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"Since you won't kneel on your own, guards, help him out!"

Klein glared at Will as he spoke, his red eyes glowing with a light of victory. He believed that this was already over, and that the rejected would now become his loyal slave.

Klein stepped back as if to get a better view of Will kneeling, sending a mocking smile in Cecily's direction.

"I don't know why father and you are unable to see how my actions are correct, the innocents I have killed, the treasures I have stolen.. Isn't this what a demonic cultivator does? At the age of twelve you both gave up on me, my cute little sister would spit at me in disgust and my very own father wanted to disown me!"

"Now you bring this Rejected here to use as a tool to prevent me from inheriting father's position!? How stupid! With the threat of being turned in to the righteous faction, why would he stay on your side? Watch as the help you have brought benefits me instead!"

Standing in front of the barrier that held Cecily, Klein vented his anger as his face took on a twisted expression. Cecily's cute face twisted into one of rage as she looked away from Klein, "Will! I mentioned my brother to you before! Don't listen to him!"

Standing surrounded by five guards all at the fourth level of melee fighter, Will gave Cecily a glance. This glance was one of understanding, before they left the cave, and on their journey, although it was bits and pieces Cecily gradually told Will about her family problems and especially about her older brother.

Klein, he goes against everything the sect was built on, although a demonic sect, they are only called a demonic sect because they walk the unorthodox path. True demonic sects are the same, but they also harm innocents without any hesitation. The ones belonging to the righteous faction actually leave their sect alone because they try to avoid harming innocents, though, if anyone from the sect encounters someone from the righteous faction. They would be pursued until the ends of the earth.

Seeing his glance Cecily relaxed as she smirked at Klein, this caused Klein to to boil with rage as he glared at Will.


"Young master!"

Hearing the command of their young master, they closed in on Will as they all started to attack. Will squinted his eyes as they attacked, his shirt going under high tension as his body swelled.

'There are no guards coming to stop this!? He really pisses me off!'

A whistling sound pierced the surroundings as Will moved slightly to the side only being grazed slightly by a kick, causing him to delay. Taking advantage of the delay, another guard landed his fist onto Will's back, causing blood to spray out of his mouth as he stumbled forward.

"Kneel to me and become my loyal slave, what can my sister offer you?"

Watching the guards suppress Will, Klein couldn't help but let a satisfied smirk slowly grow on his face as he glared at Cecily. There was no way he could fend off five guards at the fourth level of melee fighter, even someone at the sacred level would have to be cautious (entry level, one band).

"You underestimate him"

"Hah! We'll see"


Will let out a pained roar as the third guard took advantage of his pause, and landed a kick to his side. With a fresh spray of blood leaving his mouth, the ground beneath Will's feet started to quickly shatter as sounds of his bones cracking could be heard.

This was the power generated from taking damage. During his generation of power, his movements halted further.

Sneering, and looking at Cecily, Klein laughed in a mocking tone as he awaited gaining a Rejected as a slave. As far as he was concerned, Will already submitted.

The next moment, followed by Cecily grinning, Klein's face turned beet red.


With an explosion of dust and a little mist of blood, one of the guards were vaporized by Will's fist.

After the third guard attacked, the fourth guard managed to strike a heavy blow to Will's head, the damage generated massive amounts of power in Will's body. So when the fifth guard attacked, the force of Will's fist (the wind from it) caused the guard's body to vaporize.

Looking at a stunned and trembling Klein, Will flashed his blood stained teeth as he continued to land punch after punch on the last four guards. The first guard had his head exploded, the second guard was split in half at the waist with a kick, the third guard had his heart carved out, and the fourth guard was torn in half like a sheet of paper.

The bloody scene caused some straggling observers to lose their lunch as they ran away in fear, Cecily, although slightly shaken, quickly calmed down.

She wasn't a stranger to bloodshed, although the way Will killed the guards was more gory than any death she has seen so far.

One could tell Will's rage by how he killed the guards.

A quiet enveloped the surroundings as Klein watched Will stagger a couple times, although appearing severely weakened, he felt a dreadful aura radiating from him.

It was as if an enraged beast was awakening.

'I cannot allow him to live!'

Pulling out a glowing red disk, Klein grinned with a ferocious look in his eyes as Cecily started to panic.


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