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Chapter 66 – Surpassing the Ordinary

Being able to lift a hundred thousand jin of divine metal while he was still so young was absolutely terrifying. This was an insanely hard to accomplish task, and that was why it was called an extreme boundary!

During the Archaic era, heaven rank divine birds and vicious beast used this system to measure their offspring and predict their future accomplishments. Not every offspring could achieve the potential of that extreme boundary.

Right now, the little guy had successfully completed it. He lifted up a hundred thousand jin boulder, and his body was shimmering in the splendor of the morning light. His actions trembled the entire desolate land, and many vicious birds and ferocious beasts anxiously escaped in fear.

“Ya, I did it.” The little guy released the boulder, and it descended alongside the waterfall. A rumbling sound shook the heavens and the earth, as if a great earthquake suddenly occurred.

To have such strength at such an age while purely using the flesh, this was absolutely world shocking. This was an accomplishment that surpassed the ordinary. Under normal circumstances, this was absolutely unattainable with just the physical body.

The little guy faced the light of dawn as he stood on top of a boulder. The vast and rapidly flowing white water rumbled beside him like thunder, trembling this entire rocky mountain. His body glowed with a unique luster, healthy and translucent. He seemed as if he had an endless supply of energy, and even the hundred thousand extreme boundary was broken by him, laying down an incredibly firm foundation.

“I can see the ‘True Primordial Record’ now, but it’s better if I’m a bit stronger!” said the little guy to himself. He had broken through the extreme limit, but this wasn’t his destination.

He didn’t end his training, and instead prepared to spend a little while longer, refining his flesh to an even higher level. He rigorously demanded from himself that he had to surpass his own limits!

Whether it was windy or rainy, the little guy never stopped for a single day. He was already seven years old.


Lightning flashed, thunder rolled, and a heavy rain flooded the entire desolate land. Although it was daytime, the sky was instead frighteningly dark. One couldn’t even see their own fingers if they stretched out their arms, and the only time the earth lit up was when lightning filled the skies.

In the middle of the torrential storm, a little figure was sprinting across the earth while dragging with him a hundred thousand jin boulder. He charged against the mountain torrent, and only used the strength of his body to resist this heavenly might.

This wasn’t a showering of rubble, but a true mountain torrent!

Huge waves crashed into the sky, and mountain boulders tumbled into the flood. It wiped away everything, destroying ancient forests one after another. This was an unbelievably powerful heavenly might! In the face of nature, mankind seemed incomparably tiny and feeble.

Groups of vicious beasts fled, in fear of dying alongside this collapsing country.

However, the little guy wasn’t afraid in the slightest, and went up against this force with the strength of his flesh. He sprinted forcefully against the mountain current, all the way into the heart of the mountains.


The muddy waters and vicious boulders unceasingly rushed forth from within the mountain range. This was an enormous natural disaster, however, the little guy didn’t fear this at all. Sometimes, the torrents that reached into the skies would send him flying into the mountain cliffs, but he still never stopped. After regaining his footing, he would once again advance forward.

Without any symbols flickering, and without any heavenly precious techniques, he only used the body that he attained after his arduous training to face this torrential storm. His body was glowing with a sparkling luster, and he did not make a single noise; he solitarily advanced forward and faced the heavenly might.

When the torrential storm stopped, it was already evening. The black clouds dispersed, and huge trees within the mountains were snapped. Torrential waters flowed, boulders tumbled, and many places were turned into large ponds.

The little guy was dripping wet and bruised all over, but he didn’t have a single fracture nor was bleeding. It was possible to see just how powerful his body had become as he survived this ordeal.

Just like this, day after day, the little guy used these various heavenly calamities to cultivate. Sometimes he jumped off of huge cliffs, and sometimes he even agitated some enormous vicious beasts in order to fight them.

Each time, he returned riddled with scars. He would consume the golden liquid in the medicine cauldron and undergo constant metamorphosis, improving his physique day by day. Some of the villagers didn’t dare to believe that he could improve at such an absurd speed.

When the little guy was seven and a half, he stopped. After such a long period of tampering and refining, not only was his body strength shocking, even his willpower became as strong as steel.

“Willow Deity, my physical body has finished the first period of cultivation.” The little guy came to the village entrance and faced the scorched black willow tree.

“What kind of results have you seen?” asked the willow tree.

The little guy walked to the lakeside and single-handedly raised a hundred thousand jin boulder. Every creature near the lake were absolutely shocked. Regardless of whether it were the children, adults, or even the precious birds and strange beasts, they were all dumbfounded.

What kind of power was this? Single-handedly raising a hundred thousand jin boulder was too astonishing; no one had heard of such a thing before.

Then, he switched to his other hand and similarly raised it up again. His entire body was covered in a layer of radiance, and that radiance was automatically emitted, representing the extreme boundary!

Even the willow tree was silent, and didn’t speak right away.

“Child, put it down quick. Don’t hurt yourself!” shouted a few of the village’s adults.

Who could move that huge boulder? Ordinarily, they used it to dry the meat and beast fur. They were incredibly enormous, yet currently, they were in the hands of the little guy. They were all emotionally shocked.

“108000 jin of divine force with just a swing of your arm. You did very well, greatly exceeding my expectations!” said the willow tree, and it appeared that it was astonished as well.

Let alone human, even the strongest Golden Winged Peng or the Genuine Hou youths could only achieve this result. It was incredibly difficult to become this powerful, and this was truly emotionally touching.

Divine strength was not mankind’s strong point, yet the little guy managed to reach the pinnacle of this aspect, shocking even the willow tree.

This little fellow’s potential was truly great, even greater than it imagined!

“Little guy, how did you accomplish this?” A group of children rushed forth and pinched his little arm. They all felt that this was simply inconceivable.

“That thing is practically a rock mountain. Little guy, you’re truly not bad, actually lift it up with one hand. This kind of strength would shock even the Archaic descendants within the mountains. Their children are far from capable of achieving this.”

The group of children were shocked and excited. They surrounded the little guy and chattered about many things.

The group of adults were dumbfounded as well, because it was truly ridiculous that a child could be this powerful and dauntless.

“Little guy, uncle’s request isn’t much. In the future, give me the child of a Suan Ni for the sake of protection and gate guarding”

“Hah, this request isn’t much? The first thing out of your mouth is one of the strongest vicious beasts. What else do you want? Little guy, this uncle’s request is quite simple. Capture a genuine pure-blooded Pi Xiu youth in the future for me okay?”

“Get lost, how is a Pi Xiu worse than a Suan Ni? Aren’t they’re both equally powerful?”

A group of adults were making jokes and having fun. They didn’t want the little guy to forget Stone Village when he became stronger, and wanted him to capture a young genuine Archaic vicious beast to guard this place.

Only after a long period of time had passed did the villagers disperse.

“Willow Deity, can I cultivate the ‘True Primordial Record’ now?” The little guy raised his head. He was now seven years old and grew a lot taller, but he was still young and tender. There was a clear distinction between the white and black parts of his large eyes, making him seem exceptionally bright.

“You can.” The willow tree made an agreeable response.

Not only did the little guy’s flesh surpass the requirement, his willpower was also shocking. During this year and a half of bitter training, he was undaunted by setbacks. He trained under all kinds of different heavenly powers, and his willpower became as tough as steel.

“But, what is the ‘True Primordial Record’ actually about?” The little guy took out that lustering white bone and modestly asked for guidance. He had a hopeful radiance within his eyes.

“You should finely study it yourself. A journey must be taken one step at a time. The bone is world-shaking, so you can’t show this to others casually,” warned the Willow Deity.

“En!” The little guy earnestly nodded.

Since that day, it was as if the little guy met the devil.  He studied while sitting, pondering while standing, and even frowned while sleeping. He was comprehending and understanding this heavenly book whenever he could.

The characters on the pure white bone were densely concentrated. They described the origins of these symbols, and explained the mysteries of this ancient precious bone. It also described the strengths and weaknesses of various Archaic Vicious Beasts and Divine Birds.

This bone book originated from the ancient times, and explained the mysteries of the heaven and earth. It has survived through so much, and everything was recorded upon it. Unfortunately, there were no precious techniques on this bone.

One could use it as a guide for cultivation, helping one make breakthroughs. It could certainly be called a priceless heavenly book, and would become a treasure within any clan, only that it lacked an unrivaled precious technique.

The little guy became silly, and spat blood several times when reading it. He was much stronger than the chief, but he was injured several times as the things recorded on this bone book were too terrifying.

For the sake of explaining the symbols from the ancient past, it contained examples of battles. A picture of a battle between a Clear-Sky Peng and a God was distinctly visible, creating a bitter and omnipresent aura. He almost wanted to spit out blood, as this was like stepping into the ancient past to genuinely re-envision that battle.

This was merely a picture, and there was a lot of other information on the topic of symbols that did not involve precious techniques. At least ten different scenes of actual battles were miniaturized onto this pure white bone.

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