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Chapter 361

Chapter 361: Ruins Discovered

After walking for a distance, Bai Luochu stopped and looked back to see that Pei Rumo’s figure was no longer there . She then took out the map that Qin Feng marked out for her in the morning . If it was really as Qin Feng mentioned and the ruins were located towards the east, it would mean that Pei Rumo was slightly off when carrying out his investigation . If she wanted to use the closest path to reach the ruins that Qin Feng mentioned, she would need to make minor adjustments to her plan .

After taking a closer look at the map, Bai Luochu confirmed the location before heading to the so-called ruins .

The path Bai Luochu took brought her closer to the so-called ruins . However, the closer she got, the stranger the atmosphere became .

There were definitely people with formidable strength present . With her ability, she detected more than one such individual . She didn’t know if they were from the same group or if they were silently following her .  Are they here for something or are they looking at me?

Before she could think about it, one of her questions was answered . They were indeed observing her . When she noticed their presence, she was already halfway to the ruins . The further she traveled down the path, the more unbridled the strong presences behaved . It was obvious they didn’t put Bai Luochu in their eyes .

However, no one could blame them as Bai Luochu was really a nobody with weak spirit qi . To them, she was more of an ant-like existence .

Bai Luochu might be releasing her spiritual energy, but she didn’t use it to attack anyone . With her powerful spiritual energy, it wasn’t a surprise that no one detected it .

The corner of Bai Luochu’s mouth curled upwards as she sneered, “It seems like the Desolate Region is more lively than I had imagined . ”

Even though there were people staring at her, Bai Luochu didn’t have any intention to stop . After all, she wasn’t going to make a move and she was merely there to conduct some reconnaissance . If she discovered anything new, she would have to discuss it with Pei Rumo before doing anything .

The more she thought, the more she wanted to return to the inn before noon . As such, she didn’t stop to rest and she started to walk even faster .

As Bai Luochu was getting closer to the ruins, those people who were looking at her in the dark no longer held themselves back . They originally tried restraining their presence but they no longer did so . It was obvious that they were trying to scare her off .

Bai Luochu was obviously able to feel their intent and she immediately raised her brows . She felt that they were being too anxious . She only wanted to take a look at the ruins and she wasn’t there to do anything else . According to her, those people hiding in the dark were short-tempered b*stards .

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Bai Luochu wasn’t anxious to enter the ruins, after all, her original objective was to confirm its exact location . She didn’t know the exact situation in the ruins and if she were to lose her life immediately after entering, it would be a world-class joke . The losses would greatly outweigh the gains . It would be more appropriate to say that there wouldn’t be any gains at all . . .

In the end, Bai Luochu disregarded the people who were releasing their spirit qi to pressure her . She simply stood outside the ruins before taking a look at her map . After comparing the location of the campaign and the ruins before her, her expression turned grave .

If the map was drawn correctly, the ruins were located in the central region of the Desolate Region . . .

Bai Luochu sat on the horse and observed the towering ruins quietly . Her brows were locked tightly together and no one knew what she was thinking about .

After a long time, Bai Luochu turned her horse around and returned to where she came from .

The moment Bai Luochu turned around, she could feel that the people observing her in the dark were stunned . They probably never expected her to give up before entering the ruins .

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Seeing that Bai Luochu was no longer going to enter the central region, all of the presence withdrew their spirit qi . All but one . The only person left locked onto Bai Luochu as he tried to follow her back to where she came from .

Of course, Bai Luochu wasn’t stupid . After realizing that someone was following her, she didn’t make her way back to the inn as that would expose her whereabouts . She made her way back to the tea stall before ordering a pot of tea . After tying up the horse, she sat down at a table and waited patiently .  

Whatever . I’ll take it as if I’m waiting for Pei Rumo .  Bai Luochu thought silently .

The presence didn’t leave as he merely concealed his presence a little better .

It seems like this person isn’t going to give up easily… Bai Luochu’s expression turned grave and she felt a sense of danger .

How many people are eyeing our group?!

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Bai Luochu continued to drink pot after pot of tea . So much so that the owner of the tea stall couldn’t take it anymore . She persuaded, “This customer . My tea leaves might be a little inferior, but you cannot just treat it as water and keep pouring it down your stomach, right? You wouldn’t be able to sleep at night . ”

Bai Luochu heard the lady boss’ words and placed the cup down on the table . She spoke with a little embarrassment, “Lady boss, your tea leaves are pretty good . However, I’m waiting for someone and failed to realize the amount of tea I drank . ”

The lady boss who was always cold and indifferent felt a sudden impulse to tease Bai Luochu, “Tsk tsk tsk . Oh? You must be waiting here for your little lover . ”

Bai Luochu suddenly blushed before frantically denying, “No, no, we are merely working partners . ”

“Alright… There is no need to be in such a hurry to explain yourself . ” The lady boss spoke and refilled her pot of tea . “With my experience, I can see that the young master is definitely interested in you . However, I can’t see through your thoughts and I have no idea if you are interested in him . ”

Bai Luochu might not be very clear about Pei Rumo’s intentions, but it was impossible for her not to sense anything . Despite already knowing Pei Rumo’s feelings, she felt a little awkward when someone openly spoke about it .

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