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Chapter 368: The child in my womb is of no use

The peculiar gazes of the women were undoubtedly the best mockery for a man.

But they did not dare to whisper in front of Yan Bang. They knew that Yan Bang was Shen City's boss, someone that they could not afford to offend even more than Bai Mo.

Feng Xinglang's mood was very dry. It was a kind of feeling that made his heart unsettled even more than hatred.

Bai Mo ridiculed Yan Bang in such a random manner, and it just so happened that he couldn't wait to watch a good show. He wanted to see how Yan Bang would resolve this awkward situation.

In front of a woman, men always have a bit of a male owner. Furthermore, Yan Bang was one of the most prestigious people in the Shen City. If news of him being incapable in certain aspects were to spread, it would affect his prestige and personal reputation in the Shen City.

"My health hasn't been too good recently …"

Yan Bang leisurely said as he unrestrainedly touched the areas that everyone was paying attention to, ignoring their sharp gazes.

"Ah?" Boss, is that thing of yours really useless? "

Bai Mo believed Yan Bang's words. He had never been scheming before. At most, he would just be playing a little trick.

"I've seen a doctor. The experts said that the weather has suddenly turned cold recently. As for the man's illness, food and tonic treatment is the most effective!" He wrote the prescription, saying that he wanted me to eat more dog meat to replenish my body! He also said that out of all the pieces of dog meat, the lion head mastiff had the best effect of nourishing the meat... It just so happens that your Brother Lang's body has been weakened recently, let's take care of it together. "

"Oh right, Bai Mo, your Xiao Ye seems to be a lion head Tibetan mastiff. How about we let the kitchen stew it?

Yan Bang's words became more and more interesting the more he listened; however, they were incomparably terrifying to Bai Mo's ears.

"Um …" All of you, if you have a face and a body without a body, then all of you should have a proper reaction as long as Yan Zhaoge does not have a body! I don't have the slightest interest in you, grandpa Yan! Get out, get out, get out! "This will spoil the fun!"

Feng Xinglang lowered his eyes, knowing that Yan Bang had an endless amount of methods to deal with Bai Mo.

Feng Xinglang stood up and walked towards the washroom.

When Yan Bang was done, he realized that Feng Xinglang had already left the room.

In the bathroom, Feng Xinglang lit up a cigarette.

His handsome face, which was shrouded in smoke, was very secretive.

Three days' worth of untrimmed whiskers drilled out from the surface of his skin, accentuating the mature charm of a man.

The call was to Old Chu.

"Have you found the other nests in Hetun?"

"Not yet!" From the photo you provided, it should be in some basement in the coastal area. There were traces of mildew on the wall. It should be an old building! We'll find it! "

"Hmm, hurry up."

"Xinglang, even if we find out, if we do not have sufficient evidence, or if we are not 100% sure of finding the imprisoned Lin Xueluo, we will be at a disadvantage, and the yamen will also not be in a good position to report."

After a slight pause, Old Chu sighed, "The key problem is: if we alert the snake by hitting the grass, Lin Xueluo will face the danger of his corpse being destroyed!"

Feng Xinglang was quiet for a moment.

"If you find the place where the Hetun is detaining Lin Xueluo, remember to inform me immediately! You manage the special forces, I won't let you leave empty-handed! I'll make a good case for the police, so you can turn your head up! "

"Un, I believe your brain is working!" Even though revenge is important, you still have to cherish yourself. Your safety, is the real reason why your big brother Feng Lixin risked his life to save you! Don't let him down! "

He knew that Feng Xinglang would not listen, but Old Chu still tried to persuade him.

"I will. "Old Chu, it's been hard on you!"

"How dare you!" "If you hadn't helped me with the fake case, I'm afraid I would still be eating prison food!"

"You're too polite!" I am only helping out when I see injustice! "

"Hmm, I'll inform you the moment there's any news!"

When Yan Bang came in, Feng Xinglang had already kept his phone and was sitting on the toilet smoking.

He still had his pants on, so he should be smoking.

"He really knows how to find a place!"

Yan Bang sighed, extended his hand, snatched the lit cigarette from Feng Xinglang's lips and took a deep breath.

Then, he returned it to Feng Xinglang's lips.

Feng Xinglang pushed her away in disgust, "You're so wet, where the f * * k are you drinking your milk from?"

"..." Yan Bang paused for a moment, then flicked his finger with force, causing the smoke to fly into the bathtub beside him.

Isn't your brother An Ran now? Could he be worried about that woman called Lin Xueluo? "

Yan Bang asked leisurely.

Feng Xinglang did not bother to reply. He knew he was concerned about him, but such concern was not what Feng Xinglang wanted.

"In love with that woman?"

Yan Bang asked again. It was as if he did not mind Feng Xinglang's cold and indifferent attitude towards him.

"Peng, if someone asked you to choose between me and Bai Mo, who would you choose?"

He clearly hated the Hetun for his vile hobby, but Feng Xinglang had started to try this twisted method of behavior while he was hiding.

Yan Bang had already unhesitatingly chosen Feng Xinglang from the two brothers. It could be seen that he was a very decisive person.

In today's society, there were many difficult people to choose from, but there weren't many who could make such a calm choice like Yan Bang!

"Of course it's you!"

This time, Yan Bang answered without hesitation.

"But if Bai Mo asks me this, I will tell him: I choose him!"

The additional information that Yan Bang had was undoubtedly asking for a beating!

Feng Xinglang looked at Yan Bang coldly.

"Actually, who to choose is not important! The important thing is, if the situation doesn't work out, you have to make a choice! It's still better than not doing anything at all! "

Yan Bang's words caused the silent Feng Xinglang to slowly raise her head.

Feng Xinglang stared deeply at Yan Bang, and only after a long while did he ask:

"Bon, how old are you?"


This topic seemed to be jumping up and down.

Xueluo exerted her tenacious spirit to the extreme.

The little girl in her stomach was not affected by her injuries.

After three days, Xueluo felt that he had experienced a very long century.

His lips, which had been ruthlessly beaten by Lan Youyou, were still swollen high on the ground due to the impact of Lan Youyou's teeth. Xueluo did not affect her daily diet because of the inconvenience of her mouth.

Since Hetun had personally said that before giving Feng Xinglang the multiple choice questions, she would ensure the safety of both mother and son, Xueluo thus, relaxed and boldly ate every meal.

No matter how painful her lips were, she would always fill up her stomach with the little brat's food.

Xing San quietly looked at Lin Xueluo who was full and asked indifferently:

"Feng Xinglang didn't know that you were pregnant with his child?"

Xueluo raised his head and glanced at Xing San, "To Feng Xinglang, the child in my womb is of no use at all!"

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