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Chapter 73 – His Other Self

The beast herd outside the city did not disperse, and various vicious birds filled the skies. They hesitated in the air, but they did immediately retreat after seeing species that were similar to them being killed off.

On top of the mountain within the city, the Guardian Spirit stood four to five zhang tall. Its entire body was dark green, and three millstone-sized flowers with rose-like appearances had multi-colored light circulating about it. It was extremely splendid, and waves of fragrant odor was released from it.

The longer the Guardian Spirit acted passively and did not attack, the more the unrest within the beast herd outside grew. They were afraid of this Guardian Spirit that had taken root here for so many years, and although they didn’t cower in retreat, they didn’t dare act at this moment.

Suddenly, a long bird cry echoed throughout. It was like the sound of thunder, shaking forest until leaves scattered in chaos. An enormous black figure appeared in midair as a 50 to 60 meter long vicious bird flew across the sky. Dark light flickered all over its bird body as its essence energy surged forth. Its silver eyes were as sharp as bristles of electricity, and with its flickering symbols, its oppressive aura began cover the earth.

“Ya, the leader of the vicious bird and beast group showed up! It’s indeed a vicious bird. What a terrifying ripple of energy!” Everyone was startled.

This time, the beast flood actually had such a powerful vicious bird leading them. After its whistle, all the various land beasts began to initiate their attacks. With its terrifying display of power, none of them dared to disobey its order.


Within the city on the mountain of earth, that Guardian Spirit once again blossomed with a multi-colored scarlet light. That red flower went into full bloom, and an incomparable sharp scarlet lightning shot across the sky

Pu, pu…

The few vicious beasts who were leading the group suddenly fell after being hit by the flying scarlet sword. Their heads all began to drip with bright red blood as they were hacked open triggering fear and chaos amongst them.

This was obviously just a plant, but it was able to use such a tyrannical scarlet sword. This sharp sword-shaped stamen could be called a world-shocking weapon that could overcome any obstacles. The attacks of the fierce beasts and birds began to slow down.

With this kind of Guardian Spirit keeping watch, it could resist an army of thousands. An ordinary beast cloud was simply unable to shake Rushing Cloud City’s foundation, making this place safe from any attacks.

In the sky, that enormous fifty to sixty meter long vicious bird began to cry out. Pitch black light began to flicker, and its body began to emit waves of divine symbols. Soon after, it opened its mouth, spitting down a large area of flames towards that plant. It personally made its move; otherwise, the beast flood would be defeated.

The scarlet sword flew back, and the dark green plant trembled. Its entire body began to shine, and a dark green mist surged forth into the sky in order to meet that large area of flames. After some chi la chi la sounds, the fire began to quickly diminish.

The black vicious bird in the sky had a pair of silver eyes that burned with rays of light. They shot out streaks of light beams as if they were enormous silver arrows. They continuously extended over a dozen meters, as they powerfully shot down.

Bo, Bo…

Within the city, the plant’s dark green leaves began to tremble. Its flowers that were as large as millstones simultaneously blossomed. Scarlet, white, and purple; three kinds of light bursted forth. Mists of light surged, and it was auspicious and dazzling as it released a shocking wave.

Scarlet light flickered, and the sound of swords was deafening. That scarlet sword was the first one to rush out into the sky, and it drew out an arc of brilliant red light, creating a scenery that resembled the sunset glow. After that, a pure white radiance flashed, and the white jade sword charged into the heavens. Lastly, a dense purple mist rose, and a purple sword released a long cy.

The three flying swords simultaneously rose from the ground like a comet streaking across the skies. They swayed their long tails as they illuminated the entire horizon. Its light was astonishing as it linked the heavens and the earth.

That vicious bird spiraled into the sky like a black cloud. The vicious might was terrifying. Within its silver eyes, streaks of silver light beams shot out one after another. In the end, however, they were still all destroyed.

The sounds of the three swords were ear-splitting as their cries stirred the heavens. Their symbols proliferated, and in the end, the remnant flame was once again ignited, chopping towards the front of the vicious bird.

The vicious bird flapped its wings, and it tried its best to withstand it. Bright symbols erupted from that area, and the bird met the swords head on.

Following those resonating sounds, there was a final pu sound, and the enormous vicious bird’s body was split open. Large chunks of blood rained from the sky as the huge bird’s head was chopped off before falling onto the ground.

The beast flood collapsed on the spot. Their leader was defeated, and as a result, they scattered and fled everywhere towards the distant mountain ranges.


The city walls were opened wide, and a group of experts rushed out as they chased after their buttocks to kill them. A bunch of arrows were shot into the sky at a 45 degree angle, landing in the middle of those vicious birds and fierce beasts. Blood instantly splashed out, and one corpse after another was left behind.

In the distance, the little guy who witness that battle a moment ago could not help but feel a bit of unrest. Guardian Spirits were truly odd in all different ways. There were all kinds of species, and all of them were extremely powerful.

It was just a plant with three flowers as large as millstones, yet it unexpectedly carried sword-like stamens; it was extremely shocking.

This battle moved little Shi Hao quite a bit, and he muttered, “Symbols could actually be utilized like this! To carry a sharp weapon inside itself to attack and conquer everything in path.”

He was pondering over whether or not to try an imitate what he saw, and condense a sharp weapon out of symbols.

After that rather fat middle-aged man witnessed that battle from within the city, he muttered to himself, “This Guardian Spirit is truly not simple, and actually grew a few flying swords. Its achievements in the future is simply immeasurable.”

The three swords were all rare, priceless precious artifacts that tempted his heart, but he knew no matter how powerful the Rain Clan was, there were some things one just could not obtain.

“Oh, that’s right. What kind of news came from that worn out manor?” After the middle-aged man returned to his senses, he asked the area supervisor by his side.

“Nothing. After that couple left, they never returned,” responded the supervisor. He was already forty years old, and stayed by the western border all year round. Ordinarily, his power and influence was not small, but now he had to once again lower his head and bend down like in the past.

“Shi Ziling is a terrifying person. The clan is not at ease and hopes that he will not appear again. Pay more attention to it, and report any news immediately.” An evil expression appeared on that middle age man’s face.

“Yes, as long as there is wind blowing and grass swaying, the news will immediately be reported.” The supervisor had a faithful and devoted appearance. He lived in this uncivilized land long enough, and wanted to return to the empire.

“That’s right, is that child still alive?” That expressionless and rather fat middle-aged man absent-mindedly asked.

The supervisor hastily responded, “His body is very weak so he can’t live for too long.”

The middle aged man let out an oh sound, and did not express any more opinions.

The supervisor’s face suddenly paled and added, “Those old freaks all passed away, and the last remaining one can’t live for much longer. That evil bastard can’t live for much longer either.”

“Don’t be confused. No matter how worn out that place is, it still has an abnormal importance. If something unexpected occurs… Hmph!” The middle aged man warned.

“Master, don’t worry. That child might be careless and fall into a well, go missing in a mountain, attacked and killed by a vicious bird, or accidentally killed without any trace of loopholes.

“Stop making assumptions!” The middle aged man ruthlessly stared at him with one eye.

“Yes!” The supervisor hastily bent over and did dare to make any other comments.

When the middle-aged man left to rest. The supervisor immediately straightened his body and sat on his leaning chair. He faced the door with a powerful, imposing and rather dignified look. “Let them in!”

Outside of Rushing Cloud City, businessmen who went through the dense forest to collect beast skins and spirit medicines from the ancient tribes appeared. They successively returned to the city through the city gates.

The little guy watched for a bit from afar, and soon after, he urged his unicorn to quickly speed into the distance. He did not enter the city in fear of some unforeseen events occurring, as there were interrogators at the city gates.

The unicorn rapidly traveled. He made plans to take a detour around this region, and travel straight towards Stone Clan’s second ancestral land.

Incredibly dangerous terrain lined the towering mountains and lofty ridges, and this detour actually added an extra thousand li. At first, there were steep cliffs that blocked the road, but soon after, there were swamps that took up the entire area.

However, he had already traveled over 300,000 li, so he did not mind the 1000 li detour. He had finally reached Stone Country’s borders without a hitch, and he quickly rushed toward the ruined ancestral land.

At noon, he finally arrived at his destination. The sun was large, and emitted dense rays of sunshine. However, that ruined manor seemed lethargic and heavy, and many buildings had already collapsed.

The little guy did not approach that area immediately. He got off of his unicorn from quite a distance away, and ran into the forest by himself while only bringing Hairy Ball to observe. He had no choice but to be careful, as Stone Clan was extremely enormous. If one of their men were guarding this place while waiting him to fall into their trap, then it would inevitably lead to an extremely situation that would only lead to death.

In the following few days, little Shi Hao still did not make any indiscriminate actions. He roamed about nearby, and carefully examined many things within his surroundings.

Within the vicinity, there were four villages and a single town, and within this vast but sparsely populated western boundary, this was naturally rather unusual. When traveling through the mountain ranges and crossing the ridges, one would only see a single village under normal circumstances.

The initial purpose of these villages were simply to supply the ancestral land. In the end, however, they ended up merging together.

This was a land of exile, but normal people could not come in either. Only well known people from within the Stone Clan who committed the greatest of crimes were exiled here.

“Ai, it’s getting more and more lifeless. Those old freaks are all dying off one after another. What’s going to happen to that pitiful child? Such evil sins…” An elder drove a beast chariot and left the shabby manor. He was here to deliver fruits and wild prey for them to eat.

Although the manor had some servants, this place still seemed rather cold and cheerless. It was like an abandoned land, desolate and withered.

“Grandpa Hai, you have to bring Big Black over next time so it can play with me.” In the middle of the shabby manor, a weak child sat on a stone step while waving his hand with all of his strength. He was talking while coughing, and had a pale and small face.

“Okay, when Big Black gives birth to that nest of tigerlings, I’ll bring them immediately and let them play with you.” The elder who drove the beast chariot far away gently said, “Truly a pitiable child. With no relatives or playmates, he has been protected in this old graveyard of a manor. His childhood has been too dull.”

Only when that elder’s beast chariot traveled far away did that child reluctantly stand up. His feet seemed rather limp, and he held the wall as he slowly walked towards the manor.

In the distance, the little guy stood within a forest and foolishly saw everything. His eyes were tearing up as he muttered to himself, “Is that the other me who has been my replacement to be lonely and unhappy here? His body is so weak and his foot is broken. Was it injured by other people?”

The little guy rubbed that talisman in his bosom that resembled a piece of gold and gently said, “I have to deliver you to the Heaven Mending Pavilion. No matter how far it is, I will accompany you there.”

“Young master, the last ancestor is about to pass away as well. He does not have many days left. Your days in the future will be difficult,” said a servant at the door as he sat there casually. No matter how you looked at it, his expression did not carry an ounce of respect, and only contained ridicule.

“You are speaking nonsense. Grandpa ancestor will not die!” The pale faced child had tears in his large eyes as he refuted loudly while constantly coughing.

“Then just wait and see.” That servant did not seem to mind.

Another servant said, “I heard that young master is not the son of that Shi Ziling. Your real identity is actually the descendant of a relative of that old freak who passed away, and you are actually just here as a replacement.”

“It’s possible. If you are actually Shi Ziling’s son, you would be in an even more precarious situation.” The servant who sat there arrogantly nodded as he faced the young master. He did not get up from start to finish, and lacked any sign of respect.

The little guy saw everything from the distant forest and clenched his fists tightly. During these past few days, he gained a rough understanding of the situation. A portion of the servants within this ruined cage-like manor had long been bribed by outside influences. They were destroying the area from the inside out, and after a few of the old ancestors passed away, some of them became absolutely unrestrained.

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