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Chapter 76 – Stone Country Trembles

A genuine king will appear. After the supervisor heard this, he was paralyzed on the spot. His face turned pale without a trace of blood on it, and his body shivered with a coldness that made even his teeth tremble.

He was incomparably dreadful. If this was investigated thoroughly, all of the people involved in this matter will be killed. He could already foresee people’s heads rolling and tumbling down.

Once a king became angry, blood would flow, and corpses would fall for 100,000 li with no one being able to stop it! He had no way of surviving. Even if the land under the heavens were large, he still did not have any places to hide.

Let alone him, even Yu Meng was in fear as he paced back and forth. His heart was extremely terrified, as the matter had escalated so quickly. This was something he had absolutely no chance of concealing, since it was the Stone Clan’s ancestral land being disrespected.

“I did not do it. How is this beneficial in any way…” The supervisor sat there paralyzed and kept repeating . He did not have that ordinary impressiveness to him any more.

“F*ck off!”

Yu Meng was furious. He raised his foot to stamp him on the body  and suddenly the sounds of fractures transmitted through the air. The supervisor screaming wretchedly and vomited large mouthfuls of blood as his entire body flew into a rock garden close by.

Hong Long, the rock garden tumbled down and buried him beneath as dust and smoke rose into the air.

Yu Meng was expressionless. If he did not show off his power, he did not have the might that experts usually had, but now his eyes exposed an ominous glint. He wanted to get rid of the supervisor several times, but he hesitated in the last moment because killing the supervisor was still useless. With Stone Clan’s enormous power, they would overlook nothing when investigating this matter..

Then, he quivered and trembled. When he wanted to stop talking, he thought about whether or not his clan elders would have the same thoughts and eliminate him immediately, since this matter had been escalated to an overly extreme degree.

In a huge city located in the western border, several experts activated a few rare primitive precious bones. After symbols flickers, the bones turned into an old and simple little altar, and they released a letter on top.

After a flash of light, the letters disappeared.

At the same time in the vast Stone Country’s imperial capital, several precious bones of Archaic Descendants shined and turned into an even larger altar. Multicolored light flickered on top and a letter appeared.

“What, the second ancestral land was wiped clean in a sea of fire? They truly have guts!”

After a clan elder saw the letter, he became furious on the spot. Stone Country, whose country ruled over millions and millions of li of rivers and mountains, was in its golden age, yet such an unimaginable event happened to them!

“Send the letters out!” He shouted loudly. The letter had been copied many times, with the original intended for the emperor while the others were being sent to kings of various Stone Families. This matter was too great, and he believed that this was a provocation towards the entire Stone Clone.


That day, it was as if the imperial city exploded. A huge controversy arose before completely erupting, and many people were discussing in disbelief over this event.

“Who did this, does he want to go against the heavens? The Emperor is at his golden age with an unparalleled divine might, and there is actually a person who burned the Stone Clan’s birthplace to the ground. They are truly too daring!”

“Even the mortal enemies of Stone Clan would not go this far. Even if they were fighting, they would go after the people who were alive. Who would do such a thing like this?”

“It shouldn’t be a Dragon Beast, Hornless Dragon, or any other Archaic Descendants who hated Stone Country right? Could it be possible that a group of vicious birds created the fire?”

The news rapidly proliferated, and soon after, the entire imperial city knew. Everyone felt that this was inconceivable and discussed this all everywhere.

“Find who did this!” The emperor gave the orders using these four words. His orders immediately shined outside, and emitted rays of light that reached into the skies. Those six words were like immortal swords as they dispersed the clouds above the imperial city, releasing a killing intent that overflowed the heavens.

Golden rays of light bubbled up explosively like lightning across the sky which rumbled every direction into a state of silence. At this moment, the entire imperial city calmed down without any traces of discussion.

The imperial city only returned back to normal after a long time.

Atop a divine altar within Stone Country, precious offerings were being laid. These were sacrifices that were made to the ancient gods, and currently, several precious bones that used to belong to Archaic Descendants began to emit light.

With a weng sound, it was as if an ancient god’s awakened. The air was filled with a terrifying aura, and soon after, a golden passageway opened.

“Let’s go!” shouted a clan elder. Following that, squadrons of powerful war generals rushed out one after another, treading onto that golden passageway. They were all wearing shining armor, and metal spears and battle pikes were in their hands as their killing intent overflowed into the heavens.

In the end, three kings appeared. Their entire bodies radiated bright and resplendent rays of light, and it was as if they were three suns. Their terror shook the world as they stepped into the golden passageway together.

This time, three kings actually made their moves, and it was up to them to investigate this event thoroughly.

The clan elders only brought people to worship at the altar after everything had calmed down. Chaotic mist filled the air, as if an ancient god was there to accept their great gifts.

In reality, there was nothing there!

Within the Martial King’s manor, all of the residents were in alarm. Over ten clan elders had been invited, and this was all due to the fact that the ruined manor was too large of a topic and involved their entire bloodline.

“Where is Yi’er. Is it the people under him who did it?!” The fourth elder who looked like a golden lion roared.

“Impossible. Although Yi’er is young, he is wise and earnest. How can he do something so stupid. I believe that it must have been someone else,” said a clan elder.

Soon, the eastern border received some information after making some initial investigations. The arson was caused by some rising resentment, and it was possibly related to a large clan within Stone Country.

When they received the news, it immediately sparked a massive controversy.

“Isn’t this simply looking for death? No matter what kind of grudges they held, daring to do such a thing would only result in their demise. Do they want their entire clan exterminated?!”

“This is a matter of one’s morals. A son of some king’s family who doesn’t know how high the sky is or how thick the ground is must have went to the western border to create a ruckus. Isn’t this simply digging a deep hole? Their entire clan will all be dragged in.”

The imperial city was filled with chatter everywhere. Many clans were scared, in fear that their own family’s children had provoked this calamity.

“Ai, Yu Meng sent back some information. Although our Rain Clan didn’t do this, his underlings’ underhanded actions cannot be concealed, and would similarly evoke dissatisfaction from the kings.”

A clan elder of the Rain Clan sighed heavily, since this disaster really was unexpected and unimaginable. If they truly wanted to investigate into it deeply, the people of the Rain Clan would all seem pretty disgraceful.

“Clan brother, you’re talking about it too lightly. No matter how it goes, we have to bear some of the consequences regarding the arson of the Stone Clan’s ancestral land. Most likely, that supervisor messed up. He probably made others take this risk out of desperation, burning down the imperial clan’s ancestral land.”

“Take out all of the benefits the western border has to offer, and kill off everything else. I think doing things this way should be alright. Try your best to protect Yu Meng.”

“The western border has quite a few people, and they are all well trained. How do we kill them all?” Someone opposed.

“We can’t take on this responsibility. I feel like this is most likely done by Shi Ziling for the sake of framing our clan!”

“That’s right. We can do it like this. Let’s tell Yu Meng that he must bite down on this matter and say he found Shi Ziling, and then try his best to find any tiny hints regarding Shi Ziling’s whereabouts.”

Everyone in the rain clan was discussing countermeasures for the current situation.

In the western border, those war generals all seemed like wolves and tigers. Their expressions were like lightning, and they were all extremely powerful. On the second day, they discovered some clues and brought away the supervisor.

Searching like this, they discovered many things that should not have come to light. Although they did not commit the arson, clearly, they might be the root cause, as having the impertinence to collude with the servants of the ancestral land was already rather disgraceful.

On that day, heads tumbled down. After those people in the manor who colluded with the servants had been interrogated, they were all beheaded. Fresh blood spilt out, and a large amount of corpses were stacked together!

Immediately afterwards, the supervisor confessed and was sentenced to death by a thousand cuts and died. The people within his clan were all incarcerated. This was all because the supervisor had not tried to commit suicide or escape, and so they decided not to immediately exterminate his clan.

Two days later, Yu Meng was escorted off to a huge city. When he was captured, he still wanted to refute, however he was immediately whipped in the face by a war general, causing his blood to blossom and fly into the air.

Typically, he was rather harsh and unreasonable, but the trusted war generals of the kings were even more harsh and unreasonable!

Yu Meng went silly as he was brought into a majestic palace hall within a huge city. Above him, there were three large and splendid suns. Rumbling sounds could be heard, and large portions of symbols were being emitted, making it impossible for people to directly look at them.

He understood that this was a genuine king who controlled a land that ruled over the lives of over 100 million people. They were the most powerful people under the emperor, and were world-shakingly terrifying!

The three suns released a divine splendor, and strand after strand of symbols began to condense. Within the gathering of symbols, it was as if they were trying to refine this area of heaven and earth. The three kings sat upon their thrones, and it was impossible to see their figures clearly.

Only three pairs of eyes could be seen, and they were much brighter than the symbols creating the mist. One of the pairs looked like the sun’s destruction and the moon’s submergence. The other pair appeared as if it stars were taking form, and the last looked as if the primal chaos were diffusing. They were obviously three pairs of eyes, but they made the people feel as if the heavens themselves were opening.

“It has nothing to do with me. I feel that Shi Ziling might have done this.” Once Yu Meng entered, he immediately spoke these words. He accepted the orders from their clan’s elders and wanted to use any methods to wash this blunder away.

“Don’t speak without thinking, chop!” A king indifferently said. His pair of eyes shot of an area of incomparably terrifying symbols, and shook everyone in the lower level of the palace hall.

A war general walked forward, took out a sharp blade and immediately swept forward.

“Calm down my king!” Yu Meng shouted, but absolutely no one paid attention to him. The war general’s weapon flashed passed. With a pu sound, the sound of blood splashed out and one of his arms fell to the floor.

He let out a wretched scream. Never could he have thought that those kings above would be so tyrannical. Without fearing any consequences, they chopped off one of his arms as soon as he came up. What was the reason behind this?

“My king, I am a child of the Rain Clan, I…”

“This king doesn’t want to hear nonsense, chop again!” Another indifferent voice echoed down from the throne above.

With a pu sound, blood blossomed out, and Yu Meng’s other arm also fell to the floor. It was so painful that he began to wretchedly scream. His face became deathly pale as his head almost fell to the ground.

He never could have imagined that such a day would come. He was a direct descendant of the Rain Clan, so his position was not low. However, there were people who unexpectedly dared to treat him like this and didn’t even consider him a side dish.

He wanted to roar out of fury ‘you are a king, so you need to be more considerate as I am the intermediary between the Rain Clan’! However, on the verge of speaking, he swallowed his words again in fear of provoking even more pain.

Then, he quivered and trembled as he thought ‘this couldn’t have been directed against his Rain Clan right? Otherwise why would they dare to do such a thing.’ Thinking up to this point, a whiff of cold air rose from within his heart.

“Speak, you are forbidden from speaking any lies.” The words of the people above were ruthless and concise.

Yu Meng endured the pain by using some flickering symbols on his broken arms to staunch the bleeding. Then he began to ‘confess’ and recount everything. Of course, he would not admit his own mistakes and tried his best to dispel and push the source of this disaster away from him.

“I only want to hear facts, I don’t want to hear refutations!”

Above the palace hall, a king flicked his finger and suddenly, an area of silver light as vast as the seas surged forth violently. With the two pupu sounds, both of Yu Meng’s legs exploded and his entire body flew across the room.

“Ah…” The pain was unbearable, and he was on the verge of going insane. How could it end like this? This king truly did not care about face. No matter how big the crime was, he shouldn’t be treated like this. Their methods were too severe, and were simply too scary and frightening..

Yu Meng was discouraged. All of the kings had too much power. If they wanted to kill him, it would be as easy as turning their hands. They could simply stomp him to death with one foot, and no one would be able to stop them.

In the end, he could not bear it any longer and said recounted everything as they happened.

“Drag him out and behead him.” An emotionless voice echoed down from above.

“Why are you doing this?” Yu Meng was worried and threw caution out the window.

“Because I’m a king!” The person above said indifferently. Rays of light bursted into the heavens and submerged the entire magnificent group of buildings.

These words shook Yu Meng until his entire body weakened, paralyzing him on the spot; he was full of regret.

Two war general walked forward and dragged him outside the palace hall. It was as if they were dragging a dead dog, treating him as him he were absolutely nothing.

Yu Meng shouted out in dismay and said, “If you guys don’t escort me back safely and just carelessly kill and behead me like this, how would the people of the imperial capital react? You guys don’t have concrete evidence, so this is simply a total disregard for life!”

“We are investigating on behalf of our emperor’s commands, and he has completely trust in us. Who would dare to disobey?” An imposing voice echoed from within the palace hall.

At death’s door, Yu Meng suddenly realized and had a rough guess at who the person in the palace hall was. It should be the War King who was rumored to have admired the young genius, Shi Ziling.

He quivered and trembled, since no matter what he said, it was too late.

With a pu sound, a head flew upwards, and Yu Meng was beheaded immediately, passing away within the western border. Once news of this returned to the imperial capital, it evoked shock, as this was like whipping Rain Clan’s face.

Afterwards when people learned it was the War King, they were all at ease again. With his title, it was no longer a surprise. There weren’t many things he did not dare to do.

Within the huge city on the western border, the War King no longer made any moves after beheading everyone. A kings at his side opened his mouth and said, “This matter might perhaps be related to the Martial King Manor.”

“Oh, Rain Clan and Military King’s Manor are connected through marriage. There should be something here,” another king nodded.

“Not bad, keep investigating. No matter what, they must all be warned.” The War King declared.

Military King’s Manor produced Shi Yi, who had exceptional heavenly talents. He was like the rise of a blazing sun, and he shocked the vast earth. There were also geniuses among these king’s later generations, and they similarly had the qualifications to fight for the emperor position. They would never let go of any opportunities to obstruct each other.

The matter had been escalated so much, and the Rain Clan were truly unwilling to accept the results since everyone within the western border had been killed. Heads stacked up like mountains, and even an important disciple of the family couldn’t escape death. They escalated this issue all the way to the emperor.

Even the Martial King Manor was very passive as well, as they had been linked to this matter.

The imperial city trembled, and a great wave surged over this entire place. Finally, the emperor showed his face, reprimanded some relevant people, and killed even more people. Only then did this disturbance gradually calm down.

But all this had nothing to do with the little guy. He brought Qingfeng into the great wasteland since they had already parted ways with the Hai family.

“This is the Snow Leopard’s milk, it tastes the best. You try it, it’s so sweet and delicious.” The little guy’s face was dirty, and only his pair of big eyes were very bright and shiny. They entered the great wasteland once again, and since they could not avoid battling with vicious beasts, his body was stained with quite a bit of blood.

“I’m already seven years old. I don’t drink milk anymore.” Little Qingfeng felt embarrassed.

“Don’t worry about it, no one’s watching. It’s truly very delicious.” The little guy held a bamboo straw and drank a whole mouthful. His eyes were infatuated as they became crescent moon.

“Really?” Little Qingfeng blinked.

“Really!” The little guy carefully nodded.

On another mountain range, the father and son duo of the Hai Family were constantly paying close attention to external affairs. During these few days, their hearts surged up and down like the tide, and they had a tough time staying calm.

“That child is truly a talent. No, he’s a heaven-warping genius. He has unlimited potential in his path of cultivation.” Uncle Hai sighed.

“If we meet again one day, I believe his name will have already shaken the entire country, and his name will spread to all the land under the heavens.” Grandpa Hai also sighed.

“Aoooo…” At their side, a black tiger roared.

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