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The Next Day

Loran Academy

Looking at the middle-aged man standing in front of her, Rosie was shocked and delighted.

“Afu, why did you come?”

The man was dressed in a pure black formal attire and was well groomed. Although the middle-aged man’s hairline had obviously receded and several strands of white hair had climbed up his sideburns, it was still difficult to conceal his steadfast gaze.

In the face of Rosie’s inquiries, the man bent down and bowed respectfully.

“Miss, were you alright by yourself? You must have suffered quite a bit, right?” (TN: He calls her eldest daughter, similar to ojou-sama except it specifically refers to the eldest. I’m just going to go with Miss cause using Eldest daughter each time sounds weird)

“It was alright…” Rosie was a bit embarrassed. “Did you come all that way just to ask that?”

“Miss, you don’t have to suffer anymore.” Afu said with a smile. “From now on, let me take care of you.”

“Huh?” Rosie almost fell.

“What’s wrong Miss, didn’t you hear me?”

“I think you’re the one who didn’t hear me!” For some reason, Rosie suddenly exploded and chided loudly. “I’ve already said that while I’m at Loran Academy, I don’t need you guys to take care of me! Are you deaf or are you an idiot? Get out of here, stop trying to curry favor with me, I won’t fall for that!"

Afu’s smile was instantly frozen.

“Miss, thi-, this is master’s order. I can’t help it.” Afu said awkwardly. “Master is really worried about you. Loran Academy is concealing many talented individuals. He’s afraid that you will suffer, so he sent me to protect you…”

"That stinky old man?" as soon as that person was mentioned, Rosie's face changed drastically. "Hmph, Afu, go back and tell him that I appreciate his kindness, and to not meddle with me anymore! I'm not a kid, I don’t need his protection, I’m almost an adult!”

“Miss, this is master’s kindness…”

“Kindness? Don’t try to trick me! He must have once again taken a liking to some family’s young master, and intends to make me go and be their slave!” Rosie couldn’t help but shout.

“This…” Afu had a head full of cold sweat.

It seems that miss still bears grudges regarding the previous incident. Afu thought.

This isn’t entirely her fault, as master did indeed handle that matter inadequately. The Childe household not only had a large business but a large family as well, including dozens of children and grandchildren. Although Rosie was master’s favorite daughter, there were inevitably times where he didn’t thoroughly think things through.

However, the misunderstanding that time was too big and became a huge joke. It gave Miss Rosie a mental trauma that was difficult to heal. Therefore, master sent him to take care of the young lady as atonement.

But he screwed up as soon as he got here. He couldn't just dejectedly return like this, right?

“Miss.” Afu quickly got an idea and changed the subject. “You don’t seem to be in a good mood today. Did someone make you angry?”

“Yeah, you!” Rosie turned her head and ignored him.

Upon seeing this, Afu was determined. Her appearance of saying something but meaning something else is clearly saying that she needs help! She must have had met something troublesome!

If I was able to solve her troubles, Afu will be able to successfully stay.

“Miss, tell me who made you angry. I’ll go and teach him a lesson!”

“It’s fine, there’s no need to…” Rosie wanted to refuse, but after seeing Afu’s sincere eyes, she couldn’t help but hesitate and say, “Who else could it be, it’s that Lin Xiao.”

“Lin Xiao? May I ask, is he that Easterner?”

“Un, yeah.” Rosie nodded.

Lin Xiao looked plain and had strength that was slightly above average. He was someone who would disappear within a crowd in seconds. The only reason Rosie remembered the existence of a guy with such a thin presence was because of his short black hair and strange name — surname Lin, and name Xiao. It was the unique naming style of the Eastern people.

She doesn’t know much regarding the eastern tribe, the only things she knew about them were things she read from books. The Eastern tribe is a peace-loving race, they’re hardworking, brave, and clever. They established the Qin Empire in the group of islands to the east. The four major kingdoms in mainland Eileen had good relations with them from generation to generation, facing each other across the sea, with few wars.

In recent years, the Eastern people living in the islands have for some reason continuously appeared on the mainland. They have iconic black hair, black eyes and yellow skin. Their appearance was slightly different than those of the four kingdoms of mainland Eileen. However, this difference wasn’t enough to leave a deep impression on people.

Even Rosie, who was native to mainland Eileen, had the bloodline of the Childe family that gave her pink hair different from ordinary people, which was even more striking than their black hair.

The crucial point was geographical location.

Lombard Kingdom was located in the center of mainland Eileen, extremely far away from the archipelagos to the East. If the Eastern people wanted to reach Lombard Kingdom, they must first cross the white-wave sea, pass through the vast eastern plains before climbing over numerous canyons and jungles. There are numerous dangers along the way and it was a strenuous and unrewarding journey. Therefore, it was extremely rare to see someone of the Eastern tribe in Lombard Kingdom.

The only Eastern tribe people Rosie knew of, other than Lin Xiao, was that person that’s said to be the princess of the DaQin Empire. I think she was called, Ying something. A few years ago, after the negotiation between the kings of both countries, she was engaged to prince Caesar. Since then, Rosie has constantly been in agony. Of course, that was only an emotionless political marriage. Neither Rosie or Caesar have ever seen the DaQin princess with their own eyes.

Lin Xiao, was the only Eastern person in Loran Academy that lived near them. One that they could see and touch. Naturally that left a deep impression on Rosie.

“Hmph, what’s so great about the eastern tribe?” Rosie said with words full of criticism.

To put it this way, the Eastern tribe are quite mysterious. The strength system and the cultivation methods are not the same as the four major kingdoms… Is the problem here?

Rosie speculated the reason Lin Xiao’s magic power could be leaping forward. Perhaps it was not cheating. Instead, he used some secrets of the Eastern tribe!

That Lin Xiao, what kind of secrets is he hiding?

“Miss, that boy is Lin Xiao, right? Who cares if he’s from the eastern tribe? I’ll go right now and teach him a lesson for you!” Afu did not notice Rosie’s heart. He rolled up his sleeves, fully intending to perform the deed, wearing a fierce expression as if he was going give Lin Xiao a heavy beating.

“Hey, get back here!” Rosie was surprised and quickly pulled him back. “I, I was just joking, why can’t you understand?”

“But that brat bullied you…”

“Go to hell! What the hell are you talking about it, what bully… that sounds really unpleasant! I wasn’t bullied!” who knows what Rosie was thinking of, but her face suddenly turned red.

“Eh, Miss…”

“Anyways, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. I have class soon, so get going!”

“But master asked me to…” Afu was at a complete loss, he couldn’t stay or return.

“Sigh, fine, then you can follow me to class. So annoying!” Rosie had no choice but to lead Afu to the classroom.

Although she was saying she was unwilling, Rosie felt warm inside when Afu came to her. It looks like her stupid old man hasn’t forgotten her yet.

Loran Academy, as the number one academy in the mainland, was full of noble children. Therefore, the school allowed students to take one servant along with them. Although Rosie didn’t violate any school rules by bringing Afu to class, it still felt a bit pompous.

Is it really okay to take Afu? No one else in class brought their own servants. The prince Caesar was even more independent, so he would never bring something like a servant. Would she seem to be pampered and annoying?

While letting her imagination run wild, Rosie finally arrived in front of the classroom.

After pushing the door and entering the classroom, the classroom didn’t have any of the usual chatter and it was extremely quiet. Rosie didn’t care and walked straight towards Caesar’s seat.

Caesar is still his handsome self, but he seems to be a little uneasy?

“Hi Caesar, good morning. I…”

“Good morning,” Caesar inattentively replied.


Although Rosie has long been accustomed to how Caesar acted, Rosie felt that something was wrong. Caesar seemed even colder to her! Although he greeted her, he wasn’t paying attention to her at all!

What’s going on? Rosie looked up and swept her eyes across the classroom and finally found the problem!

The seat in the last row near the window, Lin Xiao who was absent from school yesterday finally appeared. He was dazing out at his desk, but this wasn’t the key point. The key point was that there was a super beautiful girl standing behind Lin Xiao.

Rosie was shocked.

When did Lin Xiao get such a beautiful girlfriend?

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