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Chapter 75 – Reckless

Within a majestic manor in Rushing Cloud City, a fat middle-aged man paced back and forth. His name was Yu Meng, and his face was expressionless as terrifying symbols circulated within his eyes. He was the number one expert of the Rain Clan.

This time, he accepted orders from the clan elder to inspect the western border. This area was part of the clan’s property, and there were various uncommon metal ores mines, as well as an various precious birds and strange beasts.

“Has young lady Youyu appeared?” Yu Meng stood atop an arched bridge in a garden, and he was currently looking towards a group of purple scaled fish in the river while asking the official at his side. While carrying out the inspection, he also had to request a talisman from  a Heaven Mending Pavilion emissary for the sake of his clan’s extraordinary genius.

The Clan Elder gave much of his affection towards that talent, so he did not want to make any slip ups. The sooner he could obtain the talisman and leave, the better.

The supervisor was very respectful and replied, “Our scout have continuously been searching, however, we have yet to see young lady Xia return. I’ll report to you as soon as there is any information.”

“Truly unsatisfactory. Clan Elder as assigned me the task of finding out information about Shi Ziling, but absolutely nothing regarding the situation has turned up. In addition, I need to find a talisman, yet the person can’t even be reached!” Yu Meng was unpleased. He turned around and walked off the stone arched bridge and into a pavilion before sitting down.

The supervisor’s face turned pale and hurried followed behind. He bowed down, saluted and said, “Sir, forgive me!”

Soon after, the supervisor returned to a palace hall and sat on a leaning chair. He rubbed his temples and shouted with an imposing voice, “Servants!”

Suddenly, a group of people quickly walked in. These were all experts who had extremely powerful strength.

“So many years have passed. I assigned you people to search for news regarding Shi Ziling, yet you fools couldn’t even find a trace of him. Utter trash!” The supervisor roared like an angry lion, and his temperament was much different than his previous fawning behavior just a while ago. He was currently acting incredibly ferocious and powerful.

The group of people suddenly felt a wave of coldness. They were well aware that not only was this supervisor vicious, he was also an expert with a profound cultivation. In this Rushing Cloud City, he was definitely an upper level figure.

The supervisor’s face was gloomy as he said, “Also, those old monsters from that shabby manor all died. Is that child still alive?”

“Sir, we found out a long time ago that the child there is most likely a substitute. It’s impossible for him to be that Shi Hao from back then.” A person courageously responded.

“Idiot!” The supervisor became furious. He slapped down with all his strength, immediate destroying the wooden table in front of him. Furthermore, under the surge of his aura, the metallic floor shook, disintegrating and sinking the metallic floor down by a foot. It was possible to imagine just how terrifying his cultivation was.

“Even if he is a fake, we still have to think of a way to kill him. What kind of clan is the Rain Clan? They are an ancient and glorious clan with an ancient history that is even older than Stone Country. They care about fact the most, and letting that little child live is simply a humiliation for them!” roared the supervisor.

The people below immediately revealed their fear, and could not help but take a step back. That gloomy man above them howled and shook their eardrums until they were in extreme pain.

“Sir, don’t worry. Those old monsters has already died. Who can still protect him? There will be news about it soon.”The group of people hastily declared.

“I’m warning you guys, don’t leave any holes in your plan. Otherwise, I’ll pull your muscles out and strip your skin off. If an accident happens, none of you will live!”

“We’ll make the proper arrangements. We could let a poisonous bug bite him to death, let a beast rush in from the mountains, scare him into a slow death, or even invite in a few fierce disciples. They wouldn’t act against him, but they could…”

“That’s enough, just leave. I only look for results.” The supervisor waved his hand and sent the people off to make their moves.

The shabby manor was intensely cold. As the wind blew past, all kinds of old doors began to creak. During the night, they sounded like the weeping of ghosts.

Those few elders had all passed away, and for the past few decades, there haven’t been any new ‘criminals’ exile here as punishment. This place was incredibly ghastly, and it lacked the presence of humans.

When night arrived, not even the servants dared to go out and stroll around the manor.

“Your name is…” The little guy scratched his head since they had the same name.

“Ever since I was young, they all called me Shi Hao,” said the child gently as he lowered his head with sadness. Those elders had all died, so he felt very lonely now.

“How about you use that name and I’ll change mine,” said the little guy. This child received so much bitter pain on his behalf, so he did not want to take back the name that he always used as well.

“No need, it’s fine if I just change mine. This name always stirs my memories. I want to forget everything,” the child at the side said.

After thinking for a long while, he made a new name for himself called Shi Qingfeng. He wished that he could be as free as the wind in the future, and be freed from this prison.

The two children’s eyes were all very bright. They looked at each other and started laughing.

“I want to see Big Black,” little Qingfeng said.  He had a bit of reluctance and reminiscence in his eyes, and wished to leave and see his best friend.

During these many years, he was truly lonely since he did not have any playmates similar to his age. Without any friends, only that black tiger could make him laugh. He was very pitiful.


After dawn and before even they had left, sounds began to echo from the gate. A resonant voice transmitted through and said, “Child, where are you? Uncle is here to take you away from this damn place and help you escape from these slaves’ bullying.”

A middle-aged man entered the manor. He had a tall stature with a dragon beard across his face and was very boorish. The little guy got up and quickly hid with the intention of avoiding being seen.

“Ya, It’s Uncle Hai!” little Qingfeng was joyful.

Uncle Hai was the son of Grandpa Hai, and this family always treated him nicely. After those elders passed away one after the other, Grandpa Hai and his son discussed it together, and they decided in the end to take in and raise this pitiful child.

“It wouldn’t be too good to have you leave all of a sudden.” A servant stood blocked his way.

“Not very good my ass. If this child continues to live here, he would definitely not live for more than three months. That leg of his is already so crippled, do you guys not know that? Just when that elder fell into terminal illness, a rare and poisonous flood dragon scuttled through and bit the bottom of his foot…” Uncle Hai was unsatisfied as his steel-like dragon whiskers trembled.

“Uncle Hai, I’ll go with you to see Big Black.” Little Qingfeng ran over.

They were currently at a village that was normally in charge of delivering prey, vegetables or fruits to the Stone Clan’s second ancestral land. They were not large, and only had 100 or so members.

Hou… A large voice transmitted through, and a huge black tiger appeared at the entrance of the village. It was enormously huge at roughly three zhang tall and was six to seven zhang long. It rapidly rushed over, and behind it were four little tiger cubs who were all charmingly naive as they all ran over together.

“Big Black…” Little Qingfeng rapidly threw himself over while brimming with joy.

The little guy stared blankly from the distant mountain. This tiger was not simple, as it had an exuberant amount of blood essence and mysterious symbols inside its body; it was a fierce beast.

In the distance, a cold and detached young man saw this. “Damn it, the father and son of the Hai family unexpectedly took him in. This father and son duo are both powerful experts who lived here in seclusion, and all the villagers around here trust him.”

On that night, the fierce beasts within the mountain began to roar. Suddenly over ten enormous black figures went mad and broke into the village to massacre the entire place.


“Aiya, not good! Fierce beasts are here to take our lives. Quickly run for your lives!” The villagers were terrified.

Pu, Pu!

The sounds of bowstrings trembling echoed within the darkness. A few shining arrows with symbols on them flew out towards those few enormous black figures. The beast howls stopped immediately, and they all fell to the ground dead.

Soon after, the villagers all calmed down.

“Grandfather Hai, you are truly lively despite being old, and actually shot down those tiger-like vicious beasts.” The villagers sincerely thanked him.

The little guy stood far away within the forest and nodded. The father and son of the Hai family were indeed powerful experts who lived in seclusion. They were unusually skilled, and they were rather extraordinary.

“This old thing can shoot arrows with symbols and even has a profound skill. He shouldn’t be an otherworldly expert right?” In the distance, a group of people frowns as they exposed their killing intent.

During the next few days, poisonous bugs and fierce birds appeared from time to time to surround the village. Although they were all killed by the father and son of the Hai family, the villagers were still trembling with fear.

“Such vile humans, so this is them pressuring us to hand over the child. If I really return him back, I can guarantee he will not live for another two months.” Uncle Hai was furious.

“Let it be. We stayed here long enough, so we should switch to another place while bringing this child with us. Of course, before we leave, I’ll make preparations to slaughter them,” Grandfather Hai coldly said.

During the evening when more fierce beasts came to attack, two figures began to move out. With speeds as fast as specters, they streaked across the sky into the distance.



Wretched screamed sounded in succession. Not only were the fierce beasts exterminated, there were even people who died. The experts that the supervisor sent were all extraordinarily powerful individuals who cultivated with the Bone Text. Otherwise, if they were too ordinary, how could they have been in charge of finding news regarding the tracks of Shi Ziling? However, it was still not enough. The twenty people were all killed without a single one escaping.

“So powerful!” The little guy who was in the forest was shocked.

Since he grew up within the mountains his entire life while killing vicious birds and fierce beasts, he naturally understood how to conceal his own aura and avoid being discovered.

Within Rushing Cloud City, after the supervisor received the news, his eyes became gloomy. Twenty experts dying within a single night was definitely not something an ordinary person was capable of.

“Don’t tell me that I have to personally go?!” He jumped on his legs and stood up. He released a powerful aura and cracked the walls of the entire room.

After daybreak, Yu Meng stood up within his majestic manor and strolled around the garden. He indifferently asked, “I heard you lost some manpower?”

The supervisor immediately stooped down and did not dare to look straight as he said, “Right, there was unexpectedly some extremely powerful experts hidden. I’m prepared to personally take action and kill them.”

Yu Meng cold and indistinctly said, “Experts eh, I like it. I have been raising a vicious beast lately and need the blood of experts. Take my people with you and capture that father and son pair for me. I suspect they may be of some interest.”

The supervisor was startled then exulted. If the important members of the Rain Clan took action, who would be be able to live? Even though that father and son duo were hidden experts, they would still meet a tragic end.

He knew that things had been unfavorable for Yu Meng recently, and so felt a wave of anger within his heart. It was about to erupt, perhaps even creating some terrifying disturbances for the western border.

Within the village, little Qingfeng gratefully said, “Grandpa Hai, It’s impossible for me to leave with you. I have to go with little elder brother, and he told me that there are ways to heal my foot. You guys leave quickly, otherwise, those bad people will not give up.

In the end, they met within the dense forest and little Shi Hao showed himself.

“Thank you grandpa Hai, Uncle Hai. You have to leave this village quickly. There will be a huge ground breaking things happening in the western border soon,” the little guy said.

“You’re an interesting kid. As soon as we met, you warned us with this kind of information.” The old man laughed as he spoke.

“Child, are you using frightening words to scare us?” Uncle Hai asked.

“It’s true.” The little guy blinked his large eyes and carefully said. However, no matter what he said, he still had the appearance of a pretty and adorable porcelain child, so he did not look very trustworthy.

“What’s going to happen?” The old man asked.

“All the bad people on the western border will be punished severely!” The little guy clenched his fists tightly.

“Child, what are you going to do?” Grandpa Hai asked.

The little guy carried the corpses of those experts kill by the father and son out of the forest and said, “You guys wait here a bit.”

Finally, he grabbed those corpses and charged into that shabby manor.

“What’s he going to do?” The father and son duo brought little Qingfeng and chased after him in confusion.

Soon after, their bodies went cold all over as a sudden fright overcame them.

In the distance, flames reached into the heavens and a group of servants ran out as that manor was engulfed in a sea of flames.

Uncle Hai’s scalp went numb and said, “This is the Stone Clan’s ancestral land. It’s usually desolate and it doesn’t matter if no one takes care of it, but who would dare burn it down. This will cause a huge calamity under the heavens!”

“Let’s leave quickly, there will be certainly be kings who will personally come soon!” Grandpa Hai had a huge headache. Never could he have imagined that the little guy dared to do this. This was truly reckless.

“Ah, little elder brother actually dared to do this.” Little Qingfeng was also shocked.

The little guy returned and very calmly said, “I only have one ancestral land, and it is not this place. I have absolutely no connections with that Stone Country anymore.”

When he was young, he had his Supreme Being Bone stolen away, yet the people there were very indifferent and persecuted his family. At this place, his substitute also experienced such misery and no one cared about him. This type of thing happened again and again, so he lost all sense of belonging towards the empire of the Stone Clan.

Although he was kindhearted, he was not weak and dared to do anything.

“Let’s go!” Grandpa Hai’s scalp was going to explode and he did not dare to stay any longer.

Quickly, those people vanished.

“What, Stone Clan’s ancestral land was burned clean in a sea of fire?!” After the supervisor heard the news, his face went pale.


When Yu Meng heard the news, he released a world-shaking bellow because he knew it was all over. There will be a be a gargantuan disaster approaching, and all those who were born within the western boundary or even resided within were done for. Once an investigation was done, it would be impossible for any of them to escape.

“Fool!” Yu Meng roared loudly and swatted away the profoundly cultivated supervisor with a single hand. His mouthful of teeth flew away, and was dyed in his own blood.

“Sir, I did not command anyone to do this!” The supervisor was frightened as he trembled, and with a pu tong, he kneeled onto the ground.

“It doesn’t matter who did it, it will attract a huge calamity. Stone Country will send out at least a few kings and investigate thoroughly along the way. The little things you did before will naturally be discovered and eventually link it to me…” Yu Meng was angry as veins blew up on his forehead and terror rose within his heart.

“Genuine kings will personally come…” The supervisor became silly. As he trembled and kneeled there, he almost scared himself to death.

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