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Chapter 93 – Breaking Shi Yi’s Record

The vast crowd at the Starting Ground was on the verge of exploding. The golden passageway constantly formed atop the large limestone and flashed in multicolored light. The burden on it still seemed rather heavy, since it was not enough at all for the groups after groups of people that came through.

Someone wanted to break of Shi Yi’s records, and that attracted a huge commotion that trembled every area. Many experts who cultivated in the Heavenly Passage Paradise came out to see this.

In recent years, there had not been a single day as lively as today. The number of people increased exponentially within the Starting Ground, and over ten to a hundred times the normal amount of people scooched together into this crowd.

“Why is it this heaven angering child again? Can it be that he still wants to defy the heavens? Being able to establish two records within a single day is astonishing enough, and despite them not being very splendid ones, he doesn’t need to be so conceited right? He actually wants to try and break one of Shi Yi’s records?!”

“Let’s wait and see whether or not he can succeed. So many geniuses have been dejected after receiving defeat, such as the princes of ancient countries and some of the most illustrious people. If this naughty brat could actually succeed, then it would certainly be world-shaking.”

The people discussed about until all the things that the little guy had done at the Starting Ground was dug up.

“Wu, I heard that he was very outrageous. He extorted four great clans, and seized four jars of precious blood.”

The four large clans all ran out of luck. When everyone heard these comments, their hearts were going to bleed. The news were instantly spread throughout, making them simply unable to show their faces, driving them mad.

At this moment, not along within the Void God Realm, even Stone Country in reality was shaken up, especially within the capital. All the noble families were discussing this event.

“Whose family does this milk-suckling baby actually belong to? He looks quite extraordinary.”

“Do you think it’s the War King’s descendant? For the sake of pursuing the title of emperor, he started to compete with the dual pupil Shi Yi?

Within the vast Stone Country, Shi Yi could said to be in the middle of it all. Although he still had not matured, news of him already spread through the ancient country, and he became the strongest candidate to become the emperor.

At this moment, within many king’s mansions and many sacred lands there were countless people paying attention to this matter. The younger generations were even more flared up.

“Senior, come out. Let’s hurry to the Void God Realm since there’s something huge happening!”

“What happened?”

“Someone is going to challenge Shi Yi’s record.”

At this moment, all the geniuses bar none were shocked as they quickly entered the Void God Realm.

Apart from Stone Country, the neighboring ancient countries were shaken up like a meteorite smashing into the ocean and stirred a tsunami that overflowed into the heavens.

“Senior sister, come quick. I’ll go to the Void God Realm first and you can find me later.”

“I will arrive soon!”

“I absolutely must take a look. After all, what kind of person actually dares to break one of Shi Yi’s records!”

Several large ancient countries all sacrificed towards the heavens each year. Therefore, all of the experts within the huge cities and strategic locations could enter the Void God Realm.

Within the Void God Realm, the little guy’s one decision had created a huge wave. Regardless of whether it was this world or the actual world, none of them could stay calm.

It was to that within a few capital cities, those who ruled the ancient countries all revealed their slight surprise. They were all disturbed by this child.

Void God Realm, Starting Ground.

The little guy walked quickly and skillfully, and he his steps were rather stable as if nothing was out of the ordinary. He was a bit confused as to why so many people suddenly followed along. Could it be that his ‘little big brother’ had already gained that much reputation? Was it already sufficient to shake this world?

“Little brat, can you move any faster?!” some people urged on.

“What happened?” The little guy murmured.

“If it wasn’t for that fact that no one dared to break Shi Yi’s records within these two years, the fact that you created two records in a single day, and even robbed and extorted four huge clans, I would not have come at all.”

“That’s right. I also came because I heard there was a heaven angering child. Kid, don’t disappoint us. I hope you can create a miracle!”

“You’re the one angering the heavens! Isn’t this just an ordinary record? What’s there to be excited about. If I can break it, I’ll break it. If I can’t, what difference does it make?” The little guy was dissatisfied.

He was very calm and acted naturally, making the group of people go crazy. Was this child really going to try and break this record? Why wasn’t he the slightest bit excited? He was truly acting too indifferent.

“Go, go quickly!” everyone urged.

“If the emperor is not rushing me, then it’s the palace eunuch!” said the little guy in a soft voice.

A group of people rolled their eyes. What kind of attitude did this child speak with? However, after thinking about all the unkind and dishonest things he did, they no longer compared him to the norm.

“Sha, you want to bicker? Haven’t you seen that this little miser even used underhanded methods within the Void God Realm’s passages? Soon after, he became even more dirty, and after sending some information to the four great clans, they walked straight into his trap, and were completely extorted. If you provoke this milk baby, who know what kind of heaven angering things he will do to you. After all, we are still at the Starting Ground, and this baby’s strength is a bit ridiculous. His strength is powerful to a frightening extent.”

Finally, they arrived at their destination, and this mountain area was incredibly imposing and grandeur. In front of them was a large lake, and blue waves crashed within this vast area. The lake were as clear as crystal, and a waterfall cascaded down from behind. The vast expanse of whiteness were incredibly powerful, and emitted noise like the sound of thunder.

There were many fierce beasts and vicious birds within the mountain that showed their visibly huge figures as they ran about. Beast roars shook the heavens, and huge wings that covered the sky also flapped into the distance as they emitted their long and world trembling bird cries.

“It’s precisely this mountain that Shi Yi fiercely tread upon and rushed into the sky to arrive at the summit,” the Coin Elder said.

An elder continued and said, “That’s right, it’s this one. This old man had the pleasure of witnessing the miracle back then. At the moment, there were many clan elders and leaders from large clans present, and there wasn’t one person among them that could attain that height.”

At the Starting Ground, one could only exert the cultivation at the Blood Transformation realm. However, the record that Shi Yi established was purely with his bodily strength, and with a single leap, he directly broke into the sky.

This mountain was huge, majestic and grey all over. There were very few vegetation on the surface. There were roughly ten old trees that reached into the heavens, and a few old crawling vines.

Water splashed about the mountain peak as the waterfall dropped down from it, creating a watery fog that made this mountain billow with hazy clouds. Under the illumination of the sun, rainbow colors stained it like a colorful sleeping phoenix.

“Child, are you ready?” Bird Grandpa asked.

“What’s there to prepare for. Don’t I just have to jump?” the little guy said.

All the people present exposed an odd expression. This child was talking too much trash. Are you really here to break a record? Why did it feel as if he had already been through this?

“No one should have lied to us right? This child is truly trying to break the record?” Some people began to show their doubt.

However, at this moment, flowing light shattered the sky in the distance. An enormous beast skin with a row of people standing on top appeared, and they arrived at an extremely fast speed while sticking close to the ground.

“What? So powerful, what clan do these people belong to? They actually dare to utilize such a precious artifact within the Void God Realm. Do they not fear of losing it?” some people exclaimed.

Ordinary weapons would have a very difficult taking shape within the Void God Realm. Only the precious bones of Archaic Descendants would have no problem with it, but as soon as it was lost, the precious artifact would gradually lose its divine abilities in reality.

The beast skin symbols flickers as it arrived close by. Over ten beautiful girls stood atop the beast skin, and they each had outstanding appearances. Their clothes were as white as snow, and they looked like a group of female immortals who were overlooking the earth.

“These are the outstanding disciples of Heaven Mending Pavilion who actually came together. They did not hide their identities.” Many people were surprised.

Multicolored light flashed, and a piece of bone flickered in purple light. Dense mists circulated about, and they rushed in from the distance at an extremely fast speed. A group of people of both males and females, young and old stood on top.

Such an imposing aura, this is…”

“Shush. Lower your voices, this must be imperial characters from some ancient country!”

The surrounding people grew more and more numerous, and they all held exalted identities. They were completely packed within the mountain area.

“I don’t believe it. Someone actually wants to break Shi Yi’s record, isn’t it just some vulgar claptrap to please the crowds?!” Within the crowd, there were some young males standing together who looked extremely indifferent as they gazed toward little guy in the middle of scene.

They were all geniuses, and some of them had even challenged Shi Yi before, but they only return defeated. It was a failure that was difficult for them to bear. If such a young child who came to challenge this actually won, how could they endure it?!”

“Come quickly, that’s the Zhulu Academy’s Female War God. Even she came.”

Mist permeated the air, and a rainbow-colored Luan flew by while carrying a woman. The bright mist circulated about, and one could vaguely see a woman wearing golden armor. Her entire body shone, highlighting her graceful curves. Her beautiful hair fluttered about, and she had a strict look in her eyes.

This astonished everyone since she actually rode over on such a bird. The golden armor shone with a precious splendor that was extremely bright and resplendent. Her entire figure really did resemble a beautiful war God.

“Wu, it should be this child right? Exactly what kind of background does he have, and why does he need to break the record set by Yi’er?”

In the distance, more than a dozen individuals stood atop a mountain summit. There were elders, middle-aged, and even young individuals who all had a cold expressions on their faces.

“We do not know his origins, and today is the first time he entered the Void God Realm. He is indeed rather formidable.”

“Inform my Rain Clan’s troops to pay close attention and search for his origin.”

All of the individuals within this group were powerful. They were the direct descendants of the Rain Clan. They had also hurried over here because they wanted to see whether or not this challenger would be able to break Shi Yi’s record.

“Wei, get out of the way you guys. Are you going to allow me to break the record or not.”

Right in the middle of the entire uproar and everyone’s expectations, the little guy was dissatisfied. There were simply too many people here, and even prevented this main character from doing anything.

“Quick, step aside and make way!” A group of impatient people urged, and commanded everyone to allow the little guy through.

The little guy glanced around. This mountain was indeed rather high. It would considered astonishing if someone leapt on top purely by relying on the strength of their body.

He circled around this area, then looked towards the mountain beside him. Although the two had similar heights, the latter was taller by roughly ten zhang.

“I choose this one then,” said the little guy.

Everyone nodded. These were Gemini Mountains. To break through the record, the one on the side that was a bit taller was the best choice.

“All of you move aside,” the little guy said in a loud voice.

“We’re quite far from you already, you still can’t use your arms and legs?” Someone curled their lips.

Although many people came, there weren’t that many who believed that he could truly break it because it was truly difficult to reach. What kind of person was Shi Yi? He was a youngster that seemed like a god and it was difficult to surpass him!

“Fine then. Do whatever you want,” said the little guy as he stood in place and started to adjust his breathing.


The little guy released a little shout and fiercely stamped both feet onto the ground. The entire earth immediately began to rumble as if a huge earthquake had occurred.

The ground was originally made up of the most solid rock, yet it began to crack all over now. Then it burst apart, creating an incredibly huge fissures that extended into every direction like lightning, causing dust to surge into the sky.

Everyone was astonished. This kind of strength was too shocking. Was this still a human child? Even if someone said that this was the child of a Genuine Hou or a Golden Winged Peng in the shape of a human, there would still be people who would believe them right?

With this one stamp, the rocks and earth were split apart, and the cracks criss-crossed and interweaved!

The little guy’s entire aura changed, and instantly rose up fiercely like a little child God. He charged into the sky, broke past the clouds, and whistled upwards. The brilliance in his eyes was terrifying, and no one dared to look straight at him.

Everyone was dumbfounded. Without using the mysterious strength of the symbols and only by relying on the strength of the body, he rushed into the heavens through the mists and surpassed the summit of the mountain!

“It’s broken! He broke the record!” Someone shouted loudly

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