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Black Lake Forest

Loran Academy Camp

Woos was extremely distressed for the past couple of days. He couldn’t decide whether they should continue to hunt the Jackalweres or to return home.

Why did the Jackalweres mobilize such a reckless attack? Are they following someone’s orders?

Woos faintly felt that something was wrong. He suddenly remembered one thing. Before he left, he heard that the Great Sage Bellco of the Holy Light Church appointed a newly promoted saint to lead the Crucifix Guards to arrest the murderer of West Wind Town, a high-level demon.

It has already been a while, regardless of whether they succeeded in capturing the murderer or not, they should have results.

Although the probability was very low, if that demon fled north to Black Lake Forest, it was not impossible for the group of Jackalweres to attack the camp because of her orders.

The situation was very serious, but they couldn’t abandon the hunting mission halfway. If they simply turned around and went back, Loran Academy would lose all its reputation.

No matter what troubles they will encounter next, those detestable Jackalweres have to die!

In the end, Woos made a decision —— to divide the group into two.

In order to ensure the safety of the students, he assembled the 20 or so students into a group with Momm personally leading them as the captain. He would lead the students into the forest, searching for the trails of the leader of the Jackalweres, and then completely annihilate them!

On the other hand, Woos himself and the other entourage stayed in the camp, guarding the carriage and supplies, so that everyone could return smoothly after the mission was completed.

Since Woos was overseeing the camp, there was no need to worry. The students who went into the forest was led by Momm, so as long as they were obedient and were not reckless, they would be able to successfully complete the mission and return safely.

As of now, this was the best solution.

“Wait… Teacher Woos, why were we excluded from the group?”

Early in the morning, soon after Momm departed with the students, several uninvited guests barged into Woos’s tent.

The first one leading the charge was a handsome blond boy. He was upset that he was not incorporated into the group.

“Sigh, Caesar, it’s better for you to take a good rest. The wound on our arm still hasn’t healed yet, if you continue to fight, it’ll definitely open up again. I don’t want you to lose an arm at such a young age.”

Caesar, Rosie, and Lin Xiao were all excluded from the hunting group. That was to say, the remaining portion of the actual combat drill had nothing to do with them.

Woos explained that since the three of them had already experienced fierce battles before, they needed to rest. As Caesar was a prince, if anything happened the consequence would be dire, so Woos decided that the three of them should stay in the camp.

“But teacher…” Caesar refused to resign himself.

He raised his injured left arm and shook it in front of Woos. He seemed to want to prove that his injury was no longer a problem and that he could continue to fight, but before he rebutted, Woos spoke again.

“Caesar, Rosie, both of you should obediently stay in the camp, the wounded should rehabilitate, and the weary should rest. As for you…” Looking at the other side at the black-haired boy who neither needed to recover from injury and did not need to rest, Woos hesitated, “Lin Xiao, take care of your maid, and don’t give me any more problems!”

“Mm…” Lin Xiao didn’t say anything, glanced at the ice-cold maid by his side, and nodded.

His maid didn’t need him to take care of her, it was more like Elena was taking care of him.

“But teacher, this actual combat drill is a scoring system. If we don’t fight, our score will be…”

Without waiting for Caesar to finish, Woos interrupted him again.

“Ah, right, the score the score.” Woos rubbed his sleepy eyes. “I talked with Momm and the other teachers two days ago. Given your excellent performance this time, we decided to award the three of you level ratings in advance.”

“Ha?” Caesar opened his mouth wide like he was about to swallow Woos.

“Cough cough…Caesar and Rosie, your performances have proven your strength, so we’ll give you an A score in advance, I don’t believe the other students would have any objections. As for you…” Woos turned and looked at the black-haired boy, “I can only say that you were very lucky, your strength wasn’t bad, plus you saved Rosie, so I suppose I’ll give you an A.”

“Suppose? Hmm, a life for an A, yet you’re so reluctant? I didn’t know that this noble girl’s life was so worthless.” Lin Xiao dissatisfiedly commented with a small voice.

On the other hand, for some reason, Rosie did not say anything. It seemed that there was something on her mind, but Woos was the first one to respond.

“Lin Xiao, do you have an objection? Then I’ll take back the A, and change it to an E?”

“No… Teacher, you got it wrong! I, I was just praising you, I said that your “double chant” was really amazing!”

“Cough… You kid, what’s so special about double chant? If you live for a few decades, you can learn it eventually.” Woos was amused by Lin Xiao, and his tone also softened. “So what I mean is that for you guys, the actual combat drill is over, congratulations.”

Suddenly being told that the actual combat drill was over, Caesar had an unreal feeling. Although it was a good thing to get an A without having to continue fighting, Caesar was not happy, and he kept feeling like something was missing.

Although an level evaluation was amazing, what he really wanted was the S-level evaluation!

“Teacher, I…”

“Okay, okay, Caesar, stop, let’s go!” Caesar still wanted to say something, but Rosie forcibly pulled him out of the tent.

Although he was already outside the tent, Caesar was still peeved and refused to leave.

“Caesar…” Rosie weakly called and attempted to talk with Caesar. But for some reason, Caesar ignored her, turned and left, and gave Rosie the cold shoulder.

Poor Rosie was helpless and lost, she did not understand what got into Caesar.

After the ambush that night, it took her two full days to walk out of the shadows. She heard that the injury to Caesar's arm was very serious, so the first thing she did was to go and care for him, but instead, to her surprise she was shown the door.

Caesar shut himself in the tent, he ignored her and didn’t talk to her, he even deliberately avoided her!

Rosie was confused.

In the past, Caesar was only cold to her and regarded her as an ordinary friend. Since that night, Caesar completely ignored her. The brief conversation in teacher Woos’s tent was the first time she spoke with Caesar.

She had tens of thousands of grievances in her hear that she wasn’t able to vent, so she felt extremely uncomfortable, and her eyes couldn’t help but get wet.

“I, am I being abhorred?” She suddenly had a bad conjecture.

Caesar was royalty, and royalty is most concerned about their reputation. That night she was abducted by a Jackalwere. Although Lin Xiao saved her in the nick of time, saving her life and protecting her innocence, she still suffered the indecent assault of the Jackalwere, and her clothes were torn, and her body was dirty and smelly, she lost her nobility, and was no different to those from slums…

Did Caesar believe that she was no longer pure because of this incident, so he scorned her?

“Damn Jackalwere… I, why did it have to happen to me,” Rosie felt like a knife was being twisted into her heart, she embraced her chest with both arms.

When she and Caesar were hiding in the tree that night, there were only two of them, and either one of them felt like the whole world to the other. At that time, she saw Caesar’s weak side, she summoned her courage, comforted Caesar’s feat, and even prepared to die with him.

At that time, she clearly closed the distance to Caesar and thought that she could enter Caesar’s world, but now all that has gone down the drain, and because of that kind of thing, she was being scorned by Caesar!

“Lin Xiao you’re awful, it’s all your fault!” Rosie screamed at Lin Xiao’s while pointing at his face.

“What does that have to do with me?”

“It’s all your fault! Why did you have to save me?”

“Miss, was I wrong for saving you?”

“Ah! You were wrong! Of course you were wrong! It was a big mistake! Who told you to save me? Did I order you to do that? Damn Lin Xiao, couldn’t you have just let the Jackalwere kill me?” Rosie clenched her fists and lowered her head, not showing what kind of expression she was making for making her hysterical speech. “I blame you! It’s all your fault! If I was dead, I wouldn’t be scorned by Caesar!!"

“Oh, that…” Lin Xiao opened his mouth and wanted to retort, but after seeing the tears that Rosie endured, all his dissatisfaction was turned into a sigh.

What else could he say to this heartbroken girl?

Originally, he saved Rosie to get on her side, then he would use Rosie to implement his next plan, he dubbed it —— convincing plan A, the plan had only one goal, that was, to make Caesar willingly and voluntarily give up on their duel!

In his plan, Rosie was a piece. However, Lin Xiao did not expect that Rosie and Caesar’s relationship would suddenly become so awkward, he would have no way of carrying out his plan if this continued.

Seeing that Lin Xiao did not say anything, Rosie dejectedly walked away while wiping her eyes.

“Just because she was licked by a Jackalwere and saw the black and thick ‘that guy’, did Caesar abandon her?” Lin Xiao felt a little confused, and perplexedly muttered to himself, “No, there’s no way, right? Was Caesar a chauvinist male?”

“Hey, are you sympathizing with Rosie?” Elena saw through Lin Xiao.

“A little bit…” Lin Xiao thought for a moment and nodded.

“Didn’t you hate her?”

“Of course I don’t. Although she kind of acts like a princess, but she’s just a child, she isn’t inherently bad…”

“So, do you like her?” Elena asked again.

“Mm, in fact, she is quite cute when she doesn’t act all Miss high and mighty. She’s full of energy and makes people very comfortable… Hey, what are you trying to make me say!” Lin Xiao felt something wasn’t right, and quickly shut up.

“Sigh, you humans are really troublesome.” Elena sighed and said in a manner like she was someone with a lot of experience, “I also think that Rosie is very cute.”


“So do you think Caesar would dislike such a cute girl?” Elena asked.

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