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088 - Who Is the Weak One?

 Rui Xiang stuck close to the ground, with her hair already in a mess.

There was a stark contrast between her ability and Lu Mingshu’s. The probability of her winning was absolutely zero, and she had no motivation left to fight.Even now, Rui Xiang was still confused by the situation. Years ago, she had only followed the miss to Dong Yue to have fun. She had seen places a lot more fantastic than that, and the trip to Dong Yue had already been long since forgotten by her.But who knew that the trip would bring her trouble today?

She turned over to look at the bewildered Zhou Yinru, who was unable to accept what was happening. 

Suddenly, Lu Mingshu decided not to entertain Rui Xiang anymore and walked towards Zhou Yinru.  “D-don’t you dare come near me!” Zhou Yinru panicked and screamed.   

The attendant had already lost his ability to fight, and Rui Xiang couldn’t get up. As for herself, she couldn’t even lift her arm!  Three against one. The fight should have been an easy win for Zhou Yinru, yet how did it reach this pathetic stage?        

Zhou Yinru started to retreat as Lu Mingshu approached her. Before long, her back touched a tree, and she had nowhere to escape to anymore.


“Scared, huh?” Lu Mingshu laughed out loud while looking at Zhou Yinru. “It’s okay, I, too, felt scared when you accused my mum of lying back then!”


Zhou Yinru’s breath became heavier, and sweat started trickling down her forehead. Lu Qingyi. What Lu Mingshu said reminded Zhou Yinru of her.

 “Your mother deserved it! It was her choice to come all the way down to Nine Jade Palace to make a commotion instead of staying back home in that poor village.”    

Lu Mingshu looked at Zhou Yinru coldly and whispered, “ Indeed, you have no humanity. To you, the weak should be bullied, and they do not have any rights to resist, am I right?” 

Even though Lu Mingshu was whispering, Zhou Yinru felt chills run down her spine and her voice froze. 

 “However, you’re the weak one now,”—Lu Mingshu smiled—“So shouldn’t you behave like the weak?” 

Zhou Yinru tried to escape, but being suppressed by Lu Mingshu’s aura, she couldn’t move an inch. Trembling, Zhou Yinru raised her voice, “What do you want? Don’t you dare come near me! My sister… and my brother-in-law will come after you if you do anything to me!” 


“Hahahaha!” Lu Mingshu laughed out loud till she was breathless. Then, she looked at Zhou Yinru with pity. “Zhou Yinru, you’re so pathetic. In the end, you still have to depend on your brother-in-law. Anyway, aren’t you overreacting? Zhou Miaoru hasn’t even stepped out when I defeated Fu Mingtang, so why would she do it for you? Do you perhaps think that you are the wife of the sect leader? I heard the Zhou family likes their daughters to be settled down. However, even after so long, you’re still single. Even though Zhou Miaoru is my father’s second wife, after all, he is a master of both pen and sword and is a sect leader now. Are you envious that your sister had met such an amazing husband, but not you?” 

Zhou Yinru narrowed her eyes and tightly gripped onto the tree. This suddenly made Lu Mingshu realize something, and she snickered, “Guess I’m right. The Zhou family didn’t find you a decent partner. However, it’s still unbelievable that you get jealous of your sister given that my father is a total jerk.” 

“D-did you just call your father a jerk?”


Lu Mingshu replied with disdain, “How should I think of him then? With admiration or adoration? Or should I hope that he will notice me one day? Stop being delusional. Only the Zhou family will treasure such a jerk who has sold his soul for gain and bit the hand that fed him.” 

Lu Mingshu burst into laughter once again. “Why am I telling you this? To Second Miss moral values mean nothing, don’t they? You can bully anyone with your status, right? But  fret not, it’s your turn to get bullied now!” 

 She then took a step forward.


“W-what are you trying to do?” Zhou Yinru screamed. 

“Can you not scream like as if I were about to rape you? Oh, but I don’t think anyone would want to do so anyway. You’re already so old!”—Lu Mingshu then leaned forward— “It’s alright. I just want you to experience what’s it like to be bullied but without being able to resist.” 


As soon as Lu Mingshu finished her sentence, she slapped Zhou Yinru. 

Zhou Yinru tried to counter-attack, but when she stretched out her uninjured hand, it was blocked by Lu Mingshu’s sword. The mystic light condensed by the sword filled the surroundings.


Piak! The fierce slap landed on Zhou Yinru’s cheek.  


“I won’t let…”

Piak! Another slap landed on her cheeks even before she could finish threatening Lu Mingshu 


“These two slaps are for humiliating my mother and grandpa!” Lu Mingshu growled. 

Zhou Yinru’s cheeks were burning. She looked at Lu Mingshu with hatred and shouted. “I will take revenge on you! You shall wait and…” 

“Hmmph!” Lu Mingshu snickered as she twisted Zhou Yinru’s able arm. 

Creak! The sound of bone cracking resounded.

“Ouch——” Zhou Yinru wailed, cowering in fear. “Do you know that by killing me you’re committing a crime? You might be killed… ”


“Who said that I’m going to kill you?” Lu Mingshu laughed while withdrawing her hand. “Why would I kill you before I get my  full revenge?” 


Lu Mingshu put her sword back and straightened her clothes. “It’s hard to avoid injuries in the Heavenly Door competition with so many fights going on, am I right? Take care and rest well, Second Miss. Don’t worry about getting the title of genuine successor disciple, I’ll get it for you!” 


“Don’t leave, if you…. dare!” Zhou Yinru, being Zhou Yinru, shouted out loud


And indeed, Lu Mingshu stopped in her tracks. This frightened the hell out of Zhou Yinru. Seeing Zhou Yinru shake like a leaf, Lu Mingshu burst out laughing. “Now, don’t say things that you don’t mean, or I’ll really stay.”


Zhou Yinru shut her mouth as she watched Lu Mingshu leave her sight, and disappear into the mist. When she finally left, Zhou Yinru sat on the ground and started wailing. Her arms, her dear arms, they hurt so much… 


After Lu Mingshu ensured that she was far away from the trio, she stopped and leaned on a tree to rest. She clutched her chest in pain.


Pui! Lu Mingshu coughed out a mouthful of blood, and her face became as pale as that of a ghost.  


Whichever attendant was eligible to escort Zhou Yinru was not simple to defeat. In order to win, she got injuries not less severe than him. The two idiots, Zhou Yinru and Rui Xiang, couldn’t tell that she was badly hurt. However, Lu Mingshu was clear that in this state, even if she could make it to the middle door, she wouldn’t be able to pass through it.

Time was rushing, and Lu Mingshu needed to recover as soon as possible. If not, it would be impossible to become a genuine successor disciple even though Zhou Yinru had been defeated.

“Senior, senior!” someone called out from behind her.


Lu Mingshu opened her eyes to see who was coming.


Liang Zongping appeared from the mist, running towards her. “I’ve finally found you! Are you okay?”


Lu Mingshu stared at him in silence.


Liang Zongping continued to chatter on. “You look so pale! Your injuries must be serious. I have some ointment and pills here with me, I exchanged for them with someone. Do you want to have some?” 


“Nevermind me, I have my own.”

“Aya, senior, just take it as my gratitude towards you. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have passed through the lower door. 


“No need.”



As soon as Liang Zongping finished his sentence, someone pushed him hard. 

Liang Zongping shrieked as his head banged into the tree. When he looked up and realized what has just happened, Lu Mingshu was already fighting with a **.

The amount of face slapping in this chapter was quite satisfying, wasn't it? XD As for the '**' at the end, that is just our dear author leaving us with a cliffhanger. T^T

- IlkonEbi-

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