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Chapter 278: The expert won’t let her say Original and most updated translations are from volare. If read elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.


Long Feiye led along Han Yunxi to walk in the front, while Aunt Ru brought up the rear. The secret passageway behind the tree trunk kept stretching downwards, the slope getting steeper the farther they went. By the end, it was practically a vertical passage. Long Feiye held Han Yunxi in his arms and jumped down, with Aunt Ru following close behind. Unexpectedly, they landed in an underground stone chamber illuminated by night-luminous pearls. The chamber itself was completely empty, but had a door that led to places unknown. Moreover, the acrid scent in the air was much stronger than above.

After landing with Han Yunxi in his arms, Long Feiye didn’t let her go, but grabbed her hand again. Han Yunxi’s eyes drifted to the fingers grasping her own and move her hand experimentally, as if trying to get free. Unfortunately, Long Feiye only tightened his grip in return. Han Yunxi furrowed her eyebrows and looked straight at him, but he didn’t look at her. She only saw his face in profile, the chiseled features as coldly handsome and aggressively serious as always. Han Yunxi stared at him for quite a while and tried to struggle free a few more times. It wasn’t clear whether Long Feiye realized she was staring at him, but he kept as icy and domineering as always, ignoring her without letting her go. Finally, Han Yunxi conceded defeat. She was too lazy to struggle any further, so she let him do as he liked.

Aunt Ru saw everything with her eyes and decided to interrogate Tang Li for more details on the couple when she returned. Ye’er was someone who had to complete a great undertaking. No matter how useful Han Yunxi could be, he couldn’t harbor true feelings for her. Love between a man and a woman would only bungle matters!

Han Yunxi: I think someone bungled Giant Ice Cube’s childhood instead.

Han Yunxi: If it comes to poisons? More than you could ever imagine.

Han Yunxi: Who’s the one who insisted on tagging along? Aren’t you a pot calling the kettle black?

Han Yunxi: I’m willing to take you on anyday!

Long Feiye: *walks in between, pushes Aunt Ru aside*

Long Feiye: *picks up Han Yunxi*

Han Yunxi: W-what…?! Hey!

Han Yunxi: Put me down!

Han Yunxi: Long Feiye!! *beats fists*

Long Feiye: We have a cave to explore. *dashes off*
Aunt Ru: Ye’er, you get back here! *chases*

Today’s GIF features Yang Mi and Mark Chao in Eternal Love (三生三世十里桃花).
I can’t remember if I’ve used this GIF already, but you can blame LFY’s insistent handholding for influencing the teaser in the first place, huehue.

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