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Chapter 67 – Silly From Studying

This pure white bone could be considered an extraordinary treasure. It contained endless mysteries as well, and upon it were engraved pictures of confrontations between Archaic Vicious Beasts and Gods. Everything began from the most primitive origins.

The little guy had a silly look on his face, and he was incomparably fascinated. As he embraced the sparkling piece of bone, he was constantly pondering and comprehending it, almost as if he was bewitched by a devil. It was to the point that one time, he accidentally walked straight into the lake. Only when the waters reached his nose and mouth did he snap back to reality, and all the villagers didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“I put a bowl of beast milk in front of his eyes and he actually didn’t see it. This isn’t normal.”

“It’s over. Little guy’s gone silly. Will he become stupid?”

The group of children were muttering amongst themselves. Seeing him act like that, they all felt as if he had been bewitched by the devil.

“Don’t work your brain too much and be careful of injuries,” the village chief solemnly warned. This wasn’t the first time the little guy had spat out blood, so even if his flesh was powerful, he still needed to pay attention.

The little guy was so completely into it that he neglected sleep and food. The shining bone never left his hand as he continuously turned, studied, and tried to comprehend it. He forgot about everything else, and was completely immersed in his studying.

He saw another example of a battle, a Golden Winged Peng against a Deity. The symbols on the bone were dense, and the engraved picture was very small, but it was very genuine; the passion seeped out of the bone!

The little guy became increasingly concentrated and never blinked. The divine essence was incredibly condensed, and he was practically drowning into the bone. Being so engrossed like this, even the engraved pictures looked different.

That Golden Winged Peng emitted a faint golden luster, and gradually, its entire body became bright and resplendent. It became extremely prominent on the bone fragment, and it was as if it was casted out of golden metal. Vivid and lifelike, it seemed as if it was going to fly out of the picture!

An incredibly decisive and violent battle was taking place between the Golden Winged Peng and the Deity. The two sides were both injured, and it was dyed in both the God’s blood as well as its own golden blood essence. It was the lord over heaven and earth, and its huge golden wings practically covered the entire dome of heaven; its power was unrivaled.

It hadn’t recorded any heaven shocking precious techniques, and instead, it only elaborated on the ancient and unique usages of symbols. This object drew out several crucial points of the battle, and it truly contained boundless mysterious meanings.

After looking at only a single picture, the little guy was already bewitched. He was so engrossed in it that he completely blocked out everything else. Only when his energy had been completely emptied and when he spat out a few mouthful of blood did he slowly start to open his eyes.

When the villagers saw this scene, they couldn’t help but feel their hearts ache. The little guy was so engrossed and obsessed that he might eventually run into some big problems. They all advised against acting like this.

“En, I know. These engraved pictures are too profound, and it’s not an area that I can comprehend yet. It’ll be fine if I take things slowly.” The little guy listened and obeyed the advice and carefully came to this conclusion.

If these fight diagrams and engraved pictures were leaked to the outside world, it would certainly arouse a huge ruckus. Although there weren’t any precious techniques on it, it could definitely be called a ‘divine battle record’.

A Golden Winged Peng in a confrontation with God, how many people could actually see a scene like this? If a picture like this was exposed, it would certainly shock the world. It was a treasure that experts dreamt about. It wasn’t just true for humans, this was something every race wanted to obtain!

This was where the ‘True Primordial Record’ was scary. When it explained symbols and mysterious meanings, it explained through examples of battles both shallow and deep, from deep to shallow; it touched upon a heaven and earth that was impossible to see.

A small boat floated on top of a lake and the clear lake water rippled with the wind. Golden Dragon Whiskered Fish glittering with brilliant splendor leapt out, creating large water blossoms.

The little guy laid on the small boat calmly and peacefully. His entire body was shining, and strands of divine light flickered. He reconstructed the symbols within his body again to fuse with his flesh.

Once he finished reading the True Primordial Record, his comprehension considerably deepened and far surpassed his knowledge from before. He understood the most fundamental meaning of symbols, and began to practice Blood Transformation again. One speck of light appeared after another like the magic of Gods, and permanently integrated into his body. They chanted scriptures, protected his body, nourished his spirit, shed his mortal body and continuously strengthening him.

The results were shocking. The little guy looked like a furnace and shined for days on end. His internal appeared external as strands of sparkling and brilliant mysterious patterns appeared on his body one after another.

The villagers didn’t bother him and allowed him to comprehend and cultivate. The little guy was half awake, and he focused all of his mind into it as he roamed within that beautiful world.

Divine light was brimming outside his body like divine wings. The blood essence within his body rumbled, and every drop of blood contained a symbol. As they condensed together, their auras became increasingly rich and powerful.

The divine light outside his body was sparkling and holy. He looked like he would grow wings and fly away. His body scattered a rain of light, illuminating the surface of the lake.

The villagers were all startled as they surrounded and watched from the lake shore. Even those precious birds and strange beast such as the little Luans or the Unicorns were dumbfounded as they looked towards the middle of the lake in a daze. Groups of Dragon Whiskered Fish all swam close and bathed in the shower of light. They used their dense golden scales to reflect the light at each other.

The little guy shut his eyes. The light on his body constantly circulated, and the shower of light swirled about as he underwent constant transformations.

The spirit essence between heaven and earth rushed into his body and nourished his inner organs, making him look sparkling and translucent all over. His blood essence was like a long river, constantly rumbling and turned as if they were turning into celestial bodies.

With his previous test completed, he started cultivating anew. The Blood Transformation was perfect, and he had reached an extraordinary state.

The little guy opened his eyes, and the divine light was retracted into himself. His body was translucent like a tender jade sculpted to perfection. The large golden fish within the lake were all startled and rapidly moved their tails as they wanted to submerge into the lake bottom.


The little guy jumped into the water and caught a Dragon Whiskered Fish that weighed up to three hundred jin. Golden light swirled all around its body, and its whiskers were sparkling and fragrant. Every part of its body was a treasure.

“Nasally kid, catch.” The little guy yelled as he raised his arm and threw it onto the shore.

Then, he entered the water again to rapid chase and catch another huge 200 jin golden fish that emitted a sweet scent, directly tossing it onto the shore.

“Wow, it’s a fish king. Several tens of jins were already considered big before. I never thought that this kind of precious fish could grow this big!”

“Little guy, there are many large fish. I just saw over twenty that were at least this big. Catch them quickly!”

The group of children shouted and cried. Fish kings like these definitely had extremely good medicinal properties. Once they were eaten, it could significantly increase their blood aura and strengthen them considerably.

The little guy didn’t continue catching them at all, but leapt to the shore instead. It wasn’t easy for the dark blue lake to give birth to such precious fish. He shouldn’t catch all the fish king since they had to lay their eggs first.

“Grandpa, I want to take a long journey away from home.” After the little guy finished dinner, he suddenly spoke these words.

The chief’s rough hands trembled and raised his head before asking, “Child, you’re so young. Your cultivation still hasn’t truly reached the point where you can go wherever you wish in these desolate lands. Where do you want to go?”

“I don’t truly want to leave Stone Village, and I only want to finish the self-improvement process explained by Willow Deity. I want to travel around and quickly return,” the little guy gently said.

Although he was leaving for self-improvement, the location was still up to him to decide.

His eyes were filled with mist as he recalled his missing his parents and relatives. It’s been over a year since they departed, but Shi Ziling unexpectedly never returned; he was incredibly worried.

“Child, you’re not going to go to the ancient country right?” The chief was concerned, since how could a little child like him go alone into such a powerful kingdom. It was truly too unrealistic.

The little guy shook his head and said, “I won’t take any risks. I’m only going near the great desolate area’s borders. Willow Deity told me to fight with ferocious beasts of the desolate wastelands, and sharpen and improve under dangerous situations. Only like that could I solidify my comprehension and quickly mature.”

Right now he had already re-cultivated the Blood Transformation realm into perfection. He followed the Willow Deity’s warning and didn’t rush his breakthrough. He paused his cultivation in this realm for another month in order to experience more, and comprehending more would benefit his future cultivation.

The little guy wanted to go take a look at the second ancestral land. There were a few accomplished elders in the banished land, and they once chatted very agreeably with his parents. They should know where his parents went in the end.

The child had been away from his parents for many years. When he found out that they were searching for a holy medicine for his sake, and even braved death to enter an ancient divine mountain, it was easy to imagine how much longing and worry was in his heart.

Perhaps he couldn’t do anything, but he wanted to hear about their whereabouts. He was brimming with emotions, and he longed for his relatives. Even if he couldn’t see them, obtaining even the slightest bit of information about them would be comforting.

Besides, there was another child who substituted for him there and was sent to the desolate land as punishment. He didn’t know whether the child lived his life comfortably or in danger. The little guy was a rather emotional person, and felt that a child shouldn’t have deserved such a fate.

“Child, it’s too far. This journey is too dangerous!” The chief didn’t agree.

“Although it’s far, this path really isn’t impossible to overcome. Through my unconscious memory, Willow Deity once estimated that there was a distance of 300,000 li between here and there,” the little guy said.

The second ancestral land was located in the ancient country’s borders, and it was savage and cold. Its distance from the ancestral land was truly not too far, only 300,000 li. Clearly, the Stone Clan’s people were always searching for their roots.

Over 300,000 li away compared to the ancient country’s vast and boundless territory really wasn’t much, but to a child like the little guy who had never journeyed far away, it was truly an astronomical number.

“You never traveled so far away before. How can I feel at ease?” The chief didn’t agree.

After a short while, the villagers all found out and also firmly opposed. This long and dangerous road was fraught with dangers. A single accident would spell certain death within the mountain ranges.

“Willow Deity said that this was a very important part of training, and demanded me to take this journey,” said the little guy.

When the villagers heard, they immediately became silent. The scorched black willow tree was a supreme being in their hearts. It truly would do no good to oppose its words.

“This kind of training, you can refuse. You don’t have to accept it. I’m only training you in accordance to the methods used by the young of the Genuine Hou, Suan Ni and other Archaic Vicious beasts. 300,000 li is truly very terrifying. There are many strange species within the great desolate lands. If you suddenly meet one without prior avoidance, it would become really dangerous,” Willow Deity said.

During the ancient era, all kinds of supremely powerful creatures was very harsh towards their heirs. For the sake of their maturity and becoming an unparalleled power in the future, they would often undergo hellish training.

They had to travel alone within the desolate wasteland, with ferocious beasts everywhere. They had to journey through the incredibly dangerous mountain ranges, and this was an enormous trial. Although they didn’t have explicit enemies, this was possibly even more dangerous.

The Willow Deity’s training fundamentally couldn’t be measured with the average villager as the norm. Everything was done according to the world’s most powerful species.

“I’ll give it a try. If it’s truly impossible, I won’t take any risks and return early.” The little guy’s gaze was unwavering.

In his subconscious memory, his grandfather once killed the young of a Pi Xiu with extremely pure blood in the Hundred Clan Battlefield. Thinking back, it was definitely because the supremely powerful vicious beast deliberated released its heir inside to conduct cruel training.

“I can do it too!” The little guy clenched his fists and encouraged himself as he wished to journey in the direction of the ancient country.

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