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Fang Xing had announced his name, yet everyone started laughing all of a sudden. Annoyed and frustrated, Fang Xing loudly suggested they take things more seriously yet they didn't even consider it, causing his agitation to grow even further. Forced to act like an entry-level bandit again, he walked over and whacked them into the ground before stepping up to the embroidered-robe young master and demanding he say exactly what was going on.

"Sir…. Esteemed Sir, with battle prowess like yours, there's no need for you to pretend to be that little monster Fang Xing, right?" The young master's face was bruised so badly he couldn't even cry. He thought he'd met an easily manageable fake, yet who would have thought even a counterfeit would be so vicious…?

"Damn your uncle, who is fake? When I killed those four groups ten days ago, even Golden Core grand elders couldn't do much to me; how can that be fake? Open your goddamned eyes and look clearly, is your little grandpa here lying to you?" Fang Xing angrily cursed towards the young master all while wanting to change back to his original appearance. However, right after Fang Xing said this, the young master's eyes shined with understanding and he yelled, "You're… aren't you Fang Xiaojiu?"

Fang Xing was thoroughly confused. Fang Xing, Fang Xiaojiu, what was the difference? He was both.

"Grandpa Jiu, please, I beg of you, don't pretend to be Fang Xing anymore. Your name is currently even more well-known than Fang Xing's…." This young master could only inwardly grieve. If he'd known this person was the Snowy Mountain's Fang Xiaojiu, he definitely wouldn't have dared to do anything.

The more the young master said, however, the more confused Fang Xing became, so Fang Xing immediately put a stop to the young master's useless flattery and hurried him to explain everything clearly. It seemed some strange things had happened inside the Mysterious Domain while he was out of sight helping Chu Ci recover?

"Grandpa Jiu, it's all because you pretended to be that little monster Fang Xing. The news you killed those four groups has spread far and wide, and it would have been fine if you admitted your real identity, but you pretended to be the little monster of Chufung. The Huangfu clan thought you were really him and sent out the order to seize Fang Xing—dead or alive—to set an example….

"The order ended up provoking the real Fang Xing, who'd apparently been inside the Mysterious Domain the entire time. The Huangfu clan's young master sent out ten groups of emissaries to spread the order, but four groups have already been killed. He then openly admitted he was the real Fang Xing and that the Huangfu clan daring to oppose him was seeking death. In order to show his displeasure, he's already robbed a number of Huangfu's people…."

Fang Xing was left dumbstruck upon hearing this. This was just completely beyond his comprehension right now. "There really is another Fang Xing?"

The young master showed a bitter smile before continuing, "And then, when someone said you are the Snowy Mountain disciple Fang Xiaojiu, everything was cleared up. You'd simply borrowed the name of that little monster, causing him to feel wronged; it's no wonder he became so furious…."

"What 'wronged', your little grandpa here is Fang Xing!" Fang Xing loudly yelled towards the young master, filled with anger and curiosity alike.

"Yes yes yes, you are Fang Xing. I understand; if I was doing anything bad, I'd announce my name as Fang Xing, too…" the young master hurriedly replied.

Fang Xing was at a complete loss for words at first, but he soon kicked the young master flying and yelled, "That person is fake! Are all of you blind?"

The young master was on the verge of tears. "Sir, Grandpa Jiu, there's no need to hide anything between us right now. Is there even a need for you to pretend anymore? Your Snowy Mountain's Ye Gu'yin even battled that little monster not so long ago and said it was Fang Xing without a doubt. She'd even been rap— uhh, I mean, she'd shared the same bed with him before, so how can she be wrong?"

"Big long legs?" This left Fang Xing completely shocked. If that Fang Xing was fake, then why would Ye Gu'yin mistake him for real? Unless… that person was the real one and he was actually the fake?

This was just too confusing!

After the young master's words left Fang Xing in a daze, he bashed him over the head and took his horse carriage and Green-Magenta Grass before letting him go.

"Girl, do you believe I'm Fang Xing?"

Although Chu Ci's body was still weak, she still covered her mouth and laughed, "I believe you…."

"I'm being serious!" Fang Xing angrily replied.

Chu Ci shook her head. "Hm. In that case, I don't!"

"Why?" Fang Xing cried out

"Because you're a good person, Brother Jiu. I heard Fang Xing is really bad, and even Shijie Ye from the Melodic Ice Palace was disadvantaged by him. Why would you want to pretend to be that little monster? I heard he's very vicious; what if he comes to make trouble for you?"

The Peng King appeared in a whirl of black smoke and his voice transferred directly into Fang Xing's ear, "Kid, that's not important right now!"

"Nn? What do you have to say?" Fang Xing looked up at the Peng King as he began to appear, and after that black smoke caused the already-tired Chu Ci to fall asleep, the Peng King looked coldly at Fang Xing and said, "Were you not paying attention? The Huangfu clan has sent out orders to seize you…."

"Huangfu clan?" Fang Xing was surprised by this and became quiet, remembering as well. Based on what that young master from earlier had said, the Huangfu clan's young master had indeed sent out an order to kill or seize him after he'd killed those four groups of disciples. The other Fang Xing had only appeared after that, and the real Fang Xing had been caring for Chu Ci inside the graveyard so he didn't know anything about what was happening outside. Now that everyone believed the other Fang Xing was the real Fang Xing, it's likely the order to seize or kill Fang Xiaojiu would be sent out soon as well; the Huangfu clan wanted to kill the person who'd killed those four groups of disciples, after all….

Fang Xing sneered, feeling nothing but disdain towards such meddlesome behavior. "Those people offended me, so I killed them. What the hell does that have to do with the Huangfu clan?"

The Peng King snorted at this. "This Huangfu clan might really think it has something to do with them. The Huangfu clan is the oldest and most influential clan within all of Jambu. After the Beast Exhausting Battle, they moved over from Videha, and since their sect is led by Budding Soul Stage grand elders, it can be said their status is above everyone else in Jambu. Although they normally seclude themselves within the Blackwater Lakeside without questioning the matters of the world, they are secretly in control of Jambu's order—they are known as the hidden royal clan! You killing those four groups of disciples might be a small problem to some people, but the Huangfu clan might view it as you disturbing their order. It's not difficult to understand why they'd send out orders to seize you.

"F*ck, they want to seize me all just for the sake of order?" Fang Xing asked in shock.

The Peng King let out a cold laugh. "Perhaps there are also other reasons, but none I would know about."

A look of viciousness flashed within Fang Xing's eyes. "Since that Huang-something bastard of a clan wants to kill me, I'll just go and kill them first!" His words were sincere and serious; whenever someone viewed him as an enemy, his first thought would be to kill them.

The Peng King could only shake his head with some surprise, but a strange glint soon appeared in his eyes. "It'll be hard!" he sighed out.

"Why?" Fang Xing asked after some hesitation.

The Peng King let out another sigh. "Your battle prowess might be considered top notch among the younger generation, but I'm afraid it's still not enough to kill the young master of the Huangfu clan. That clan is not so simple.

Fang Xing creased his brows. "I've already mastered the Yin Yang Sanding Disc. Is that still not enough?" After defeating four groups of disciples with a single apex skill, Fang Xing was full of confidence. He'd realized at that moment the old bastard Wanluo hadn't lied to him at all—the power of this apex skill was perhaps even more powerful than he'd even imagined.

Although he was only in Foundation Stage tier two at the moment, he had a purple foundation formed with an extremely solid basis. If he utilized all of his Qi, he had enough battle prowess to fight against ordinary mid-Foundation Stage cultivators, and if he included the apex skill Yin Yang Sanding Disc, he'd dare to face even late-Foundation Stage opponents! Since the Golden Core Stage cultivators were all outside the Mysterious Domain, he dared to take on anyone inside.

Although the Peng King seemed to understand Fang Xing's intent, he still gave a soft sigh. "Although this skill of yours is extremely powerful, their clan's Script of Ravaged Tapestry is no joke!"

Fang Xing was a bit surprised but smirked all the same. "Don't I also have you and this Flag of Ten Thousand Spirits?"

The Peng King could only show a bitter smile when he heard this. "Did you know the real Flag of Ten Thousand Spirits was originally crafted by the Huangfu clan?"

Fang Xing was in shock.

Before the two of them began crafting the Flag of Ten Thousand Spirits, the Peng King had mentioned the very first person who crafted it was a human-race cultivation master. During the Beast Exhausting Battle, that person killed countless numbers of beasts and sealed their spirits into a giant flag, which allowed him to control thousands of beast spirits. That flag—the real and very first Flag of Ten Thousand Spirits—allowed his power to grow without end.

The flag had been named such because it had sealed ten thousand beast spirits, whereas when it came to Fang Xing's flag, even though it was called the "Flag of Ten Thousand Spirits", there was still only around three hundred counting everything. It couldn't even be compared to the genuine thing.

The Peng King let out a cold snort when he saw Fang Xing's startled look. "You don't need to be scared of it right now, though. Their Flag of Ten Thousand Spirits is kept safe within the Blackwater Lake. It's the ultimate weapon of their clan so they wouldn't use it so casually, and the young master of the Huangfu clan is even less likely to have it on him!"

Fang Xing grew rather angry and cursed out, "Damn your uncle, you're the only one who's scared! I'm thinking about how to grind him to death!"

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