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Chapter 74 – Satisfaction

Within the gate room, the two were pretentiously sitting there without a hint of respect towards the so called young master. They carelessly said that the ancestor was going to die as they took joy in the poor child’s misfortune.

“You are not permitted to talk nonsense!” The pale faced child with a weak body and tears within his eyes was heartbroken and desperate.

He truly feared that his ancestral grandpa would pass away, and he could not bear to part with that kind of affection. These servants were absolutely vile too, so how would he be able to live in the future?

“Young master, living sickly like this is actually quite tormenting. In my eyes, after that old man passes away too, you should…what’s that…” The man in the gate room forcefully laughed and didn’t say it out loud, since it was excessively blatant.

“That’s enough, don’t say any more. It’s going to happen sooner or later. Looking at his appearance, he can’t live for much longer. He will die prematurely for sure.” Another servant at the side quietly said with a sneer.

“You’re so vile. I will not excuse you!” The child had teary eyes. He leaned against the wall and limped towards the inside.

He was extremely lonely. In this huge manor, he did not have a single relative or playmate. He only had this deserted and shabby building whose windows creaked after a wind blew past.

This child had always wanted to walk inside. He arrived at a spacious courtyard and pushed open a maple door whose paint had fallen off long time ago. He gently said, “Grandfather.”

On top of that ancient bed laid a old and gray-haired elder whose face was like golden paper. His aura was like a stream, and his eyes were very bleak ever since they had lost their all-powerful radiance from his former years.

“Child…if I die, the only one who would not be at ease is you.” The elder raised his arm with great difficulty and reached out. He was struggling, and needed several tries to touch that child’s hand.

“Grandfather, you won’t die.” The child wept.

“Child… don’t cry.” The elder used his rough hands to gently stroke his pale face. His muddy old eyes shed a few tears, and he was very reluctant to go.

“Grandfather!” The child wept loudly. He was very helpless as he laid by the bedside and grabbed the elder’s hand with all his might without any intention of letting go.

The elder used his large rough hands to pull the little hands toward him. He looked left and right with great affection, but his eyes were dark. He wanted to open his mouth and say something, but his chest rose and fell, as there were some things that could not be said.

“Grandfather, you cannot abandon me. What do I do when I’m by myself?” The child was distressed as he shook that elder’s arm.

During the past few years, the elders all passed away one after the other, causing him to be incredibly heartbroken. There was only one elder remaining who was his most intimate person, but he was about to die as well which terrified his him.

“Child…” The elder opened his mouth, but all he could form out of it was a single word; nothing else came out. His eyes had lost all of its luster, and he could only pant heavily now.

Outside the gate, the little guy’s large eyes were red all over. He soundlessly and breathlessly entered the manor. Through his few days of surveillance, he confirmed there were no experts and came here.

He pushed the gate open and walked inside. He wiped away his tears and gazed toward the elder on the bed and emotionally said, “Grandfather.”

“Ya, you…” That pale faced child was scared backwards.

The elder on the bed became suspicious. On his deathbed, he unexpectedly saw a child that he had never seen before. Being called by that, he perplexedly looked toward him.

He was once an all-powerful expert, yet he could not fight against the passage of time. After he reached his twilight years, his condition became bleak.

“Grandfather, I am that child back then. I’m here to see you!”  The little guy chokingly sobbed. Seeing the past through the Willow Deity, he knew that the elders who were exiled here treated their family very nicely. The child on the side was one they brought in as a substitute.

After hearing these words, the elder on the bed ferociously widened his eyes. Those originally dark eyes suddenly emitted a threatening splendor as he spoke in a trembling voice, “You… are actually him?”

He unexpectedly talked in a rushed voice and threatening gaze.

“That’s right grandfather. I’m here to see you.” The little guy grabbed his hand while chokingly sobbed. He did not make it in time to see the other elders off.

“Your injuries…” The elder panted heavily. He asked with an urgent voice, but these were the only words he was able to muster out.

“My injuries have healed. I’ve made it through.” The little guy said because he knew this was the best thing he wanted to hear. Then he lightly said again, “A swing of my arm contains a divine strength of 108,000 jin.”

He told things honestly. As expected, after the elder heard it, he astonishingly widened his eyes and his lips constantly opened and closed. He pulled one of his little arms as if he wanted to confirm something.”

“Yes, just a single arm’s strength!” The little guy’s eyes were tearful and he nodded with all his strength.

“Haha…” At the very last moment, the elder was like the final radiance of the setting sun and unexpectedly released a huge laughter. His cloudy tears tumbled down and his face was brimming with happiness at this pleasant surprise. This gave him reassurance, and he did not have a single shred of regret left.

But the little guy continued to weep because he knew the elder depleted the last bit of his essence energy, and even holy medicine was unable to save him.

This elder was the brother of Shi Hao’s grandfather. From a bloodline’s perspective, they were really closely related, so he treated him very nicely unlike those groups of indifferent people from the empire.

“Grandfather…”The child at the side cried loudly

The elder’s eyes did not have a single trace of radiance left, and used the last bit of his strength to grab that child’s hand before looking towards little Shi Hao. He opened his mouth a bit with the intention of putting that little hand on his hand, but he was out of strength.

The little guy wept and extended his hand and grabbed that little hand before clenching it tightly. Then he put them together on that elder’s rough big hands and lightly said, “Grandfather, don’t worry. I will take care of him well!”

A final cloudy tear tumbled down from that elder’s tear and he stopped moving. His face had a smile on it, as if he received gratification, however, it also contained a look of satisfaction as if a weight had been lifted from his shoulders.

He was happy and free, as all of his regrets were resolved. He passed away just like that, and shut his eyes.

“Grandfather!” the child at the side wept loudly and instantly threw himself over the body of the elder. His heart was split, and his lungs cracked as he heartbrokenly grieved. Clusters of tears bunched up and tumbled down

The little guy shed tears as well. Finally, he pulled this child up and quietly gave him a warning before leaving.

Two days later, the elder was buried, and that child wept in front of his grave in great suffering. The group of servants could not pull him away no matter how hard they tried, and even fainted several times.

Finally, he was carried away by two faithful old servants.

The little guy hid in the forest and also wiped away his tears as he silently choked with emotions. He looked from afar since he had no way of appearing or approaching.

He only came to the grave after all the people had left. He quietly muttered there and carefully prayed.

“Young master, your foot is always limping, walk slower and be careful of falling down.” It was still at that gate room where those two servants became even more unrestrained and loudly made fun of him. The few elders had all died, so what kind of trouble could this little pitiful child make? The foreigners always wanted to kill him, and it looks like it will not be long now.

“You people…” The child was angry, and his little face was pale as he glared at them with his thoroughly red eyeballs.

“You two are too disgraceful. This is the young master, how can you speak like this?!” Two old servants shouted.

“Meddle more in other people’s business old men. This shabby place is a prison, how could it have a master? Ordinarily calling him that is just sticking some gold on his face.” The two servants in the gate room turned hostile.

The two old servants trembled all over. They pull that child’s hands and furiously left.

During the evening in that child’s room, the little guy appeared and lightly said, “What do you wish for right now?”

“I want to see Big Black right now what the little tiger she gave birth to,” the child wept and said. Big Black was that tiger raised by elder Hai who was normally in charge of delivering food for them. Usually, he lacked a playmate so he was very lonely. Each time that grandpa Hai came and delivered food for them, he could only play with Big Black for a while.

The little guy’s heart was sad. He was a kind-hearted child, but he also encountered such a series of torment. He was able to sympathize with the pain the child in front of him suffered.

“Do you not want to punish those two servants in the gate room?” the little guy asked

“I want to, but I do not want to make a big deal out of it.” This child’s eyes were thoroughly red as a said that. Those two were very harsh, and when the elders began to start dying, they did a great deal of misdeeds within the manor.

Zhizhi! Hairy Ball shrieked. It also saw everything with its eyes and was extremely angry. What it meant was, “They must be severely punished!”

“Hairy Ball, you do it,” the little guy said. He still had other things to do, like finding out who bribed those servants. Although he had some guesses, he still wanted to confirm his suspicions and take some action, because those other people were intolerable bullies.

“Don’t cry anymore. Just forget everything that is here. In the future, I’ll bring you to a place called Heaven Mending Pavilion and no one will dare to bully you again,” the little guy consoled.


During midnight, a vicious beast flew over and descended outside the manor. This was a three zhang tall Unicorn Man Bear1 that was light gold all over. A golden horn grew out of its head, and a pair of wings grew from its back, enabling flight.

This kind of creature could utilize symbols, but they could not create ancient precious bones like that of a unicorn. They had a certain amount of power, but they were inferior to genuinely powerful vicious beasts.

A squishy and plump little fist sized beast sat on its head and shined in golden light. After arriving here, it made a whoosh sound and disappeared without a trace. That was precisely Hairy Ball. Not even the little guy could have thought that it went out and tamed this kind of vicious beast.


The golden Man Bear swatted forward with its claws and immediately smashed open the gate. The two dreamers awoke from their dreams, and after seeing such a ferocious predator coming straight towards them, the two limped out weakly as they fearfully screamed.

The Man Bear sat with its buttocks, and after a few kacha sounds, the sound of the two people’s bones being broken echoed through. Only their upper bodies were exposed, and their lowered bodies had already been turned into mutilated flesh.

“Save us!”

At this time of the night, this kind of mournful scream echoed especially far. The two people were so scared that their bladders burst as they fearfully cried.

The people within the manor were startled and many people held a weapon and came over. When they arrived in the vicinity, they were all struck with sudden surprise.

The golden Man Beat was currently creating kacha kacha sounds as he tore off those two’s legs apart to eat them. Blood sprinkled everywhere, and ghostly white bones were exposed. It was extremely terrifying.

After seeing these people rush over, the Man Bear got up and patted its big bloody claws. Then with a flap of its wings, it directly disappeared into the night sky.

“Ah, save us!” The two screamed wretchedly.

Everyone knew that these two people were finished, as they lost both their legs. In this cruel western border, even if they could survive, they were destined to live in extreme tragedy.

“Serves you right! I told you guys not to do bad stuff everyday!”

“Revenge, God has grown some eyes!”

Absolutely no one sympathized with them, as it was obvious how disastrous they carried themselves.

“Hairy Ball, you’re truly…bad enough.” After the little guy saw this scene, he stared at that golden Zhuyan with amazement. He did not imagine that it would command a Man Bear to do this kind of thing. It did not kill those two, but what it did was more cruel than killing them.

Hairy Ball waved its little golden claw. What it meant was, “This is just a little matter, you have to treat bad people like this.”

“Little big brother, I heard grandpa say that the bribed people in the manor were just bridge jumping clowns. Only the people outside are strong with terrifyingly powerful peak level experts among them,” the pale child at the side said.

“Don’t fear. I have a way to deal with them.” The little guy clenched his little fists tightly. He had a few guess, but he did not know whether it was Shi Yi’s bloodline or other people. He was sad and angry, and decided to wage a war here.

“However, they are truly hard to deal with since we are still small,” said the child at the side timidly.

“Even when dealing with the most terrifying fierce beast, you do not have have to fight with your life on the line. Oh, I forgot, I have always battled with vicious birds and fierce beasts, and have gotten used to saying stuff like this.” The little guy scratched his head in embarrassment then continued to say, “I have ways. Not a single one of them can escape. No matter how powerful they are, as long as they live in the western border, they will meet calamity and suffer punishment!”

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