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Chapter 49 — Post-Treatment

Zi Moyan reached out her jade-like hand, gently placing it on Yang Yue's wrist and pretended to take her pulse.

The others held their breath, and nervously watched Zi Moyan's each and every move. Yang Jing was the very first who couldn't help but ask: "Young Master, what exactly is wrong with my family's daughter? Is it serious?"

Zi Moyan retrieved her hand back with an indifferent response. "Miss Yang's body is not well acclimatized, leading to her poor health. I'll perform acupuncture for the young miss and after careful nourishment, she'll be fine."

Hearing that his daughter could be saved, the boulder in Yang Jing's heart was put down. His face was filled with gratitude as he grasped Zi Moyan's hand, his tears fell unhindered. "Thank you, Young Master. Thank you so much!"

Glancing at the hand that was being held, Zi Moyan slightly frowned. In her previous life, she extremely disliked to be touched my others. Other than Menghan, no one else had any physical contact with her.

Yang Jing was one who'd been mixed with the bureaucracy for many years, so he obviously noticed that this little Young Master disliked being touched by others. Hence, he promptly released his grip, but he was still grateful towards this young man that had saved his daughter.

It was only after Zi Moyan saw that Yang Jing had released her hand did her knitted brows smoothed out, which was then followed her her indifferent voice. "You should all leave first, this acupuncture method is exclusive to my family, it cannot be divulged. Please forgive me."

Upon seeing this, Yang Yuwei's charming face was filled with contempt and derision. "And here I thought it was a doctor that came to cure my family's little sister, but it turns out to be nothing but a perverted wastrel! If we were to leave you and my little sister — a man and a woman — alone, wouldn't this ruin my family's little sister's name?" Her voice wasn't big, but the person present heard it loud and clear.

Yang Jing hesitated slightly while Yang Xue stared at Zi Moyan for a moment, a peculiar light flickering through her purple eyes.

Seeing the doubt towards her from them, Zi Moyan's face instantly turned cold. "If you're still worried, then I can leave. You can go invite some other able person for this Miss Yang's illness!"

Knowing that his current action caused the young man's dissatisfaction and feeling the coldness on the his body, Yang Jing's heart shivered. He was clearly just a young man, but why did he felt afraid of him?

Ignoring the strange feeling in his heart, Yang Jing sighed. "Don't misunderstand, Young Master. My eldest daughter's temper is rash and accidentally misspoke, I hope that you could forgive her. We all naturally respect your concealing of your secret, so we'll leave."

After that, the others in the room followed Yang Jing out.

Yang Yuwei still had something to say, but she immediately clamped up after her father gave her a warning glance. Her mouth deflated into a pout, but she followed out nonetheless. Since it didn't concern her reputation whatsoever anyways, she was too lazy to bother with this, hmph!

After everyone else had left, Zi Moyan took out a bottle of antidote from her chest. She unscrewed the cap and placed the antidote under Yang Yue's nose, letting her absorb this medicine in sufficiently. Afterwards, she rescrewed the cap and put the bottle back into her chest.

"En…" Yang Yue detected a strange fragrance and slowly pried open her heavy eyelids. What came into her sight was an exquisite and unparalleled face — clear-cut facial features and eyelashes that was as pretty as a fan.

Who was he? How could there be such a good-looking young man? Am I dreaming?

"You're awake." Clear cold timbre woke Yang Yue's somewhat hazy consciousness. She immediately sat up and looking at what was only a set of thin inner clothing, her charming face instantly reddened. As this was the first time she had worn so little in front of an unknown man. Strings of questions popped up in her mind. What the hell is going on? Who is this guy?!

She covered her fragile body with the blanket, and embarrassedly look at the young man. "Who are you? Why are you in my room?"

Chapter 50 — Dazhu's Guilty Conscience

"Since you're healed, then I'll be heading out first." Instead of answering the girl's questions, Zi Moyan directly left.

Yang Yue, who was sitting on her bed, wanted to say something, but hesitated. Her purple eyes dabbed on a gentle luster as she watched the back of the slender white figure, feeling her face burning. She had only just asked a few questions, how could he leave so quickly?

When the people outside saw Zi Moyan opening the door and coming out, they surrounded her at once.

"Little Young Master, how is my daughter's illness?"  Yang Jing asked anxiously.

"She's already cured. What she needs now is to rest well for a while and she'll recover to how she was before."

Yang Jing was relieved after hearing Zi Moyan's answer. His daughter's illness was cured, so his mood obviously lifted as well. He smiled as he instructed Housekeeper Yang: "Housekeeper Yang, take the Young Master and Prime Minister to the living room and call for someone people to serve them. Then go have the kitchen prepare a few good dishes. Tonight, I want to properly thank the Young Master."

"Yes. Will the two guests please follow me." Housekeeper Yang Jing spoke respectfully towards Zi Moyan. This time, he was completely won over by this young man. He felt grateful, because if it wasn't for him, then the young miss would still be in imminent peril.

Dazhu somewhat worriedly and reluctantly stared at the slightly opened door; he hasn't even seen his beloved yet.

Zi Moyan nodded her head faintly before following Yang Qi to the living room with an extremely unwilling Dazhu behind her. Yang Qi gestured for her to sit down, while the little servant girl standing on the side took this signal to step forward and pour tea.

Yang Qi smiled at Zi Moyan and asked: "May I know what the Young Master's surname is?"

"I am surnamed Zi."

Hearing this surname, twinkle of surprise flashed across Yang Qi's eyes. "Young Master and the esteemed Prime Minister has the same surname!"

Once Dazhu, who sat nearby, overheard this, slight panic appeared on his face. Yang Qi didn't see it, but Zi Moyan's eyes had caught it completely — though she wasn't in a hurry to expose him.

Yang Qi didn't continue with the questions, because it wasn't in the role of a servant to overstep into the master's business. It would be better for his master to come and understand this Young Master Zi's situation for himself.

"Young Master Zi, why don't you and the esteemed Prime Minister sit here for a while. I'll be leaving first to attend to a few things. If you need anything, you can directly order the servant girl, Xiao Qing, by your side."

"Go, go, Young Master Zi has me here." Dazhu seemed to be especially energetic this time, hastily urging Yang Qi to leave. Once he saw Yang Qi far in the distance, he came back to Zi Moyan's side and asked in a slight careful voice: "May I ask if you're the Prime Minister?"

When he had heard those few remarks of Yang Qi's, he felt a bit afraid. The Prime Minister couldn't be this Young Master Zi, could it? He hasn't even obtained the person, nor the money yet! If this authentic Prime Minister were to have really arrived, wouldn't he only have the path of death left?

Zi Moyan calmly spared Dazhu a glance, cold sweat to roll down her bright, clean forehead. Her pretty eyes flickered, thin lips opening slightly to respond. "Aren't you the esteemed Prime Minister?"

Receiving this answer, the strength in Dazhu's whole body seemed as if it had deflated, leading to him staggering. Fortunately, this person wasn't the Prime Minister. It looks like he was being overly suspicious.

He awkwardly laughed a bit. "That's right, the Prime Minister is me. I was just joking with you, aren't I?"

In the night, the entire Yang residence was lit brightly, bustling with more noise and excitement than usual. At the dining table, Yang Jing smiled happily  as he sized the white-clad young man up. He was clearly just an eighteen year old youth, yet he possessed a unique glow. It was like that of the shinning bright moon, his whole body suffused with a clear-cold silvery light that — a glow that was being emitted at all times, letting people unable to neglect his presence.

This person was definitely not of the common people!

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