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Chapter 112: Return to the Li Fire Sect. Ella’s Improvement!

Chapter 112: Return to the Li Fire Sect. Ella’s Improvement!

Lin Lei slowly raised his head, grabbing the token in his hand.

There was a totem on it that looked like a ball of cat claws.

On it was written in the universal language: The Melsas Empire, lasting forever!.

“The Princess of the Melsas Empire, Diana.”

Lin Lei read the words written on the medallion, then directly placed the medallion into the system space.

Lin Lei walked directly towards the edge of the lake.

Seeing the group of people staring at him as though they were looking at a monster, Lin Lei couldn’t help but feel very puzzled.

“What happened?”

“Nothing. Nothing at all.”

Everyone hurriedly shook their heads.

After a while, Herlous of the Winter Clan took the lead in speaking to Lin Lei.

“Mr. Lin Lei, I’ll be leaving for now. In the future, if there’s an opportunity, I hope that Mr. Lin Lei can come visit our Winter Clan as a guest.”

Linley nodded and said.

“If I have the time, I’ll definitely go and visit.”

Hearing Lin Lei’s words, a hint of a smile appeared on Herlous’ face. He then bowed towards Lin Lei, and his entire body transformed into a streak of light as he flew off into the distance.

Herlous had made a start.

The remaining sages all greeted Lin Lei and bid him farewell.

After everyone had left, Lin Lei looked at Bud, the Desolate Sword Sage, as well as the old beggar and the bard.

The old beggar and the bard exchanged glances, then said directly to Lin Lei.

“Master, since we’ve already agreed to follow you, then we’ll listen to your arrangements.”

The way the two addressed Lin Lei had now been changed to “Master”.

After seeing Lin Lei instantly kill an expert at the level of the Great Sage with a single strike, they had been willing to follow him.

As for Bud, the Desolate Sword Sage, he said, “Lin Lei, if you don’t mind me, I’ll go with all of you.”

“I have some experience in breaking through to the level of the Great Sage. If there’s anything you don’t understand, I might be able to answer it.”

Seeing this, Lin Lei didn’t stand on ceremony and nodded.

“Since that’s the case, come back with me to the Li Fire Sect.”

After speaking, Lin Lei led Bud and the others directly towards the direction of the Li Fire Sect.

Aside from Linley, the three present were all at least at the Sage level, and their speed wasn’t slow at all.

In just a few hours, the Li Fire Sect had appeared before everyone’s eyes.

In this journey, the old beggar and the bard had told Lin Lei and the others about their background.

The old beggar’s name was Wharton. Two thousand years ago, he was a great devil of the Beilageluoya Empire.

After doing all sorts of bad things, only after a few things that had happened did he finally come to his senses and stop doing evil things.

Bud, the Desolate Sword Sage couldn’t help but sigh as well.

After all, Walton had been a figure of his own generation. Two thousand years ago, the two had even exchanged blows.

But now, so many years had passed, and everything had changed.

As for the bard, he didn’t reveal his origins. He only told Lin Lei that his name was William.

Returning to the Li Fire Sect, Lin Lei flew through the skies, and once again shocked the disciples of the Li Fire Sect.

Roderick had already broken through to become a Grand Magus. But when he saw the four people in the sky, he understood it very well.

To be able to follow Lin Lei and become his underlings, one had to be at least at the level of a Sage!

Looking at them, he felt that those people had intentionally followed behind Linley, acting as though they were his underlings.

“It seems that Lin Lei’s power has increased quite a bit.”

Roderick thought excitedly.

In the past, the Li Fire Sect had only been a small, second-rate power within the Beilageluoya Empire.

Any two Grand Magi would be able to easily destroy the Li Fire Sect.

But now, even an expert of the Sage level had come to their Li Fire Sect.

This change was simply too great!

Lin Lei didn’t have Bud and the others stay in the area around his isolation room. Instead, he arranged for them to stay near the White Tiger Tower.

After all, within the White Tiger Tower, there was still his only disciple, Ella.

This trip to the ancient ruins of the Beilageluoya Empire had taken Lin Lei an entire month.

He had to see how his disciple was doing with her training.

Lin Lei’s figure appeared directly within the White Tiger Tower.

At this moment, Ella was doing her best to sense the mageforce in the world.

All of the mageforce in the world was gathered around Ella.

By the side, Natasha was sharing with Ella how to better communicate with her mageforce.

She even told Ella how to use her magic staff and how to use her mageforce more quickly.

In just a few years, Natasha had long ago put away her childish, irritable nature.

Right now, she was much calmer and gentler.

After pondering for a moment, Lin Lei suddenly appeared out of thin air.


Lin Lei said calmly.

Ella, who was sensing the elemental essence of mageforce, and Natasha, who was patiently teaching her, both stopped when they heard Lin Lei’s voice.

Their reactions were quite different.

Ella’s face was filled with joy, and she hurriedly bowed to Lin Lei.

Natasha, on the other hand, was a bit flustered. Her entire fair face had turned red.

“Lin… Lin Lei, I didn’t mean anything.”

“I just happened to pass by and saw that Ella didn’t know much about sensing mageforce. That’s all I wanted to tell her.”

Lin Lei just smiled, not reacting at all.

“Lin Lei…”

“Since you are already here, then there’s nothing else. I’m making a move now.”

After speaking, Natasha hurriedly took her staff and left in a hurry.

Staring at Natasha’s who was leaving, Ella felt rather puzzled.

For some reason, Ella felt that Natasha was rather afraid of Lin Lei.

Clearly, just now, Lin Lei had never said anything to Natasha either.

“Forget about Natasha. Ella, how’s your perception of the surrounding mageforce lately?”

Hearing this, Ella hurriedly closed her eyes.

And then, spots of deep violet mageforce began to appear around her.

This was the manifestation of mageforce!

“You can already sense and attract the surrounding mageforce?”

Lin Lei raised his eyebrows slightly. He couldn’t help but feel surprised.

Ella’s ability to sense mageforce was much faster than Lin Lei had expected.

In addition, the mageforce spots around Ella instantly appeared as well.

It wasn’t like those weak acolytes who had to hold in their mageforce for a long period of time before their mageforce was revealed.

This meant that Ella had now possessed the Magic Affinity at the level of being able to sense mageforce.

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