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Ever since Fire Ice saw the video that Li Yi sent her, she started to distance herself from Hua Feiwu, being cautious when she comes online and goes offline, intentionally avoiding him.

Today, she did not manage to avoid him, she accidentally met him at the bottom of the Fire Mountain.

At that time Hua Feiwu and Scumbag Wang were together seemingly debating about something. They seemed to be in a heated argument, only stopping when they saw Fire Ice.

"My friend Fire Ice, this is Huashan Guild's Vice Guild Master, Wang'er."

After Hua Feiwu introduced the two, the first thing that came out of Scumbag Wang's mouth was, "She has a nice body shape, but her boobs are a bit small."

"Guild Master Hua, I… I don't want to be your friend, you… can you stop bothering me."

Fire Ice finally built up the courage to say this line, before immediately running off.

"F*cking retard, why don't you think before you open your mouth?" Hua Feiwu shifted the blame for Fire Ice ignoring him all towards Scumbag Wang.

Scumbag Wang pointed back at Hua Feiwu, "You can call me a scum, but never call me a retard, f*ck."



The underling behind Old Green immediately tackled Scumbag Wang onto the floor.

"What are you doing Old Green?" The situation escalated so quickly that even Hua Feiwu was caught in a daze.


Scumbag Wang lying flat on the floor let out a loud roar with the last of his breath.

The oldest two guilds started to kill each other, it was to the point where it was just a chaotic frenzy, the entire situation could not be controlled. They killed everyone on sight, even massacring those passers-by who were just waiting for their party to gather up for the dungeon.

However, not everyone was happy with being caught up in the crossfire for no reason. If you killed me, naturally, I have to kill you. With that mentality in mind, more and more players entered the fray, mutually killing each other as the corpses started to pile up.

For Chen Yang and Fire Ice to be able to make it into the dungeon alive was already a miraculous feat.

As Li Yi and company finished hearing their story, they were all drenched in cold sweat.

"Let's put that aside for now and focus on clearing the dungeon."

The main tanks started advancing, the healers started healing the tanks, and the DPS readied their positions.

Summoner Scasa's appearance was that of an average Fire Dwarf. Its ATK comes from the Summoner's Staff he was wielding.

He has two types of Summoning Magic, one with a red channeling bar that could be interrupted, and another with a blue channeling bar that could not be interrupted.

"Plebian lifeforms, feel the wrath of Scasa's rage!"

A blue channeling bar flashed above Scasa's head and instantly, ten Elite Fire Dwarfs were summoned onto the fray.

The ten main tanks of the party had already prepared for this. Immediately as they saw the Elite Dwarfs appearing, they all advanced forward, each pulling aggro from one of the dwarfs.

Suddenly, the red channeling bar started to flash. Li Yi, with his amazing reflexes, instinctively hit it with a Muting Shot to interrupt the skill.

The red channeling bar skill had to be interrupted. Otherwise, Scasa would not just summon ten Fire Dwarfs, but rather one hundred Fire Dwarfs.

The red channeling bar lit up once more and Chu Tiange completed his objective without a hitch. He used the Dark Wizard skill Death Aura to interrupt the skill.

The key objective when fighting Scasa was to interrupt the red channeling bar skill. As long as you can interrupt it, defeating Scasa was just a matter of time.


A gray arrow flew towards him, shocking Li Yi briefly.

Delicately Cute just used Muting Shot, but Scasa still had not started to channel the attack.

Right after, the red channeling bar flashed brightly. Luckily, Jiaojiao could react in time, using her Shadow Bind to interrupt the skill.

"Never mind, remember to only attack it when the red channeling bar is active."

Scasa's red channeling bar skill did not have any sort of pattern. If red channeling bar skills were cast one after the other, it was literally impossible for a single player to interrupt all of it. That was also the reason why there needed to be three players to take turns interrupting it.

As compared to Li Yi and the three, the remaining players had a much less stressful job.

The main tanks had to just stand still and pull aggro from one Fire Dwarf each, the healers have to heal them, and the DPS would just mindlessly lash out. As long as nothing happens on Li Yi and company's side, everything would be fine.

Shadow Bind had a five-minute cooldown timer, so Jiaojiao would not be able to lift a finger against the next one. They could only hope that Delicately Cute would not have any problems later.

Delicately Cute gripped tightly onto her bow in nervousness, so much so that even her fingers were beginning to turn white. To Li Yi, interrupting skills were like second nature to him, but to her, this was undoubtedly a huge challenge.


A red channeling bar appeared once again, as Delicately Cute's Muting Shot once again shot out.


The arrow failed to land on Scasa, but rather, it landed on a random Fire Dwarf's body.

Li Yi roared, "Use Shadow Bind again!"

'Whenever Delicately Cute trips up, we have to immediately use Shadow Bind to interrupt the red channeling bar skill.'

"Attention to all Dark Elves, whenever you see a red channeling bar on top of Scasa's head, immediately use Shadow Bind to interrupt it."

Looking at Delicately Cute's poor performance, Li Yi had no choice but to change up his tactics.

Other than Delicately Cute, the others were faring quite decently. They could manage to always clear out the remaining Fire Dwarfs before Scasa summons the next batch.

The DPS had no problems, whilst the healers and main tanks were doing good as well. As of now, the only thing Li Yi was worried about was if they failed to interrupt the skill.

Fortunately, Delicately Cute did not miss all her shots. When Scasa was almost down to half health, her techniques started to get better. Even without Li Yi's orders, she could still swiftly interrupt the boss' skill.

At that point, Scasa's red channeling bar skill became even more erratic, being cast at more frequent intervals. Hence, the pressure on the ones in charge of interrupting the skill also increased.

Can you blame them? If the red channeling bar skill completes even once, it would automatically result in a full party wipe.

When Scasa's red and blue channeling bar skills come out one after the other, it was the most anxious situation possible.

There was only a 2-second window to interrupt the skill!

It was a pure test of reflexes. Li Yi, of course, had no problems whatsoever, but Chu Tiange and Delicately Cute both started having trouble keeping up with the accelerating tempo and started making more and more errors. Luckily, Jiaojiao was covering their mistakes, along with the help of the other Dark Elf players, at least they managed to scrape through it.

When Scasa only had 13,000 health left, Delicately Cute missed. The red channeling bar filled up and one hundred Fire Dwarfs instantly appeared on the field.

"Full power attack!"

There was no need for the main tanks to pull aggro anymore, and also no need for them to interrupt the skills. Now, all they needed to do was to shift all their resources to dealing damage. As long as they managed to defeat the boss before every single one of them dies, it was a victory.

With countless powerful skill thrown endlessly at Scasa's direction, it was finally defeated.

The total death count for this boss was 21 players.

The party's coordination this time around was much better than the first time.

Li Yi was quite satisfied with this.

"This time, let's have Delicately Cute loot the boss." Li Yi suggested.

Delicately Cute was completely stunned, and so was Chu Tiange.

For your information, being the main looter was not a privilege that anyone can get in a Party-level Instance Dungeon, especially for guild parties, who take this even more seriously.

Jiaojiao sent a private message to Li Yi, "You son of a b*tch. If it was not for me teaching her how to play, do you think she would be able to do so well? How could you not even see that? You're a failure as a commander, you know that?"

Li Yi chuckled to himself and replied, "What about it, you want to loot?"

"Duh, it's my turn to have some fun."

Delicately Cute walked up and everyone started receiving the loot notification.

[Summoner's Staff (Gold Weapon)]

[Fire Spirit Necklace (Gold Accessory)]

[Nature's Touch (Skill Tome)]

[Spirit Light Shoulder Guard (Gold Cloth Armor)]

[Spirit Light Shirt (Gold Cloth Armor)]

[Spirit Light Belt (Gold Cloth Armor)]

[Spirit Light Robe (Gold Cloth Armor)]


Everyone, including Li Yi, was completely stunned.

Only Chen Yang started laughing out loud.

All the equipment that dropped from Scasa were used for Natural Summons.

The reason that Fatty started laughing was, of course, because out of this 50-man party, he was the only one playing Natural Summon.

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