< script > (); Chen Xiang had concocted pills for a long time, so he was naturally aware of this matter.\"Refining Return-to-God Dan only has one kind of medicinal ingredient, that's not enough. If you can add other medicinal ingredients, then the effect of this pill will be e">
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Chen Xiang had concocted pills for a long time, so he was naturally aware of this matter.

"Refining Return-to-God Dan only has one kind of medicinal ingredient, that's not enough. If you can add other medicinal ingredients, then the effect of this pill will be even stronger." He Fengyuan said, "The reason I used it for that long was mainly because I realized that those three medicinal herbs could react with the Giant flower very strongly, and that all of them could react with each other in such a way."

"Then wouldn't the resulting pill be extremely effective?" Chen Xiang was also looking forward to it.

"Yes, but the difficulty is certainly not small." He Fengyuan said, "The more intense the reaction is, the harder it is to fuse … Of course, I didn't know that there were Fusion spell in the past, so I thought that it would be easier for you to master Fusion spell of the sixth step now. "

"I will definitely succeed." Chen Xiang said.

If this pill was useful, He Fengyuan could immediately step into the World Defying Stage Divine Rank after recovering his cultivation.

He Fengyuan's Divine Sense Sea was destroyed because it was a place that stored energy. She needed a large amount of energy to rebuild her Divine Sense Sea in order to recover her cultivation, and the quickest way was to use a large amount of Crystal emperor.

Chen Xiang had Crystal emperor, and he could even refine higher quality ones, it was just that right now Chen Xiang did not have the energy to do it, so He Fengyuan did not raise this requirement.

"Big Brother, did you buy those things for the sake of refining pills?" Song Longprofound asked, but he only saw Chen Xiang getting off the car alone, and He Fengyuan disappearing.

"Where's your friend?" Song Longprofound asked.

"She is in seclusion." Chen Xiang laughed: "Those medicinal ingredients are indeed needed to concoct the pill, and she also bought them for herself."

Song Longprofound immediately understood as he hid inside Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea World or a God Equipment that he had put away for others. He nodded: "Big Brother, you should be starting to refine pills now!"

"It's about to begin!" Chen Xiang laughed: "Long Xuan, there are some Tao-creation's incantations here. Take a look!"

Chen Xiang took out nine pieces of transparent crystal with Space mantra carved on it and gave it to Song Longprofound.

When Song Longprofound saw it, he was ecstatic and at the same time shocked.

"Brother, this is... This is the Space mantra. " Song Longprofound shouted in shock, "Although I have never studied before, I have seen my clan's elders display it before, and they are at the ninth step as well!"

"Yes, I am too stupid to grasp it, so you should learn by yourself first." After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he took out a few more Increase spell and gave them to Song Longprofound.

Song Longprofound was so excited that he was crying. These Tao-creation's incantations were something he yearned for day and night.

"Long Xuan, study hard!" "I'm going to start concocting pills." Chen Xiang patted Song Longprofound's shoulder.

Song Longprofound nodded immediately: "I will definitely study hard."

Chen Xiang also wanted to see how good Song Longprofound's talent was. Right now, he couldn't wait to refine the Return-to-God Dan too, so he hurried towards the secret room.

In the secret room, Chen Xiang would refine pills and he would release a first stage Time Domain.

A first stage Time Domain did not consume too much energy for him and did not burden him much. It would make it much easier for him to refine pills and at the same time, buy him more time.

"Giant flower are the main medicinal ingredients. The other three herbs aren't as powerful as Giant flower, but after fusing with the Giant flower, it can emit a very powerful energy." He Fengyuan said: "So, when fusing these four medicinal herbs, you must take note of it, because at that time, it is extremely likely that there will be a strong explosive force."

Chen Xiang remembered He Fengyuan's reminder, and after taking out the Tianchuang furnace, he allowed it to fuse with the Tianchuang furnace.

To refine this kind of Tao-creation Divine Medicine, the original Tianchuang furnace s were not strong enough to suppress the power of the Tao-creation's Divine Medicine, so he had to integrate with the Six Realms mirrors.

The process of burning them was extremely difficult. At the moment, he was only at the peak of the Aoshi Holy Stage, and even if he were to release the strongest ancient fire, it would still be very difficult to incinerate the medicinal ingredients.

"Based on this speed, I'll need at least a few months to completely refine it!" Chen Xiang was shocked, this was something that was even harder to melt than Crystal emperor, it was mainly because the herbs had a special defense that allowed him to absorb the fire energy.

"Fire Curse, Increase spell, open it for me." After Chen Xiang cast the Fire Curse, he used the Ancient Flame, and then used the ninth stage Increase spell to increase the strength of the flames.

The flame had become very strong, but Chen Xiang felt that it was still not enough.

Chen Xiang could see with his naked eyes that those medicinal herbs seemed to have slowly melted after being exposed to the heat of the ice. He silently praised the power of the Tao-creation's incantation, which actually increased the intensity of the flames by many times.

"These Tao-creation's incantations will disappear in an hour, it won't be difficult to engrave them again." Chen Xiang thought in his heart as he looked at the gradually dimming Tao-creation's incantation.

Ten days had passed, and the four types of medicinal herbs had already been refined by Chen Xiang. They formed into four independent air whirls within the Tianchuang furnace, and these four masses of air whirls seemed to be born with mutual protection;

"I can only use the Fusion spell now." Previously, Chen Xiang was naive enough to think that he could easily combine the four cyclones like the other two pellets.

Chen Xiang had etched three, four, five and six stages of Fusion spell into these four cyclones respectively. When fusing multiple things, he had to use even higher ranked Fusion spell to the best of his abilities, in order for the fusion to have an even stronger effect.

When Chen Xiang finished carving the Fusion spell with the four cyclones, the four cyclones actually started to gradually attract towards each other, and started to gather together.

Chen Xiang carefully observed the four cyclones, and at the same time, made his preparations. This was because He Fengyuan had told him that he had to pay attention to the exploding energy once it was condensed.

The four cyclones condensed together, and with a boom, the Tianchuang furnace started to shake violently. Fortunately, the Six Realms mirrors suppressed the energy, otherwise, it would have caused a big commotion.

"Too strong!" Chen Xiang had clearly released his strongest power just now to control it, but this situation had still occurred. Fortunately, Feng Ke'er had acted in time and released a strong seal to suppress it.

"I lost some energy, but it's fine. Just pay attention next time." Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief. This was also the reason why he brought Feng Ke'er along when he was refining pills.

"Assembled successfully." Feng Ke'er said.

"Yes, it has become a very powerful crystal!" Chen Xiang sighed, "The Tao-creation's divine medicine is also strange. After being fused, it is not a crystal but a gas, but it has such a berserk energy."

"You're wrong. After the Tao-creation's divine medicine melted, it looked like Qi …. But it's actually the Medicine soul. " He Fengyuan said.

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