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First positive energy

Is there any more irony in the world than this?

Ji Chen Ai has been a good darling for seventeen years. The first thought that comes to his mind when he dies and also when he wakes up after rebirth is to stop poking his nose into others’ business.

But now, this strange thing called Xiao Qi tells him that the purpose of his rebirth is to do good deeds?

Ji Chen Ai sits on the bed, the whole person seems somewhat languid.

Xiao Qi did not seem to notice Ji Chen Ai’s depression. With a mechanical voice but sounds quite soft, Xiao Qi said, “I just duplicated his memory. Do you want to see it?”

Ji Chen Ai was taken aback. Then it became clear that Xiao Qi was talking about the memory of this body, he said, “Okay.”

Then, Ji Chen Ai felt a sharp pain in his head. Ten minutes later, he understands Zhou Yaoqin’s life.

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Zhou Yaoqin’s life is more miserable compared to Ji Chen Ai. At the age of ten, Zhou Yaoqin lost both of his legs in a car accident. So far, the driver who caused the accident escaped and haven’t been caught yet.

His family condition was not bad. But when Zhou Yaoqin’s parents knew that treatment was hopeless, they accepted the outcome, and Zhou Yaoqin began to live without legs.

Most of the pictures in Ji Chen Ai’s mind are somewhat blurred. The faces of those people seemed to be covered with mist, leaving only strange eyes and whispers.

Ji Chen Ai knows what it feels like. What he needs is not sympathy, but a plain and usual gaze. (T/N: he want to be treated like everyone else, instead of getting sympathy from them.)

Zhou Yaoqin has a younger brother which is three years younger than him called Zhao Yaoyun. Zhou Yaoyun is a sunny and optimistic existence while Zhou Yaoqin is like a fungus who grew up in dark corners. Both of them are a totally different type of people.

Zhou Yaoyun quite awfully dotes on his brother. It can be said that he handles everything regarding his brother. But for Zhou Yaoqin, the better Zhou Yaoyun treats him, the less he could accept it. This is because he was jealous of Zhou Yaoyun’s healthy body and longed for everything that Zhou Yaoyun have. But in fact, the person Zhou Yaoqin hates the most is himself, who is ugly with jealousy towards Zhou Yaoyun.

Too many negative emotions eventually overwhelmed Zhou Yaoqin. He chose to die. At first, Zhou Yaoqin wanted to commit suicide by cutting his wrist, but because he was afraid of pain, he finally chooses to swallow a lot of sleeping pills.

Ji Chen Ai understood Zhou Yaoqin’s feelings. After learning his memories, he lifts the pillow and indeed, he saw a sharp fruit knife under the pillow.

Xiao Qi said: “I have examined your body carefully. You need second level fitness skills to resume walking.”

Ji Chen Ai said, “Second level? How many levels altogether?”

Xiao Qi said: “There are five levels, but unless you do something good which could save the world, you can’t ever reach the fifth level all your life.”

After that, an experience bar appeared in front of Ji Chen Ai. Over the top of the bar, there are two words written in white colour: “Positive Energy”.

“How many experience point does it need to recover my legs?” asked Ji Chen Ai.

Xiao Qi corrected him, “Please call it ‘positive energy’, Umm… At present, your point is too low to view the number.

Ji Chen Ai: “……………..”

Xiao Qi: “But you can use crutches if you finish the first level oh.”

Since he knew that his legs can be cured and he knew the way to do it, that’s quite a progress. Ji Chen Ai wants to get out of the bed but soon he finds that this body is not strong enough for it. It is difficult to move alone. The distance between the bed and the wheelchair is short but Chen Ai was sweating all over just to get on his wheelchair.

He wheeled himself towards in front of the mirror in the room and he saw a pale and beautiful face. This face is quite small, the skin is extremely pale and the hair is slightly longer. This face doesn’t look like a man in his twenties at all but like a skinny junior high school student.

Ji Chen Ai reached out and touched the cold mirror. He looked at Zhou Yaoqin in the mirror and showed a soft, indifferent smile.

Because of his disability, Zhou Yaoqin could not go to ordinary schools like other children. Furthermore, with his arrogant character, he could not bear to go to school for the disabled. Finally, he dropped out of school and stay at home after losing his legs. Sometimes, he occasionally asked Zhou Yaoyun to bring back some books for him to read.

Zhou Yaoqin gave up on himself.

Chen Ai sighed in the mirror and he whispered, “Thank you.” If you allow me to take your place, let me try to live for you. Only after dying that I realize the value of life. 

Just when Chen Ai was facing the mirror, suddenly his bedroom’s door was opened. He heard a boy’s voice coming into the room, “Brother, I bought you a cake.”

Ji Chen Ai turned his head and saw a face that quite similar to Zhou Yaoqin’s, except that this face was free from Zhou Yaoqin’s gloom. His eyebrows were bright and sweat dripped down from his shaved hair. He wiped the sweat on his face with a towel as he spoke, and then handed the cake in his right hand to Ji Chen Ai.

Zhou Yaoyun said, “Brother, why is your face looks ugly?”

With a low ‘en’, Chen Ai took the cake.

Zhou Yaoyun inherited his father’s height of 1.84 meters. Now, as a freshman, he has joined the school basketball team and become a regular member.

Neither of their parents is in this city. They are too busy working to take care of Zhou Yaoqin. So they just rented a house near to Zhou Yaoyun’s university and let him take care of Zhou Yaoqin while attending the university.

The cake on Chen Ai’s hand looks delicious. He remembered that Zhou Yaoyun was supposed to be at school during this time, so he asked, “Why did you come back?”

Zhou Yaoyun laugh and said, “I have a game today, so I got back early, brother, don’t you want to eat the cake?”

Ji Chen Ai unties the ribbon and slowly open the box. Then he saw a lovely panda cake inside the box. Chen Ai uses a spoon and took a small bite of the cake.

Accepting your brother’s kindness may be a very pleasant thing for normal people. But for Zhou Yaoqin, who was physically disabled, this is just torment.

Chen Ai’s body felt uncomfortable but he eventually he swallowed the cake in his mouth.

Zhou Yaoqin is dead, and the one living now is Ji Chen Ai, clothed in Zhou Yaoqin’s skin.

While Chen Ai was eating the cake, Zhou Yaoyun sits beside Chen Ai and start to talk about some school events. Zhou Yaoyun not sure if it was his illusion, but today, his brother’s expression was somewhat less gloomy than he feared. On the contrary, his brother became very quiet. Zhou Yaoqin sat beside him and he(Yaoqin) did not feel restless. Therefore, surprisingly Zhou Yaoyun was able to talk with his brother about his family life.

Chen Ai has eaten half the cake. After he keeps silent for a moment, Chen Ai asked, “Are you free this evening?”

Zhou Yaoyun nodded.

“Can you push me and go out for a walk?” said Chen Ai.

Zhou Yaoyun’s smile brightly and he said, “Of course, brother. You don’t know but I’m really worried about you.”

Chen Ai looked at Zhou Yaoyun’s smile and he laughed slowly.

Zhou Yaoyun went to take a bath and changed his clothes. He brings out the leftovers from lunch and heats them up as food for dinner.

Since Chen Ai have eaten the cake, he doesn’t have an appetite for dinner. Therefore, after he ate a small bowl of rice, Chen Ai put down his chopsticks.

When Zhou Yaoyun saw the situation, he asked, “Brother, have you eaten enough?”

“Not very hungry,” said Ji Chen Ai.

Zhou Yaoyun said, “You shouldn’t have eaten cake first… Forget it. It’s okay. I cook dumplings for you when you are hungry at night.”

Ji Chen Ai just made ‘en’ sound.

After dinner, Zhou Yaoyun went to wash the dishes. Then he pushed Ji Chen Ai using his wheelchair to take a walk outside.

The weather in June has become hot. Since it was getting dark and late, many people choose to go out for a walk in the evening.

Although they were in the crowd of people, Ji Chen Ai is still easily become the focus of attention. Two boys, one tall and handsome while another one is sitting in a wheelchair, both have similar faces. At a glance, the passerby can easily guess the relationship between them.

Occasionally, Chen Ai can hear some people who were passing by him, whispering to each other, talking about… how unfortunate this young child is.

It’s really unfortunate that time cannot be reversed back. It’s really unfortunate that he had to spend all his life sitting in a wheelchair. It’s really unfortunate………to have an outstanding younger brother. (T/N: meaning that the younger brother is perfect in every sense while you are not, so it will be torturous to you)

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While confronting these criticisms, Ji Chen Ai has not changed at all. On the other hand, Zhou Yaoyun appeared to be angry, he pushes Chen Ai to a less crowded place.

These passersby may not be malicious, but their eyes, actions and words keep reminding Ji Chen Ai that he is a disabled person —— no wonder Zhou Yaoqin cannot stand it and chose to escape, even if it’s death.

After Zhou Yaoyun appeared, Xiao Qi, who had been silent for a long time, opened it’s mouth and said, “There are too many negative energies in this world! We must change it!”

“How do we change?” asked Chen Ai.

Xiao Qi said: “Just start from small things. Do you see the empty cans outside the garbage can over there?”

Ji Chen Ai: “Hmmm?”

Xiao Qi: “Pick it up! Throw it in the garbage can! Littering is bad conduct.”

Ji Chen Ai was quite speechless. He looked back at Zhou Yaoyun and slightly wrinkled his eyebrow. After a moment of hesitation, he asked, “Can you push me there?”

Zhou Yaoyun looked in the direction pointed by Chen Ai’s finger and he saw only a trash can over there. He asked, “Brother, what’s wrong?”

Ji Chen Ai said, “Bring me near there will be enough.”

Zhou Yaoyun had to push Ji Chen Ai over there. But just before they reach the trash can, Chen Ai stopped him. Then he (Chen Ai) bend himself down, took a Coke can beside the trash can and throw it in.

After that, ‘ding’ sound can be heard, Xiao Qi said, “Congratulations on getting the first positive energy, the system officially opened. Since you are a first time user, you will get a chance to draw.”

Ji Chen Ai: “Draw a lottery?”

Xiao Qi: “Yes! Aren’t you happy?”

“Pull it out ba,” said Chen Ai.

Suddenly, a big turntable [2] appeared in front of Ji Chen Ai and it starting to spin. After it’s slowing down, the huge pointer finally stopped above the word “treatment”.


Xiao Qi said: “Congratulations!!! Get a chance for treatment!!!!!!!”

Ji Chen Ai said, “Treatment? What do you mean? Can it treat my legs?”

Xiao Qi said: “No no no no, the system won’t be so selfish. This treatment is very useful. It can completely cure all the problems in a person’s body. You can use it to anyone in this world, except you.”

Chen Ai: “………..” That’s just fucking useless.

Xiao Qi said: “Rejoice! Life is so beautiful!”

Chen Ai’s face changed colour [3], he directly said: “Xiao Yun, let’s go back.”

[3] Okay, here the author used 面瘫 [miàn tān]: facial nerve paralysis, but I have no idea on how to translate in the sentence it and make it looks normal. If you guys have any suggestion, write down in comment

Zhao Yaoyun was quite confused seeing all kinds of Chen Ai’s expression. Hearing Chen Ai words, he pushed Chen Ai’s wheelchair and they went back home.

The author has something to say:

The protagonist is absolutely not White Lotus = = his whole person should be fully integrated with…Change BUG

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