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Chapter 96: Poachers

“Are you sure it didn’t leave this hotel?” Fang Yuan asked seriously. Who knew if it had gone somewhere else.

“Impossible. I signed a soul contract with it. Unless it’s locked up in a cage that can cut off the spiritual connection. Otherwise I can sense it at any time,” the girl said affirmatively.

When Fang Yuan heard about “cutting off the spiritual connection,” he was startled. There were indeed such criminals who benefited from stealing and snatching pet beasts from others. They ere known as poachers

After a pet beast signed a soul contract with its owner, if its owner summoned it, it would definitely be summoned to the owner’s side. This was the rule. The poachers seemed to have their own set of skills to erase the soul contract of a pet beast that had been signed. This would cause the owner perpetually losing the right to become a trainer because the soul contract had become invalid. It was even worse for the pet beast. It would either be sold as a second-hand pet beast to the pet shop, or it would be become a hired thug in the underground beast colosseum. The worst was that some people who liked to eat pet beasts would buy them as food.

It was still fine if it was a wild pet beast, but stealing and snatching pet beasts from others was a serious crime in the Fire Country.

Fang Yuan’s eyes rolled for a while and he was thinking. Since the spiritual connection had been cut off, he could only use physics to solve it. He then summoned Shadow Wolf from the space. When it appeared, it seemed to be very happy as it had not appeared in the real world for a long time. It rubbed and licked Fang Yuan and if it was not because of the wisps of black air that were emitted from its body, it actually looked quite cute. However, the black air had made it feel like a dead person coming from hell.

After all, it was a platinum pet beast. It was still very terrifying to most people.

“Do you have any item with the breath of your pet beast with you?” Fang Yuan thought to himself that he had never tried Shadow Wolf to look for people through breath, so he did not know if it was as sensitive as a dog’s nose.

The girl immediately took out a square scarf and told Fang Yuan that it was usually wrapped around the cat’s neck, but it had run away today.

“Okay, Xiao Ying, you try it out.” Fang Yuan signaled Shadow Wolf to sniff the square scarf. Shadow Wolf looked at Fang Yuan with a resentful look, as if it was saying, “You have not let me out for such a long time, and now it’s not for battle, you actually used me like a dog.”

However, the owner’s instruction could not be disobeyed. Speaking of which, Shadow Wolf was also his first pet. During this period of time, he had been challenging the arcane realm, causing it not to have chance to appear. In the future, it would be better to cultivate a relationship with it more.

The shadow wolf seemed to have got hold of the cat’s aura very fast, it then ran quickly.

Fang Yuan and the girl followed closely behind. Someone heard the noise coming from the corridor and opened the door. When he saw the big gray wolf that was emitting the aura of death running past his eyes, he was scared off that he sat on the ground. Then, he saw Fang Yuan and the little girl running behind him. The guest did not even have the courage to pick up the phone to report to the front desk. His hands were shaking throughout.

They stopped at the door of Room 701.

Shadow Wolf made an attack posture toward the door but was stopped by Fang Yuan.

“Shh.” Fang Yuan made a silent gesture to the shadow wolf. He then walked to the door, knocked, and said, “Hello, is anyone there?”

Not long after, an impatient voice came from the room, “Who is it? It’s in the middle of the night!”

Hearing that it was a man’s voice, Fang Yuan continued, “Sir, I’m sorry. I found a wallet at the door of your room. I don’t know if you guys lost it.”

Actually, this excuse was pretty lame. Fang Yuan regretted saying it out loud. What if the others didn’t bring their wallets out at all or they could just checked it out.

However, just as Fang Yuan was thinking about it, the door was cracked open. “It’s my wallet. Give it to me.” As he said that, he reached out a hand and gestured for Fang Yuan to put it in his hand.

“Xiao Ying.” Fang Yuan had established a spiritual connection with the shadow wolf. He could feel that the moment the door was opened, the cat’s aura was especially strong.

It was most likely the person in front of him was the culprit. They were doing illegal business, so they probably did not dare to stir up trouble. It was precisely because of this that Fang Yuan immediately ordered the shadow wolf to break open the door and pounce on the person.

“Huozi!” After breaking open the door, the girl immediately saw the shivering fire charm cat that was locked in the cage. She rushed over but found that there was an electric current on the cage. She was electrocuted away from the cage.

“You, let go of that cat,” Fang Yuan ordered. At this moment, the shadow wolf was pressing on the man. The man’s muscles were bulging. He was only wearing a pair of shorts. He had a fierce expression on his face, and he did not look like a good person.

Just as he was being pushed down, he summoned his pet beast, a pet beast in the shape of an eagle.

As Fang Yuan had the wind realm certification, he immediately obtained the detailed information of this pet beast.

[ Scientific name: Harpy. ]

[ Bloodline: Electra. ]

[ Quality: Platinum low-grade. ]

[ Level: Level 5 intermediate. ]

[ Attributes: Beast, bird, wind. ]

[ Positioning: Attack/special. ]

[ Skills: 1. Sharp claws; 2. Pounce; 3. Flying thrust; 4. Swift wings. ]

The harpy opened its wings and used its sharp claws to pounce at the shadow wolf. Shadow Wolf had no choice but to let go of the man and enter a battle state with it.

“Little B*stard, how dare you ruin Master Du Lei’s good plan. I will teach you a lesson today!” The man got up and said arrogantly. The saliva of Shadow Wolf had dripped on his body just now, making him feel extremely disgusted.

“As a trainer, you actually stole someone else’s pet. You are really disgusting.” Fang Yuan pointed at the window, meaning that he did not want to fight in the hotel, and he wanted to fight in the open space outside.

After saying that, Fang Yuan summoned Xiao Jin which stopped by the window, and jumped up on it. This action was extremely awesome. The little girl could not help but blush when she saw it.

“Hmph, I’ll come.” The man who called himself Du Lei also knew that it was not appropriate to cause trouble in the hotel. If they fought outside, and if they could not win, they could take the opportunity to escape. If they fell into the hands of the pet security management committee, he might have to face up to 30 years of imprisonment.

Fang Yuan flew up on the gryphon and landed on the open space not far away from the hotel. Du Lei grabbed the claws of the harpy with one hand. His wrist strength was amazing, and he also jumped onto the open space.

“Steel gryphon, not bad! It looks like a platinum pet beast. It can be sold at a pretty good price on the black market.” He stuck out his tongue and made an expression of licking its body, which made Fang Yuan feel extremely uncomfortable.

“Then you have to beat me first,” Fang Yuan said coldly. At this moment, the shadow wolf had descended from the sky and blocked in front of Fang Yuan.

Being ambushed by the harpy just now had ignited its anger. It glared at the Harpy with its angry eyes.

The hotel guests were originally very sleepy. When they heard the noise in the corridor, they had initially wanted to vent out anger. However, when they saw the battle between the pet beasts, they suddenly lost their sleepiness and opened the windows to watch.

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