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Chapter 1621: Why Did You Grow Taller

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Mu Yuan was fixed to the seat, and his hands and feet were tightly fixed. He forced himself to take a breath, but he could not see things clearly. He saw a face with double images. They were swaying continuously in front of him.

He was very anxious. His sweat kept falling continuously.

Although he could not see clearly and his vision was also very blurry, he knew one matter. Shan Ning did not know how to dismantle bombs. He was very scared of bombs. When he went on a mission with Shan Ning back then, he understood this point more. When there was the slightest sign of disturbance or trouble, Shan Ning would be a little hesitant.

However, he was kneeling in front of him and dismantling the bomb now..

“Shan Ning, quickly go!”

Jack did not listen. He finally found the wire below. The structure of this bomb was not complicated. Most of the mercenaries’ bombs were installed by themselves and were not that complicated. His research in this area was not considered very thorough. In any case, he was more knowledgeable. He was relieved at once.

“Shan Ning, don’t bother with me.”

“Who will bother with you?” Jack made a ‘humph’ sound. Who will fight so hard to care for you besides me?

Mu Yuan’s double image in front of him was very serious. Suddenly, he used one hand to hold Jack’s hand. “You… Shan Ning, you seem to have grown taller.”

Jack nearly laughed out loud. He hugged Mu Yuan and slightly pressed against his chest. “Little blind fellow, sit tight. Don’t move.”

If he made a misjudgment and it exploded, it would cost two lives.

It did not matter to him, but he did not want to pay with Xiaoyuan’s life.

In order to take precaution, Jack unlocked Mu Yuan’s handcuffs and foot-cuffs first. If anything were to happen, he could also be prepared. When he did not really know how to dismantle bombs back then, he had been schemed against by someone before.

In order to save a brother, he went all out. But after he cut the wire, it triggered another circuit that would explode in one minute. There was simply no time to save the others. He could only watch helplessly as it exploded.

After releasing him, he then cut the wire.

Suddenly, the whole bomb gave off a warning.

The original countdown was disabled. Only one minute was left. Jack suddenly carried Mu Yuan up horizontally and kicked the car door open with one leg. He carried Mu Yuan directly and rolled one round on the ground. Following that, the big truck had a violent explosion.

Jack used both hands to protect Mu Yuan’s head. His whole body covered Mu Yuan. A piece of waste that was on fire and flew up from the explosion hit the back of his waist. Jack used one hand to hit it away. He carried Mu Yuan and got up.

“Drive the car over!”

That agent drove the car over. Jack carried Mu Yuan and threw him into the car. That agent left and went to change to another car. They separated into two cars and drove. Lin Songye and Shadow’s people were squabbling endlessly. When they saw the truck exploding, Lin Songye flew to the front of the window. “This is terrible!”

The Shadow’s people did not bother with whether Mu Yuan was dead or alive. They only wanted money. Five million real American dollars were here. They would not give it up no matter what. Lin Songye and Mu Yuan originally had a deep hatred between them. It would be best if he could have this sum of money. If he could not have it, Mu Yuan could not leave; otherwise, he would smash the trademark of their mercenaries.

“Chase them!” Lin Songye hurriedly made a phone call. “They can only go towards the desert. You all go and chase them. Don’t let them go through the desert.”


It was not known who shouted suddenly. “Put the box down. Don’t think of swallowing this five million alone.”

Both sides of people were fighting over a sum of money. They fought very fiercely. They acted recklessly and fought with one another. Lin Songye suddenly shot a few rounds at the box and threw it out. The big American notes flew all over the sky and landed one after another. The residents in the small town were all attracted to the money and came out.

Shadow was in a rage. “Lin Songye!”

“The people from Storm, follow me!” Lin Songye shouted and called people to chase together.

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