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Chapter 11 Growth, Second Stage Moonlight Fox

Thorn Demons are relatively common soul pets, and Chu Mu has much knowledge regarding it.

He had already determined this Thorn Demon to be at stage 2 with only one vine, and at this stage the vine should only be around fifteen to twenty metres long. At this moment, judging from the tension, the vine should be only half extended.

This meant that the Thorn Demon body should be within ten metres of little Mo Xie.

Just as Chu Mu was searching for the Thorn Demon’s body, he abruptly noticed the vine contracting rapidly.

“Vine Slash!” The name of the Thorn Demon’s powerful attack technique immediately surfaced in Chu Mu’s mind. If the Vine Slash was to hit little Mo Xie directly, with its delicate body, little Mo Xie will definitely be badly wounded.

Chu Mu immediately glanced at Mo Xie. He still doesn’t know what techniques Mo Xie possess, and seeing that the powerful Vine Slash was about to land, worry filled his heart.

“Mo Xie, lookout!”

“Hu hu!!!!” The vine accelerated, and abruptly landed!

Warned by Chu Mu, Little Mo Xie was prepared, and as the Vine Slash landed, its delicate figure shone in the silver moonlight, and suddenly split into two blurry shadows!


The Vine Slash landed on little Mo Xie’s two blurry shadows, and dust and gravel filled the air. The patch of thorns has been totally destroyed!

Chu Mu’s heart tightly contracted. The Vine Slash power was alarming, if it landed on him, he would have been seriously injured.

But right now, Chu Mu is more worried about little Mo Xie.

A few rays of silver moonlight penetrated the forest of thorns, and one of those illuminated the position where the Vine Slash landed.

The moonlight was filled with debris, and as it slowly cleared, the two blurry shadows slowly faded, revealing little Mo Xie’s beautiful figure.

“Moonlight Shadow!!” Chu Mu looked at the little guy who easily dodged the Vine Slash with surprise on his face.

Moonlight Shadow is an evasive technique which uses the power of the moonlight. Mo Xie is only a stage 1 Moonlight Fox, but it used a technique which only a stage 3 Moonlight Fox can possess!

The Blue Bird Chu Mu encountered before possessed a technique which was beyond its stage, and was classified as a high quality soul pet.

But little Mo Xie grasped a higher stage technique while it is still in its childhood stages, this shows that its quality is really high.

Sure enough, as rumoured, every soul pet which can evolve is of extraordinary quality!

When the Thorn Demon executed Vine Slash, it revealed itself, and Chu Mu was able to seize this opportunity.

“To your left, seven meters, attack its main body!” Chu Mu immediately commanded.

Little Mo Xie quickly turned, and as the Thorn Demon slowly retracted its vine, the little fox has already turned into a silver flash, quickly leaping into the dense mass of vines!


Soon, the sound of broken twigs came from the thorn bushes, and broken vines littered the ground.

Chu Mu immediately followed, and when he separated the thorns, he saw Mo Xie with a broken vine hanging in its mouth, its retractable claws fully extended and buried within a greenish black vine type soul pet, trampling it with its paws, and howling at the moon with its head raised proudly.

The Thorn Demon was only at the stage 2, and has a lower grade than the Moonlight Fox. After its body was found by Mo Xie, it naturally did not stand a chance.

“Wu~~~~~~~” Mo Xie let out another cry, and a ray of moonlight fell on its body, showcasing its beautiful and exquisite body, and its moon coloured fur grew a little longer.

“It grew?”  Chu Mu looked with surprise at Mo Xie.

Combat, is the most direct method for a soul pet to quickly grow!

There exists a rivalry between soul pets, and in the process of battle, they will have a desire to defeat each other. This desire and the process of battle strengthens the body, and allow the soul pet to quickly grow.

Mo Xie grew from the stage 1 to stage 2, and its fur became thicker, and more vibrant.

“The Moonlight Fox fur seems to be ornamental, and its defence shouldn’t have increased much. But at the second stage, its power should have increased.” Said Chu Mu.

“Finish it, its soul core should be quite a feast for you.”  Said Chu Mu to Mo Xie.

After obtaining permission, Mo Xie immediately tore apart the Thorn Demon with its claws, and from within its vine like body, retrieved a crystal clear soul core which looks like both liquid and amber.

Soul cores from soul pets of different circles are different, and the soul pets in the Plant circle usually have these liquid-like and amber-like soul cores.

After eating the soul core, Mo Xie will not need to eat for one or two days. Jumping back into Chu Mu arms, it felt drowsy, and yawned cutely before falling asleep.

Chu Mu gathered the Thorn Demon vines, and left the thorn forest with little Mo Xie.

The outer island is just outside the thorn forest, and Chu Mu breathed a sigh of relief. After deliberately finding a small, relatively safe cave, he blocked the cave entrance, and spent the night inside.


The next morning, Chu Mu was awakened by a wet and slippery feeling on his cheeks. Opening his eyes, he saw little Mo Xie licking his face, letting out a cute “wu wu” cry.

Chu Mu petted the little fox, and lowered it to the ground. After getting a drink and washing up with the water inside the cave, he removed the rocks blocking the entrance.

The sunlight shone upon Chu Mu face, slightly glaring to his eyes.

“It’s already close to noon……why did I sleep in so late……” said Chu Mu.

Perhaps due to the long period of mental tension ever since entering the inner island, after leaving, he was finally able to sleep peacefully, and unconsciously slept in this late.

Chu Mu took out some rations, and took a few bites, filling his stomach, and in the meantime, also fed the little worm who is always hiding in his collar.
After obtaining food, the little worm happily wriggled its body, looking joyful.

Leaving the cave, Chu Mu headed back to the camp. In the outer island, there are also some ferocious soul pets, but Mo Xie keen senses allowed him to easily detect and avoid them.

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