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Chapter 236: Special Eating Baby Mothers

Originally, Feng Lixin wanted to return to his medical room.

He was afraid that his appearance would affect the appetite of the two women.

But Feng Xinglang could tell that his big brother Feng Lixin really wanted to be like a normal person and eat at the same table as his relatives.

Ever since his appearance had been ruined, Feng Lixin had become more pessimistic, and his mind became more sentimental.

From what Dr. Jin had said, it was as if the pathos factor had become active. He cared a lot about the way others looked at him.

Fortunately, Feng Xinglang had done well in this aspect. Because he sincerely didn't dislike Feng Lixin.

But on the dining table, one was his own beloved woman, and the other was his own younger brother's wife. Feng Lixin more or less, still felt a little uncomfortable.

Feng Xinglang wanted to follow Feng Lixin to the medical room to eat, but he was worried about leaving the two women together.

Since Feng Lixin was also unwilling to leave, Feng Xinglang asked him to stay below for dinner before going upstairs.

Feng Xinglang thought that his appearance would affect the appetite of the two women, but he didn't expect that he really worried too much.

Xueluo's appetite was surprisingly good, and everyone's gaze practically fell on Xueluo who was wolfing down his food.

After chewing on the three pieces of chicken wings, Xueluo saw the greasy crystal hoof.

Firstly, Xueluo really wanted to eat it. Secondly, the rich collagen in the crystal hoof was very nice to the little girl in his stomach.

Xueluo really wanted to have a daughter who was close to him in a cotton-padded jacket, but he also wanted to have a strong son to depend on.

The craving for food simply could not be stopped, so Xueluo shamelessly took out half a crystal leg from the big soup plate.

Taking a bite was truly delicious. It was as if he had been lifeless for a century. He couldn't help but take a few more bites, and the more he ate, the more he felt that the taste of the hooves was especially good tonight.

Suddenly, Xueluo felt his surroundings becoming strangely quiet. It was as if she were the only one who could hear the sound of her own hooves clattering against her shoulder.

Subconsciously raising his head, Xueluo was ashamed to discover that everyone was paying attention to her.

Xueluo felt embarrassed. But she couldn't say she was pregnant, and her mouth was hungry.

Since he had already decided to divorce Feng Lixin, and still lived in the Feng Family to cheat and eat, Xueluo felt really bad.

But thinking about it, no matter how unfaithful he was and how shameless he was, the obedient child in his stomach was the son of the Feng Family.

Maybe he would be treated favorably, maybe he would never be able to see the light of day, but in the end, he was still Feng Xinglang's flesh and blood. Eating some food from the Feng Family shouldn't cause them to be looked down upon.

"You all … You guys eat too. "

Xueluo said in a dry and weak voice, extremely embarrassed. However, he lowered his head and began to pick at the rice in the bowl, stopping eating.

"Lin Xueluo, you eat such a greasy thing at night, aren't you afraid of getting fat?"

Lan Youyou looked at Xueluo who was munching on his greasy crystal hoof, and was completely dumbfounded. Not only was he hungry, his mouth was also dripping with oil. He looked like an African refugee who had starved for days.

Xueluo was truly embarrassed. But if he did not answer Lan Youyou, he would feel even more embarrassed.

"I, I'm getting fatter! After school, you have to take the sports exam. I want to get an A. "

Obtaining an A in sports was indeed Xueluo's dream. It would also give the man who mocked him for cheating on sports a whole new level of respect for himself.

But from the looks of it, the little girl in his stomach clearly did not agree with his mother's nonsense. It had only been two months, and it couldn't bear the torment.

Feng Xinglang's brows slightly twitched, seeing that Xueluo was only eating, he pushed the entire plate of prawns towards her.

"Eat more of this, you brain-dead fool!"

It was clearly an act of concern, but Feng Xinglang accompanied it with these mocking words.

Xueluo did not bother about how much he despised her. Just saying "long brain" made Xueluo decide to eat a few more fresh prawn rolls.

The little girl in her belly was developing her brain, so she should really supplement more protein-rich foods.

Although there were prawns in the school cafeteria, most of the prawns were frozen in ice, and they did not taste fresh at all. They were simply incomparable to Feng Family's Back Opening Prawns.

Xueluo ate one, then ate another... After eating three fresh prawn rolls in a row, he finally stopped. I'm too embarrassed to continue eating.

"Xueluo, if you like it then eat more."

Even though Feng Lixin's words were slurred, they were filled with care and concern for her, her younger brother's daughter-in-law.

"Youyou, you should eat too."

There was also an unrelenting love for his beloved woman.

Ba da, Lan Youyou straightforwardly put down his chopsticks and sat there as he watched Xueluo eat.

"I want to see how much more you can eat for yourself!"

"..." Xueluo was so embarrassed that he felt ashamed. Being stared at like that for a meal was too uncomfortable.

The atmosphere at the dining table became awkward.

"Second Young Master, I'll feed the First Young Master. Eat a few mouthfuls first to ease your hunger." Nanny An immediately spoke out to interrupt the awkward atmosphere at the dining table.

"Miss Lan, watch me eat! "My skin is thick!"

Feng Xinglang handed his big brother Feng Lixin's medicine bowl over to Nanny An, and took a sip from his own bowl.

"What? I'm watching your sister-in-law eat. Are you sad?" Lan Youyou asked in a half-negative half-positive tone.

"I do love you! My brother and I don't like women who are too thin.

Feng Xinglang was even hungrier. After just a few casual rounds at noon, the GK Venture Capital Project has been launched once again. It is so busy that the sky and the earth seem to be blurring.

If it was said that Xueluo's eating style was fierce, then Feng Xinglang's eating style was even more shocking.

Like the wind sweeping away clouds, a plate of steel-plated beef finally saw the bottom.

After hearing what Feng Xinglang said, Lan Youyou stopped staring at Xueluo to eat, and picked up his chopsticks to eat.

The cow-willow was very tender. Feng Xinglang chose one of the thinner cow-willow leaves and washed the seasoning off with his own moisturizing soup. After that, he brought it to Feng Lixin's mouth.

Feng Lixin's teeth were not good, but with how thin the willow branch was, even if she swallowed it all, it wouldn't really matter.

"Xinglang, eat it yourself."

Feng Lixin still ate the cow-like willow silk that Feng Xinglang fed to him.

The wings of his nose were almost destroyed by the fire, so his already fragile nose had become strange. It looked eerie and scary. But in Feng Xinglang's eyes, it was still benevolent.

"It's better if it's my own brother! Look at these two women, they only care about eating by themselves! "

Feng Xinglang teased, not wanting to make Feng Lixin feel too awkward and uncomfortable.

"I'm done eating, let me feed Lixin."

Xueluo put down his bowl and chopsticks, and walked over ashamedly. Honestly speaking, since he had married into the Feng Family, he had not fulfilled his obligations of being a wife for a day.

However, as soon as he said that, he felt disgusted again...

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