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Chapter 2104: Upset

The girl named Xue Ziqi glanced at Mu Chenguang before standing up and greeting the others.

Wandou finally knew the name of the woman next to Mu Chenguang. Xue Ziqi was a new singer in Mu Chenguang’s music company. It was no wonder Chenguang Music had been promoting this newcomer recently. She was Mu Chenguang’s girlfriend!

For some reason, Wandou felt very upset. She felt bitter and wanted to leave the scene.

But at this time, they were also called out. Xiao Yuqian said, “Wandou seems to have brought a partner too. Why don’t you introduce this handsome guy?”

“His name is Luo Fanchuan.”

After giving Luo Fanchuan a look, Luo Fanchuan generously stood up and introduced himself. Everyone knew that his family had invested in the Luo Group, and he was a rich young master.

“Wandou, when are you guys getting married?” Xiao Yuqian asked.

Wandou almost choked on her food, but in order to not lose face, she deliberately said, “Soon, soon. If it’s ready, I will definitely inform everyone!”

After saying this, she felt a stomp on her foot under the table. It hurt so much that she frowned and scolded Mu Chengguang in her heart. This guy was really too hateful!

She suspected that her leg would be crippled after the meal. Wandou found an excuse to go to the washroom and hide. She planned to find an excuse to change seats with Luo Fanchuan after she came back.

In the bathroom, she washed her hands. Just as she was wiping her hands, she suddenly saw a black figure in the mirror. Wan Dou wanted to scream, but it was too late.

Her mouth was covered and her body was lifted into the cubicle.

The door of the cubicle was locked from the inside. Wandou was pressed into the small space and could not move. She was too terrified. Wandou bit the man’s hand and he let go of her. She then shouted, “Let go of me! You pervert!”

“Who are you calling a pervert? Huh? Wandou, you’re really something!”

Mu Chenguang pinned her down and raised her hands above her head. His hot and angry breath was all over her face.

“Don’t you dare get married! If you dare to marry someone else before I get married, I’ll teach you a lesson!”

Wandou felt that Mu Chenguang was being unreasonable. “We’ve already broken up. You have no right to mess with me!”

Mu Chenguang was no longer the Mu Chenguang he used to be. He had been driven crazy by this woman, and his stubborn nature had been exposed. He hated this heartless woman. She had stabbed his heart, yet she still pretended to be innocent.

And now he was saying that she was getting married!

“Very well. I can tell you that you can forget about marrying anyone else for the rest of your life. You can only be my woman for the rest of your life! I will fight you to the death!”

Mu Chenguang’s words came out through gritted teeth, filled with intense hatred.

Wandou knew that what she did back then had hurt his heart and caused him to become like this. But this was also not what she wanted.

She only hoped that he would let her go and they could live their own lives peacefully.

“You’re about to get engaged. Why are you still clinging onto me?”

When Wandou said this, she actually felt a trace of sadness in her heart.

“I’m telling you! Even if I marry someone else, I won’t let you go. From tomorrow onwards, come to my company to report. If you dare not come, do you know how I will punish you?”

The news of Mu Chenguang’s engagement was arranged by his father. He did not agree to it.

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