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Translator Ramblings

Hey, Guys.
Before you go read the chapter i would like to consult you about some changes regarding from the previous translation and make some annoucements.


This chapter can be considered a test so please tell me your honest opinion of this chapter. Any feedback is appreciated just be cool about it.
If everything works out and you guys agree with me picking this series, i will properly inform the previous translators and pump out chapters. I am confident i can translate 7 chapters a week but i will only promise 3 (Monday, Wednesday and Fryday) because i would like to have some time to, well, live. Any more than that will require you guys to donate 20USD (Is it a good price?).

The changes you will notice in THIS chapter are the following:

MC name Change: The original name of our MC is 이성민 (romanized as"ISeongmin"). Therefore i think Lee Sungmin would be a more fitting name. I always thought just Sungmin didn't sound right (even considering it was of korean origin).
So, i am changing it. If you'd like me to change back say so in the comments below and we shall see if more people agree. You can also suggest a more fitting name of course.

Spear Technique name change: I will be changing the name of the spear technique MC gained from Wojihoyun from "High Heavens spear technique" to "Endless Nine Skies Spear Technique".

Some other terms changed too so check this .

Another thing i would like to bring up is the spear moves Lee Sungmin (Doesn't it sound better?) frequently uses. From what i get they are based on chinese spear techiniques but i couldn't find any oficial translation for their names. Therefore i will maintain them as they are considering i like how they sound.


The moves are called 拦 ("Ran"), 拿 ("Na"), 札 ou 扎 ("Zhe"). These moves are like the super basic moves of chinese spearmanship just like a 1-2 in boxing. Ran and Na are parries to the left and right, respectively, while Zhe is a direct frontal thrust. So, basically, Ran Na Zhe is just a parry-stab combo.

Easy to see combo in a spear vs spear demonstration
Techinique demonstration, faster

< Ogre- 5 >


Baron's eyes widened hearing the report. Rudy carefully explained to Baron what kind of things ocurred in the forest that day. As he heard the story Baron examined Lee Sungmin.

Even though he subjugated a ogre chimera single-handedly, Lee Sungmin body didn't show sign of a single injury.

To be honest, Baron didn't thought it was possible for Lee Sungmin to subjugate a ogre by himself. Even as a so called no class expert. Even if his talent was genuine, he thought he would be lacking in an actual battle.

That is why Rudy was sent together. But according to the story he heard Rudy didn't interfere, could Lee Sungmin have subjugated an ogre chimera alone? Baron, gazing at Lee Sungmin face, opened his mouth,

"...I was wrong about you."


Baron's surprising words made Lee Sungmin tilt his head. Baron rubbed his nose with his hand while frowning his forehead.

"Originally, after you came back from the ogre subjugation, i intented to give you a S-Rank. But since it is a ogre chimera..."

"There shouldn't be any problem raising it to SS-Rank, right?"

Rudy, who was listening, gave his opinion. At that words Baron let out a sight while saying, 

"I can't grant a SS-Rank so easily."

"Subjugating a ogre chimera single-handedly should be enough to receive a SS-Rank."

"This isn't a matter i can decide on my own."

Baron took a glance at Lee sungmin as he said so.

"Of course the results themselves are sufficient to be given a SS-Rank. However, it is unprecedent to be appointed as a SS-Rank as soon as you join the mercenary guild. So, the matter of granting a SS-Rank, isn't something i can decide on my own."

"I don't mind."

Lee Sungmin opened his mouth,

"I expected to be assigned a S-Rank from the start so i don't have any complaints. It won't be a problem raising my rank with the achievements i will accumulate from now on."

"Thank you for understanding."

Baron bowed his head. Upon becoming a SS-Rank one can receive a lot of benefits, but few could see the hardwork necessary to reach the SS-Rank. It was necessary a lot of accomplishments to raise one's mercenary rank and Lee Sungmin too knew that. Despite an ogre chimera being a strong monster this sort of instant rise to SS-Rank is a sight Baron seldom see.

"If it is like that for now let's raise it to S-Rank as planned. And then maybe..."

Baron nodded his head after hesitating for a second.

"As Rudy said, subjugating a ogre chimera is worth enough merits to ascend to SS-Rank. It is just that because of many small reasons i can't upgrade your rank in the moment."

"I know."

"I feel sorry that is the case. Since it is like that... I know! You don't have a place to stay, right? Although we have lodgings in the 4th floor, that itself  has many downsides. In that case, I am gonna present you a house."

"Excuse me?"

"It is a one story. Opportunely this one is currently empty."

"Opportunely? it is just that no one else wants to touch that useless property you are responsible for."

Rudy provocative remarks sent Baron in a coughing fit.

"Why are saying unnecessary things?"

"I just wanted to bring it up."


Baron once again coughed and looked at Lee Sungmin,

"Cough... It is a pretty good house. A good location. Even though it is said it can't be sold, if you consider the current prices,  it would be quite expensive... But you can use it if you like.

"Thank you."

Lee Sungmin didn't have the kind of personality who refused to accept favors. And that too right when he was thinking he needed a house. Even though the mercenary guild's lodgings aren't bad it would be good to have some private training space.

"Don't tell me you will take part of the reward as payment for the house?"

"Do i look like a person who lacks common sense?"

Rudy words destroyed Baron's noble image . Baron opened his desk drawer.

"The reward the villages presented for the ogre subjugation was 30 Million Erie. Originally a commision for a monster like a ogre should be at least 40 million... Fortunely the request was accepted given our need to verify your skills. Normally, i would have ignored it.

It was just like Lee Sungmin thought. That is why he didn't recall hearing any story featuring a ogre chimera in his past life. It seems like in his previous life the comission for a ogre submission was ignored.

"As A S-Rank mercenary the guild will be taking a 10% fee from the reward... And to Rudy..."

"I am okay with not getting anything. I didn't do anything in the end. Just take it as me watching a good spectacle."

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