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Chapter 553: Ending 3  

A week passed.

The day of the appointment with Lan Yaxin arrived.

Lan Anran was dressed to the nines. She had waited a long time for today.

“Sis! Do you really not need me to accompany you today?”

Lan Yanran watched as his sister dressed up and left. She seemed to take today very seriously and he knew that today’s matter wasn’t simple.

“It’s alright, I’ll come back alive.”

Lan Anran seemed to be joking.

She touched her brother’s handsome face. Today, she was finally avenging her family.

“Sis! What’s wrong? Are you going to do something dangerous? Bring me along, I can help you. I definitely won’t let anyone bully you.”

Lan Yanran swore that he and his father were the only ones in the family who could protect her.


Lan Anran shook her head.

“I’m going to resolve this myself today, you don’t have to interfere. This is a personal feud.”

She was dressed in a cheongsam with a string of pearls around her neck and a bracelet Mo Jinrong had given her. Her skin was fair and her makeup was beautiful. She was dressed like this to resolve the hatred between the two families.

After his sister left, Lan Yanran followed her car worriedly.

On the edge of the cliff, Lan Yaxin had been waiting for a long time.

Today, it was either Lan Anran died or she lived. Anyway, her parents were in jail, her boyfriend didn’t care about her, and her child was gone. She had nothing left and had long given up on herself. If she didn’t have hatred in her heart, she wouldn’t have survived to this day.

She stood at the edge of the cliff and looked at the distant mountains and rivers, the hatred in her heart was rising.

“Lan Yaxin, why did you arrange to meet me here? Are you trying to push me off the cliff again?”

Lan Anran was dressed brightly, making the person opposite her look pitiful.

Because Lan Yaxin lost her child, she was in pain and her body was still recovering. She didn’t look well at all.

“Sis, you must be joking. What do you mean again? I asked you to meet me here today to resolve the grudge between us. The grudge between us isn’t long or short and I know that I have let you down in some ways.

“So it’s only right for Sis to take revenge on me, but what wrong has my child done? He didn’t even come into this world, what wrong could he do?”

Lan Yaxin started to cry as she spoke.

Lan Anran didn’t take her words to heart.

She turned her hand and looked at her nails.

“Sis, you said something wrong. The grudge between us is very long and your child has nothing to do with me. If you asked me to come here to talk about your child, I don’t think we need to talk anymore.

“You were the one who came to cause trouble. You fell and the child is gone. What has that got to do with me?


“In fact, you can only blame yourself for insisting on using your child’s life as a bet. But he couldn’t afford to take the gamble, as he was too young,” Lan Anran smiled and said.

“You sent my parents to jail, but I really don’t know how I offended you. Since that’s the case, let’s settle the score today. I don’t understand the bunch of nonsense you said last time, but I’ve summarized it.

“This is where we end. Today, either you die or I die. ”

Lan Yaxin had spoken harshly, so Lan Anran naturally didn’t want to be polite.

“I like your words, but we have to change them. It’s either you die or I’m alive! Since you’re going to die, I’ll tell you a secret. Do you know why you can’t beat me?”

“That’s because I transmigrated and was reborn. You might not believe it, but in my past life, I treated you as my best friend. I originally thought that in this family, you were the only one who was sincere and kind to me. However, I didn’t expect you to lie to me. You caused the death of my parents and your entire family deprived us of our assets and my parents’ hospital.

“You pushed me off the cliff with your own hands. It was here, the place you are standing now, and the words you said to me back then are still vivid in my mind. It’s been almost a year, but everything seems to have happened yesterday. Today, this will be your burial ground. What else do you have to say? I can be kind and let you say your last words. I will visit your parents and grandma, and relay your words to them.”

Lan Anran’s words stunned Lan Yaxin.

Rebirth through transmigration? Did such a ridiculous thing really exist?

“Since I could kill you in my past life, I can do the same in this life. There’s no way you can kill me here. I have told Tan Shilin about my arrival. If I die here, he will immediately call the police and you won’t be able to escape.”

Lan Yaxin smiled triumphantly.

Lan Anran was amused by her foolish actions.

“Do you really think Tan Shilin cares about your life? He can’t wait to get rid of you and find another person who is prettier than you. Do you really think of yourself as a member of the Tan Family?”

Lan Yaxin didn’t believe everything she said.

“Nonsense! I was pregnant with a child for him, he wouldn’t be so heartless.”

Lan Yaxin stepped forward, grabbed Lan Anran’s shoulders, and dragged her towards the cliff.

“Lan Anran! Go to hell!”

Lan Anran didn’t resist. She obediently walked to the cliff and looked down.

“Good sister, I’ve seen such a scenery once before in my past life. Do you think I’m scared? I didn’t die last time. If I fall again, do you think I can die?

“Or perhaps you still can’t kill me since I would be reborn again? What should I do?”

Lan Anran’s words made Lan Yaxin anxious and angry.

Why was the heavens so biased towards this woman?

She had all the beauty, wealth, love from her parents, appreciation from her husband, and care from her friends, but she had nothing. It wasn’t fair at all.

“Go to hell!”

At the thought of this, jealousy surged in Lan Yaxin’s heart.

She pushed Lan Anran again.

But this time, Lan Anran gently moved to the side. Lan Yaxin lost her balance and she fell forward accidentally!

Fortunately, there was a medium-sized pine tree below. She hung on the tree branch, her hand constantly reaching out for the rocks.

She was terrified.

Lan Anran stood on the cliff and leaned over with a smile.

“Are you scared? In my past life, you treated me the same way. You were much luckier than me. Back then, I didn’t even have a pine tree.”

Fear surged in Lan Yaxin’s heart and she started to cry, begging for mercy.

“Sis, I was wrong. Sis, I shouldn’t have treated you like that. Pull me up, I know my mistake.”

Lan Anran ignored her pleas and took out her phone.

She searched Baidu and read it aloud.

“This mountain is about 500 meters tall. You will probably be smashed to pieces if you fall. Even if you don’t die, there are sharp rocks below, poisonous grass and ferocious beasts. When you roll down, your internal organs will be squeezed, your pretty face will be scratched, and blood will flow out, attracting the ferocious beasts. In any case, you are destined to die.”

Lan Anran finally smiled.

“You malicious woman, hurry and pull me up. You’re killing someone! You’ll die a horrible death and I won’t forgive you even if I become a ghost!”

Lan Yaxin didn’t give up and cursed at her.

“At most, I’m not killing you, I’m just watching you die!” Lan Anran smiled and said.

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