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It is very difficult for human beings to face death, whether it is a mortal, a genius or a hero.

“I, Caesar Alex, the fifth princes of the Lombard Kingdom, if I can’t even deal with this level of enemies, then my efforts and talents are just that.”

Caesar spoke as if no one else was there and said lines that Rosie could not understand.

“If I died just like that, it means that I was not a genius at all. People like me are not worthy of being a hero, just a self-righteous idiot. If this is the case, even if I died, it’s no more than adding one additional corpse to this world.”

Caesar took a deep breath and wanted to calm his excitement, but the rapid heartbeat from his chest made him unable to keep calm.

Dong, dong, dong… That solid and powerful heartbeat will soon disappear with death, right? Caesar thought.

“But right now, I am still alive! I want to be the strongest man, become a hero! I can’t fall in a place like this!”

“Even if there is a day where I die, the ones to kill me will never be these filthy animals!”

“It’s still too early to give up!”

Excited clamor, futile struggle, these were all behaviors of the weak, the instinctive reaction that everyone will unconsciously make when they fall into fear.

Although he was saying very passionate things, but in fact, Caesar must be very scared deep down, right? Rosie thought.

Looking at the blond boy who was saying stuff he didn’t mean, at that moment, Rosie seemed to understand something.

Why does she like Caesar? Even she herself has been unable to understand.

She still remember that the first time she saw Caesar was at the entrance ceremony of Loran Academy. On that day, prince Caesar, stood diagonally in front of her. She could only barely see the side of Caesar's handsome face from behind.

Just like right now, Caesar was diagonally in front of her, she could only see the side of his face.

From that day on, she hopelessly fell for Caesar. However, why? Was it just because Caesar was handsome? Or was it because Caesar was royalty?

In the end, was she just a flower fascinated by the handsome prince? Rosie has thought about it more than once.

But now she suddenly understood, no, she was not a flower, and Caesar was not a prince, not a lady-killer, not a hero. In her view, Caesar was nothing more than a normal boy——

This young boy who was willing to accompany her to the forest even if he was very tired, this teenager who was still unwilling to blame her even if he was tired, even if he was filled with fear, he was still unwilling to give up, the obstinate teenager that continued to battle the fear within himself.

Who she liked wasn’t the prince, nor the hero. She just likes the boy named Caesar that was standing in front of her.

“Hehe” Rosie laughed out loud.

She suddenly was not afraid anymore.

“What are you laughing at? Am I that ridiculous?” Caesar discontentedly asked.

“Of course! It’s very ridiculous!” Rosie wiped her tears, squinted, and replied, “You’re also very scared? Why do you want to hide it?”

“…” Caesar was stunned with her question.

“Oh… you, it couldn’t have been for my sake, right?” Rosie smiled and followed up. “If you were scared like me, then we really would be finished. You wanted to cheer me up and deliberately said those strange things to encourage me, right?”

“Hmph, stop being so presumptuous, I’m not afraid!”

As he said that, Caesar secretly used his left hand to tightly grab his right hand, trying to stop himself from shaking, but no matter how hard he tried, his right hand, still did not listen and continued shaking.

“Hehe, still quibbling? The sword is going to get shaken off by you!”

Rosie said as she climbed beside Caesar and gently held his trembling right hand.

“You, you?…” Caesar was surprised.

“Sorry, Caesar, it’s all my fault. I sucked so much when I was crying earlier.” Feeling the cold touch from the palm of her hand, Rosie held the palm of Caesar's hand and gently placed it on her cheeks and gently pressed it on. “Caesar, from now on, I won’t drag you down anymore! Even if we die, we’ll die together!”

“Fool!” Caesar quickly pulled back the hand that Rosie was holding, and a flash of red appeared on his cheeks, he then quickly scooched over, maintained a distance with her, and then said with a stern voice, “I don’t want to die with you! I want to live!”

“Oh… Caesar you big idiot!” Rosie angrily pouted.

The romantic atmosphere that was brought forth with great difficulty, but Caesar didn’t appreciate it! It's so annoying, this guy doesn't understand a girl's heart at all!

However, immediately after, to Rosie's surprise, Caesar's right hand that was gripping the sword was no longer shaking.

Rosie’s was happy —— this guy was just not honest!

“However, Caesar, I still want to thank you.” Rosie wiped the tears on her face. That missy who was full of energy finally came back. “I’m not afraid anymore! So, let’s escape together!”

“Are you not afraid just because you said so? You woman are really strange.” Caesar muttered while frowning and suddenly there were many question marks on his head.

That little girl who was just squatting and crying on the floor, actually ordered him in return. This was something that Caesar couldn’t accept immediately.

“Hey… troublesome fella, let’s hurry up and find a way!” Rosie’s face was red, and she repeatedly slapped Caesar’s back, As if she wanted to slap the previous memories out of his body. “What should we do next? Give me orders!”

“The closest Jackalwere is only ten meters away from that shrub. He’s still probing and wouldn’t dare rush over for now.” Seeing that Rosie has cheered up, Caesar no longer spouted useless crap, and began to analyze the current situation. “In a bit, you need to cover me for a while, try not to release too conspicuous magic, and act low-key, this way we can reduce the chances of reinforcements coming…”

“Low-key? No!” Rosie shook her head, her pink ponytail shook briskly. “Caesar, if we want to be saved, we can’t be low-key, we must be high-profile!”

Caesar stopped.

“Why? Isn’t that looking for death?”

“Hehe, did you see the ball of light in the center of the camp?”

“……That is?”

The huge white ball of light that appeared above the camp was visible even from a few hundred meters away.

Caesar felt weird. When did that appear? It clearly wasn’t there earlier.

“That must be the magic shield that Teacher Woos released to protect the students! That is to say, the camp is safe now.” Rosie proudly analyzed, “Caesar, I ask you, once the camp is safe, then what will the teachers do?”

Speaking of this, Caesar suddenly understood.

“… search and rescue?”

“Exactly! Search and rescue!” Rosie said. “If I didn’t guess wrong, Momm will definitely lead the others to come find us. Therefore, we must use the most conspicuous and high-profile magic to attract their attention so that they know where we are, so we can be saved!”

“Well said! Rosie, it seems that I have to take back what I said earlier.” Caesar nodded with enough vigor to drill a tree hole. “The Misses of the Childe family doesn’t just know how to apologize. The person who needs to apologize is me.”

“Hehe, did you just find out? This lady is very smart!” Rosie also had as much vigor as Caesar.

A few meters away from the front, a Jackalwere was waving a big stick and screaming, demonstrating his might towards the two, but now there was no more fear in Rosie’s heart.

“But Caesar, if you must apologize to me, then wait until we return back to the camp alive, and then tell me again!” Rosie imitated the arrogance of someone just now.

“That seems to be what I said to you earlier, right?” Caesar smiled. “But it’s fine, it’s settled then! Rosie, let’s rush out together!”

“Roger, my dear prince!” Rosie closed her eyes and ignored the Jackalwere in front of her, concentrating on preparing for the spell.

“To say what magic is the most eye-catching in the forest, that is of course, light magic!”

Circuit formation, complete.

The white circular array appeared in front of Rosie’s palm.

“As long as we hold on, we can be saved…”


Magic chant, complete.

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