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Chapter 57: It's a self defense

Dohyuk had a valid reason. It was a method to fight a dangerous enemy, and the fight itself was a very close one. He didn't have time to get dressed.


But it didn't seem like logic was working withf the Goddess of Fire.

"W-Wait a minute…"

Dohyuk tried to fight back and turned towards the Goddess of Fire and people who were looking at him dumbfoundedly.




The flame erupted again, but it wasn't his entire body that was covered this time. It only covered the 'dangling' part. However, it looked even weirder as it was still shaped exactly like it.


'Why are you crying?'

"Be quiet…" Dohyuk mumbled, "..and don't eat anything."

And silence fell.

Dohyuk turned towards the people. An older woman came over to hand him a blanket.

"Uh, if it's okay…"

There was obvious fear in her eyes, but also a hint of sympathy. Dohyuk received the blanket.

"Thank you."

However, it had a good effect. People who couldn't even make a single sound were now quietly talking among themselves.

"T-they are running!"

Someone shouted and Dohyuk in that direction. There was a group of people running toward the city gates. They were Changkun's overseers.

'I can't catch all of them.'

Dohyuk then checked the one closest to where he was and jumped.

The place he stepped on next wasn't the ground. It was a wall or a signpost of the sort. The fight he just had over the rooftops freed him from his own limitations, or the perception of movement. He had the thought that it was a must to walk on land.


He quickly caught up to the target and the man fell back in shock. Dohyuk immediately kicked his arms and legs.

Then he saw an O-shaped burn mark on the back of the man's neck.

The meaning was simple. Those who were considered useful were given a burn mark in the shape of a circle.

One Circle

The mark proved that the person was a member of the Circle. But it was the lowest rank in the group and they had only one job. They needed to oversee slaves and perform the manual labor that was too difficult for the slaves. But, if they somehow, were able to prove themselves to be more useful, they would be given another circle outside the original one.

Two Circle

Members with two circles were now considered fighters. Depending on how much work a two circle had done, they could even own one or two slaves. However, it got harder to rise up from there.

When a person had become powerful enough to fight against multiple people, that was when they were given the third and fourth circle.

"Y-you are given a region to own starting from the Three Circle… Four Circles differ in the number of regions they own and their strength…"

It was a good bit of information considering the fact that it had been collected in two minutes.

"And beginning from the top, the Five Circle…"

"Was his name Kang Changkun? The Three Circle that owned this place?"

"H-huh? Y-yes!"

"Was he always that strong?"


"Was he strong even before the world changed again a few days ago?"


The man, or the One Circle, shook his head.

"N-no… W-well, he did have three circles then though…"

However, it was only two days ago when he had earned the power. He had served God Grava and claimed a tremendous amount of coins by accomplishing the 'missions' that the god gave him. It was the result of power inflation.

In just two days, in the time that Dohyuk had taken to drift south on his island, inflation was driving the world at a rapid pace.


Dohyuk spoke towards the sky, "Why are you quiet all of a sudden? Where's my 'payment'?"

It was Aruga who told Dohyuk to come to his city so that he could give him the Godly Item. But Aruga wasn't responding.


-W-wait up! It's not only you who keeps talking to me.


-You… How did you get hold of that? How'd you get those flames that burned that Grava follower?

Changkun's Nature was buffed by Grava's. It didn't mean that he wouldn't die, but the flame from Dohyuk easily overcame the power of regeneration. It was an impossible power unless it was divine. Besides, Aruga saw it clearly.

-And the shape that popped up… that's…

It was a god he knew.

-anyway, Grava is asking me to turn you over. He thinks some god has broken the 'rule' and helped you. You made a ruckus in my city, so he's telling me I have the right to arrest you…"


Dohyuk frowned. He was now used to this damned system.

"There should have been a message if there was any problem with what I did."

"And how do you want me to understand you saying all that bullsh*t when you clearly know that's not the case? Huh? Is the deal over? If you're scared by that Gravy or something, I don't care. I'll just run rampant and leave."


Aruga shouted angrily.

-I… I'm just telling you what he's asking me. I'm not going to do that, of course. But…


-It's surrounded. The city.

At that moment, a video reflected off the water popped up in front of him. It was as Aruga said. From the forest that covered the city, there were countless of monsters. With the face of a bear and arms and legs of a monkey, its hide was covered in moss-like green. Even the smallest monster was 5 meters.

[Moss Sloth]

Grava had created these monsters to roam the forest. From Changkun's final request, they had been awakened from their slumber.

-They are all waiting.

They were all waiting for Dohyuk to come out.

-Here's a reminder: I have pride as a god. Even if you and I have unfinished business… this isn't the right way.

But even if Aruga did not kick Dohyuk out, he would have had to leave the city soon or later. And he would have to fight the monsters.

Gods did not interfere with another god's region. That's why Grava, even if Aruga was a weak god, did not send his monsters into the city.

-I wish I could help, but this…

"There is."

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