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"Brother, shut the door!" Zhang Jingyu shouted at Zhang Rulin.

Zhang Rulin swept a beast out with his heavy staff and shut the door immediately.

Zhang Jingyu pushed the furniture in the room over to the door immediately, pressing it against the door.

The twins leaned against the table near them. Hearing the ferocious beasts squealing and scratching the door, they sighed in relief.

God bless this house. Luckily, the house here is beast-proof.

"Brother." Zhang Jingyu panted. "Did we win?"

Zhang Rulin shook his head. "I'm afraid it's not that simple."

If it was that simple, why did only Zhao Yin succeed after such a long period of time?

"Then what do we do after this?"

Zhang Jingyu was now at a loss. The ferocious beasts are so frightful, what should we do if there are still tests?

After sitting for a long time, the sounds slowly disappeared, indicating that the beast left.

Just as the pair of twins relaxed, they heard noises outside the house again.

"What's happening?" Zhang Jingyu grabbed onto her brother tightly. Is the beast here again?

"Shhh!" Zhang Rulin signaled her to keep quiet, and he moved over to figure out what was going on outside.

The beasts were roaring, fresh blood was everywhere, and the sound of a sword.

"There are others."

Zhang Jingyu felt relieved after hearing that answer. As long as it's not after us again, then it's all okay. But…

"Somebody's right behind us? Who could it be?"

Zhang Rulin went to the window and peaked out of it. The sight in front of him made him knit his eyebrows. "It's… Lu Mingshu."

"Huh?" Zhang Jingyu narrowed her eyes. "She's that fast?"

Zhang Rulin bit his lips.

"Brother, what's wrong?"

"Hey, should we let them in?" Zhang Rulin whispered to his sister.


The siblings stared at each other with hesitation. They were here first, and this was their advantage. If they let others in, that was equivalent to relinquishing their advantage, but if they didn't, what would the Grandmaster think of them? Selfish? Cold-blooded?

In a short while, Lu Mingshu and the girl in black were already at the door.

The girl in black knocked on the door hard. "Open up!"

The twins remained silent.

She then kicked the door hard again. "Don't pretend, I know you're in there. Hurry up!"

Zhang Jingyu threw a glance at her brother. This is a great chance! Father reminded us to act when we discovered a chance. We should take down Lu Mingshu now so we will have one rival less.

Zhang Rulin shook his head in response. No, it would be way too obvious. We can sabotage someone, but we can't have it lead back to us. Even if Lu Mingshu doesn't have Nine Jade Palace supporting her, what about the Zhongzhou royalty? And the girl in black is from the Pure White Grace Pavilion. If we pull her down too, what will the Pure White Grace Pavilion do to us?

"Open up," Zhang Rulin commanded.

"Brother!" Zhang Jingyu whined.

Ignoring her, Zhang Rulin pushed the furniture blocking the door away at lightning speed.

As soon as the door opened, the two girls entered immediately and closed the door.

Zhang Jingyu stared at them blankly. "Are you guys… okay?"

"Yeah, thanks for your concern." Lu Mingshu shot her a glance.

Both of them looked fine and energetic, but they were drenched in the blood of the ferocious beasts. There were no injuries to be seen, and they didn't seem to be tired.

Is it that simple? I nearly dropped dead after reaching this place with Brother!

Lu Mingshu scanned around the house.

This was a two-story house, styled like the palace courtyard that she tore down. Exquisite, but it seemed like a place that nobody lived in.

Lu Mingshu took a good look at everything and went into deep thought.

"What can you tell from it?" The girl in black nudged her.

Lu Mingshu side-eyed her. "I thought you didn't want to cooperate with me?"

Ying looked like she was about to skin Lu Mingshu immediately. What's wrong with her? Petty freak.

Fortunately, Lu Mingshu stopped there. "I can't see anything."

"Oh, okay…." Ying rolled her eyes lightly. You're not that good anyways, I see!

"However," Lu Mingshu continued, "that's why it's weird."

Ying suddenly felt anxious. "What do you mean?"

"Do you think it's normal to have a house in the middle of nowhere?"

"What about it?" Ying glared at her, unable to understand her meaning.

Lu Mingshu sighed to herself loudly. "Why do I always have to spell it out for you?" Ignoring the death glare sent at her, she continued, "There's nobody here in the house, just like the courtyard we found. It's like a prop. Since it's a prop, it will give us hints. So, if that courtyard was to show us the entrance, then what's the purpose of this?"

Ying thought about it. "For us to rest?"

Lu Mingshu nodded. "That's part of it." This house was located at a place that could calculate their level of perseverance. It should be a benchmark to see how far one could go; those who could make it here would be considered passing, and those who couldn't would be eliminated.

"What about the second reason?"

"To enter the next segment, I guess?" Lu Mingshu whispered. "There should be a site for it, right?"

Ying stared at her dumbfounded and looked up at the house abruptly.

"What are you guys talking about?" Zhang Jingyu asked curiously.

"About what's in this house," Lu Mingshu answered.

What's in this house? Chills ran down Zhang Jingyu's spine. "Hey, don't try to scare people!"

Lu Mingshu smiled at her and found a place to rest.

The beasts started to get further from them. When she recovered, she heard sounds outside the house.

"Is there anyone in there? Please open up!"

All of them exchanged glances.

It was the voice of Junior Sister Zuo. Ling Wuxia and her juniors had arrived.

They had already let Lu Mingshu in, so why not Ling Wuxia too? The Zhang siblings opened up without hesitation.

The trio entered and immediately shut the door.

"Phew." Junior Sister Zuo sighed in relief and bowed to the Zhang siblings. "Thank you so much…."

As soon as she finished, she saw Lu Mingshu and the girl in black standing at the side. "Why are you here?" She raised her eyebrows.

"Why wouldn't I be here?" Lu Mingshu rolled her eyes.

Junior Sister Zuo wanted to retort, but she was held back by Ling Wuxia. "It's okay, we are all in the same boat now. It's no use fighting against each another."

"Yes, Senior Sister." Junior Sister Zuo answered and gave Lu Mingshu a deadly stare.

Lu Mingshu didn't even bother to spare them a glance.

However, Ling Wuxia came over on her own accord. "Miss Lu."

"What does Miss Ling want from me?"

"I dare not want anything." Ling Wuxia smiled thinly. "Seeing your skills, I just wanted to ask for your opinion since we're stuck in here now."

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