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Chapter 2066: It Was Her Bad Luck

As long as the scandal got out, a huge amount of resources would definitely come knocking on her door. Yi Xiao was in a high position, and he would give her many benefits to keep her mouth shut.

At that time, she would be able to choose any film she wanted to take on.

Just as Guan Mei was feeling pleased with herself, someone knocked on the door. She opened the door and saw that it was her boyfriend, Li Song.

Li Song looked like a mess. Seeing his bloodshot eyes, Guan Mei guessed that he must have stayed up all night to gamble again.

“Were you gambling again?”

Guan Mei could not stand Li Song anymore. She had found such a good-for-nothing boyfriend who was always idling around and gambling like his life. He even wanted her to earn money to support him.

“It was just a few rounds. Don’t make such a huge fuss!”

Li Song went back into the house and started to look around. “Do you have money? Give me a little more. I’ll win the money back!”

“No. It’s not like I have a job right now. Where would I get the money from?”

Guan Mei usually did not have any jobs. In order to support herself and her boyfriend, she would go to the bar to wait for the nightclub and take on private jobs.

If she was lucky enough to meet a rich man, he would give her a lot of money at one go. But no matter how much she earned, she could not satisfy Li Song’s gambling needs.

If this man did not gamble for a day, his hands would get itchy. If he lost a gamble and did not pay up, he would be chased and beaten up. His gambling addiction would not change even if he were to get a finger chopped off.

“Then hurry up and think of something. Go get a job and earn more money.” Li Song encouraged her to go out and be an escort.

“Li Song, are you still a man? I’m your girlfriend, not a prostitute. How could you say that when you want me to take on such a job?”

Guan Mei was really angered by him. It was also her bad luck to have such a boyfriend.

“It’s not like you haven’t done it before! Stop pretending to be pure in front of me. You’re sleeping with those generous old men. They must’ve given you a lot of money! Where did you put all the money? Give it to me!”

Li Song went crazy and tried to take Guan Mei’s bag.

“I told you, I have no money!”

Guan Mei protected her bag, preventing him from getting his hands on it.

When she thought of her previous plan, she felt that she would be able to achieve success very soon. That way, she wouldn’t have to live in a small house with Li Song.

Therefore, Li Song was useless to her now. He was just a burden.

Guan Mei made up her mind to break up with him. She pushed Li Song away and slapped him hard. “Li Song! If you don’t change your mind, let’s break up! I’ve had enough!”

Li Song was even more furious after being hit. “Damn woman, how dare you hit me when you’re not paying? Watch how I’ll teach you a lesson!”

Li Song then hit Guan Mei back.

He had some brains. He did not hit the woman’s face but the parts of her body that could not be seen easily.

Guan Mei could not move. Li Song found some money from her bag and ran out with it.

Guan Mei got up from the ground. She had already given up all hope on Li Song. She planned to move out of this place as soon as her life could improve. She would cut all ties with Li Song.

She was waiting for her scandal with Yi Xiao to shoot her to fame.

Yi Xiao came to Peach’s place.

Just as he got out of the car, he happened to see Fang Xiaocheng coming out from inside. It looked like she was going to work at the company.

“Mr. Yi, Miss Fang is out,” Peach reminded him.

“Okay. Thank you.”

After Yi Xiao got out of the car, he ran over and shouted, “Orange!”

Fang Xiaocheng stopped in her tracks and looked up to see him. She subconsciously took a detour and left.

“Orange, don’t go. Orange, can you not be so cold to me?”

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