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Chapter 272

Chapter 272: The Observer Sees Clearly

The secret guard aknowledged his orders and immediately left .

Ming Lu felt the injustice and said, “Master, how can Young Lady Luo Chu act this way? She turned you away but met with the Second Prince! She obviously doesn’t care about you . If I am to say it, we should visit her and bring this topic up and see what she says . ”

Pei Rumo didn’t agree, “If I go over now, won’t I expose myself? By then, I will no longer have any reason to send my men to monitor her residence . The agreement that we have previously set will be invalid . Won’t I be on the losing end if that happens?”

“Then, are we going to leave it at this?” Ming Lu was still unresigned .

Pei Rumo raised his brows and said, “Forget it? Impossible . Luo Chu is a person I wish to recruit, hence, I will not directly make a move on her . We can make other people suffer instead . ” Pei Rumo finished speaking and revealed a profound smile to Ming Lu .

Ming Lu still looked rather wronged as he said, “Master, I’m speaking up because she treats you unfairly . . . ”

Pei Rumo looked at Ming Lu and felt that the child was really spoiled by people in the residence . He felt that it was time for Ming Lu to learn about proper conduct .

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“Ming Lu, you should understand that there are different types of relationships . Some people are closer to others and there is no such thing as fairness . Take me, Luo Chu, and Qingfeng as examples . I might have bought Luo Chu out of the Bestial Battle Arena, but I had the intention to make use of her . Things are different for Pei Qingfeng . Even though he wanted Luo Chu to treat his poison, he managed to fully devote himself towards her . He could even sacrifice his life for her . Put yourself in Luo Chu’s position . Who do you think she will be closer to?”

Ming Lu pondered for a long time and didn’t say anything . Pei Rumo knew that Ming Lu would choose Pei Qingfeng .

“See, if you were in her shoes, you would choose Pei Qingfeng as well, right?” Pei Rumo asked .

Ming Lu might not wish to admit it, but he reluctantly nodded his head . He knew that his master was right . There were differences between how they treated each other . If he placed himself in Young Lady Luo Chu’s position, it wasn’t hard to understand her behavior .

“Master, what are we going to do now?” Ming Lu still wasn’t resigned and he continued to ask .

Pei Rumo’s gloomy expression had yet to fade but the corner of his mouth curled upwards, “What are we going to do? We will wait for Luo Chu to send me an invitation . We’ll be able to see him rage for once . ”

As for the person he was referring to, who else could it be?

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Pei Qingfeng was in a great mood within his own residence . Since the moment he knew that Bai Luochu wasn’t angry at him, he was immersed in joy .

If his personal guard had to say something, Pei Qingfeng didn’t look like he solved the problem in his heart . Instead, he looked like he managed to set a date for their wedding .

The personal guard was inevitably worried .  Every action Young Lady Luo Chu makes is able to amplify Master’s emotions several times . If Master fails to bring her back . . .

The personal guard didn’t dare to continue his train of thought . He really didn’t dare to continue thinking as he was afraid that not even the Cloud Water Nation would be able to hold Pei Qingfeng back .

Whatever the case was, it was great that his master was no longer depressed . Just as his personal guard was about to follow behind his master, the secret guard stopped him .

“There is news from the other side . They are going to enter the capital city in a few days . Go and remind Master . ” The secret guard spoke to the personal guard .

The personal guard’s face instantly turned solemn, “I understand, head back and keep a close eye on them . If you find out more information, quickly report back to the residence . Never let down your guard!”

The secret guard acknowledged and left the residence .

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The personal guard turned around and walked towards the study room .

When he entered, he saw the delighted expression on Pei Qingfeng’s face . He couldn't bear to disturb his master, but he still had to make the report .

“Master, the secret guard we sent over brought some news back . There are some movements over on the other side and they should enter the capital city in a few days . ”

When Pei Qingfeng heard the news, he became serious .

“Since that is the case, I shall up the security of the residence . Ask the secret guards at the general’s residence side to keep their guards up . They need to protect Luoluo at all costs . They should be clear about my recent actions and if they learn of Luoluo’s existence, they might make a move on her . ” Pei Qingfeng instructed .

“Do we need to inform Young Lady Luo Chu so that she can make some preparations?”

Pei Qingfeng shook his head and said, “We don’t need to . With her personality, no matter how much we warn her, she will grow suspicious and investigate the matter herself . She might have incredible subordinates, but no one knows what will happen if they discover her existence . ”

“Then are we not going to do anything?” The personal guard felt that it wasn’t good for Bai Luochu to cause his master to become muddle-headed . However, he had to admit that she was an outstanding individual .

“We will be here to deal with them . I am still the same old Pei Qingfeng . Nothing will happen . ”

That personal guard thought, Master is trying to restrain his thoughts to protect Young Lady Luo Chu . Master’s intention towards Young Lady Luo Chu is obvious to all the guards . How can he conceal it so easily?

Whatever… I’ll follow Master’s plan . I just hope the other side discovers her existence as late as possible .

“Since that is the case, this subordinate shall send a message to the secret guards at the general’s residence . ” 

Pei Qingfeng nodded and indicated for him to hurry up and leave .

Even though his expression remained unchanged, he felt sour in his heart . Originally, it was a day for him to rejoice as he had found out Bai Luochu’s feelings for him . But from the looks of it, the road ahead was going to be long and treacherous . Right now, Pei Qingfeng could only hope that Bai Luochu wouldn’t encounter any mishaps in this crucial moment .

Bai Luochu didn’t know a thing about the incident at the First Prince’s residence and the Second Prince’s residence . She was still staring blankly at the Green Flame Eagle’s egg in the underground palace . Her mind was on Pei Qingfeng’s actions in the reception hall .

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