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Chapter 476: You are so stupid that even if I told you, you wouldn't understand!

The little guy's sudden outburst caught Xing Shi'er somewhat by surprise.

Usually, the little guy would yell at him, but it was rare for him to be like this. His eyes were filled with tears that were about to burst out.

"I want a hug!" Quick, hug me! "

It was as if he had reached the limit of what a 5-year-old could bear.

The moment Xing Shi'er picked up the little guy, the little thing couldn't hold itself back anymore and started crying. The grievances in his heart turned into sparkling tears.

"What's wrong, fifteen? Why are you crying? "

Xing Shi'er felt heartache Little Fifteen. Apart from the foster father Hetun, Xing Shi'er was the closest to the little fellow. Xing Shi'er was also assigned to Little Fifteen by the Hetun. He was responsible for teaching him some offensive skills, as well as taking care of Lil Thing's food and drinks.

"Old Tweleve, I feel so bad."

The little guy sobbed silently. Like this, the little guy could only tell Xing Shi'er. foster father Hetun did not say anything, nor did Mommy Xueluo.

"Why are you feeling uncomfortable? "Tell Twelfth Brother."

Xing Shi'er lightly patted the little guy's back, trying to calm his sobs and sadness.

"Old Tweleve, don't ask anymore! You're so stupid. You wouldn't understand even if I told you! I can't be bothered to tell you! "

The little guy angrily used his own little head to hit Xing Shi'er on the head, trying to shut Xing Shi'er up.

"Alright, alright, I won't ask!" When you want to say it again, you can tell me! "

Xing Shi'er carried the little fellow just like that, walking back and forth in the corridor.

Until the little guy's emotions gradually calmed down.


The arrowhead of the crossbow had been drawn. After the doctor's examination, there was no extract.

Feng Xinglang only suffered a superficial wound, but it did not harm his vitals.

In fact, Feng Xinglang could immediately tell that it was a crossbow that could fire at least three arrows. However, at that time, the little guy was only holding the crossbow in his hand, and did not shoot any arrows at Feng Xinglang.

Was this the friendliness he showed himself? Or is this the little guy's benevolence?

Feng Xinglang was more willing to believe in the latter! What a cute little milk baby, a little stubborn plant. He must not be as vicious and vicious as the Hetun.

However, under the influence of the Hetun's influence for a long time, how could this little thing maintain its kind nature in the beginning?

Was this the price for bullying a girl?

Feng Xinglang s heroic eyebrows deeply knitted together: When did I let him see me bullying a girl?

Little balls?

Feng Xinglang instinctively thought of the little girl who was around the same age as the little thing.

After Yan Bang saw the doctor off, he returned with a bowl of soup.

"Let the cook stew the milk pigeon soup and have a few sips. It's good for your healing. "

Yan Bang scooped a spoonful of soup and fed it to Feng Xinglang's lips.

At that time, Feng Xinglang had always been immersed in the little guy's small eyes that looked at him with resentment and concern. Regarding the soup that Yan Bang had fed him, he had only drunk it mechanically.

Yan Bang had this soup many times, and it was very strong. It must have been simmering for a while.

"Sleep with me tonight. I've got a Thai guy, and he's good at it. "

Yan Bang finished all the remaining soup in his bowl. It was as if he was very satisfied with Feng Xinglang's obedience.

"What are you thinking? So lost in thought. "

Yan Bang used the soft silk pajamas to cover Feng Xinglang's back that was covered in red light and gently stroked his back.

"How long has it been since you last practiced? "All of you, let go!"

"Peng, that Xing Shiwu … "What is his background?"

It was very obvious that Feng Xinglang and Yan Bang were in two different parallel worlds at this very moment. Their focus was completely different.

"Isn't it just a child? What kind of background can he have?" "Don't tell me you want that little bastard to be the royal family of England?"

Yan Bang snorted, "Even if that little thing is truly a royal family, it is only a tool used by the Hetun!"

After a slight pause, Yan Bang scoffed again, "Tell me, how come that Hetun is so abnormal, to actually raise a little brat like a few years old to assassinate you? "The point is that if this little thing really kills you, even the police uncle won't be able to do anything about it!"

Yan Bang's words were exactly what made Feng Xinglang feel dejected.

It was as if that little thing was still quite prejudiced against him. The first time they met, they were already at loggerheads!

This second meeting …

Inexplicably, Feng Xinglang was looking forward to the second meeting between the little fellow and himself! A masochist?

"What evil intentions can a young child of a few years old have? Hasn't he been taught by the Hetun?"

For some reason, Feng Xinglang unconsciously spoke up for little friend Linnuo.

"Feng Xinglang, you must be feeling pity for that little thing right? Or do you want your son to go crazy? "

Yan Bang only said that casually.

Because he had heard Ye Xiaonian say before: That woman called Lin Xueluo seemed to have carried a child for Feng Xinglang. However, in order to take revenge on Feng Xinglang for abandoning the mother and son pair when he was doing the Hetun multiple choice question, the child in his stomach was beaten up right in front of him.

For a very long time, Feng Xinglang was trapped in the abyss of losing his son.

Feng Xinglang was startled!

His phone rang, interrupting Feng Xinglang's train of thought for a moment.

The phone call was from Feng Family.

As soon as he picked up the call, Feng Tuantuan's soft and sweet voice came out.

"Papa, why aren't you back yet?"

At this moment, the cute voice was the most spirited of them all. It was also what Feng Xinglang wanted to hear the most.

"Papa is busy with his work. "Why haven't you guys slept yet?"

Feng Xinglang moved into a comfortable position and started talking to Feng Tuantuan on the phone.

"Papa is not at home, I can't sleep. Papa, why don't you take your work home and do it? This way, you can hold the bundles with one hand and work with the other. "

The cute little voice was soft and sticky, making Feng Xinglang's ears especially comfortable. It seemed to be able to soothe his stiff mood tonight.

"Be a good girl and go find your big papa and let him coax you to sleep! You're the best storyteller at Big Papa. "

"But they don't want to hear the story tonight. He just wanted to let Little Papa hug him while he slept. Is papa's work more important than bundles? "

The little guy spoke sweetly, unwilling to let her go.

"Of course not! "But …"

Feng Xinglang glanced at Yan Bang, "It's just that your Uncle Yan is injured, and heavily injured, and is on the verge of death, so we have to go and take a look at him."

"But... "But I'm so hungry. I'm so hungry that I'm about to die."

The skill that the little cutie used to learn and use seemed to have reached a level of perfection.

"Nonsense! Grandma An, didn't you cook something good for us to eat? "

"Even though I've already cooked it, it's all done in a ball that I don't like! Papa, after you finish looking at the Uncle Yan, why don't you pack a chicken wings and bring it back! They really wanted to eat it! If you want to eat, you can't even sleep! "

"Papa, you have to buy it back!" They would wait and wait until the sun rose! "Goodbye!"

Without waiting for Feng Xinglang's answer, the little thing had already hung up.

This machine was exactly the same as her mother's machine.

Feng Xinglang was defeated by the little girl's persistent begging.

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