared orange suit.

The second livestream began.

The cute little baby showed her face, flashing a row of beautiful, white little teeth as she smiled.

[Hullo everyone! I am the succie selling girl, Cherry Baby. Before Baby introduces a new friend, I would like to promote a beautiful pot of succies! Look in my hands!]

Ying Bao held up a pot of succulents: [Its name is "The Succulent Knights." Isn't it very cute? Okay, next, I'm going to introduce Orange! No, she's not the kind of orange that you eat!]

After showing off the succulent plant, the auctioning widget appeared and the bidding started again. Ying Bao then invited Fang Xiaocheng to appear.

Fang Xiaocheng was nervous, as it was her livestream debut, and her palms were sweating. Fortunately, she had worn a large orange-shaped costume over her head, so no one could see who she was.

"This is my Auntie Orange. She is a very good person and I like her very much."

They had discussed beforehand that Fang Xiaocheng was to be introduced as Ying Bao's aunt.

Ying Bao turned to look at Fang Xiaocheng. Fang Xiaocheng froze for a few seconds before she reacted. It was her turn to talk to everyone.

After Ying Bao had finished introducing Orange, the comments section was filled with questions about Cherry's mom. They were all wondering whether Cherry's mom was going to appear in the livestreams anymore.

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