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Chapter 61 – Dual Pupils

Absolutely silent, everyone was quaking in fear!

What kind of power was this? Even with several clan elders fighting together, they surprisingly still couldn’t stop Shi Ziling. He was like an unstoppable god of war as he bathed in the splendid radiance between the heaven and earth.

The young woman was drenched in blood while pinned to the ground. That golden spear was still vibrating, and this killing attack was incomparably terrifying.

Over a hundred bones within Shi Yi had snapped. His entire body was drenched in cold sweat as he lifted his head to see the young woman. His dual pupils immediately shot out two astonishing beams of light as he shouted in an overcast manner.

This was absolutely not the voice of a child. That was an ice-cold, angry, and tyrannical voice that sent chills down everyone’s spines.

Shi Ziling was astonished. Although his strongest attack was ninety percent mitigated by several clan elders, it wasn’t something that a normal person could live through.

It was merely a child who wasn’t even four years old, yet he was already this astonishing. Although hundreds of bones had been broken, he became increasingly tyrannical as his divine furnace burned even brighter on the verge of death.

“Little Yi!”

Several clan elders shouted loudly and became several flashes of electricity. They immediately surrounded him and guarded all sides. They were previously terrified, as this was a child who possessed the dual pupils of the saints and a fused Supreme Being Bone. He was destined for greatness, and in the future, he would rule this ancient country; how could they lose him?

“Ziling, how can you act like this?” A few clan elders shouted.

“Shi Ziling, you overstepped your bounds and had the heart to attack little Yi. Do you truly have a heart of a stone, and want to cripple our tribe’s future?” The voice of the clan elders who were partial towards Shi Yuan were even more severe as they berated.

The group of were all worried. The dual pupiled child cannot be allowed to die. The natural born Supreme Being Bone also could not disappear, otherwise, the loss would be disastrous. This was their clan’s pride that they placed their futures on.

“Who feels pity for my child then?” Shi Ziling calmed said. That cold intention, that tone of voice and that expression made others tremble. They clearly invoked his wrath.

The little guy was originally intelligent, adorable and was born with a Supreme Being Bone. Previously, he could have looked down on both the heavens and the earth, but in the end, his precious bone was taken away from him. His body went through severe atrophy, to the point where he couldn’t recognize the most intimate people in his life, and couldn’t even speak a single world. He was at his last breath, and even his life couldn’t be guaranteed.

How could he be willing, how could he not be angry? Shi Ziling was spiteful and mad. After hearing these condemnations, his eyes became terrifyingly cold. Who would pity the little guy, why didn’t they care about him?

Two golden rays of light shot out of his eyes as if they were lightning streaking across the air, shocking the group of people into retreat. They were speechless, and a portion of the clan elders were silently ashamed.

“The little guy is really pitiful…” Finally, one of them sighed and stated.

Not only did the naturally born Supreme Being Bone not bring glory and splendor to the clan, he was even back-stabbed. It was truly lamentable. What kind of naive and kindhearted child could make others feel so sad?

“Ziling, no matter what, please stop what you’re doing!” An elder urged.

The other clan elders crouched to examine the state Shi Yi’s body was in. As long as he wasn’t dead, they would treat his wounds no matter how high the price was.

Strands of multicolored light seeped out of Shi Yi’s eyes. It was a strange sight. It slowly wrapped up his body like a cocoon and nourished his body. After some pi pa sounds, his broken bones actually returned back to their original positions.

Although they couldn’t be connected immediately, his body was no longer soft, and he could already sit up. His eyes were as deep as a sea of stars as his dual pupils emitted a mysterious power and continuously released multicolored light.

This astonished many people and sent them into a state of stupor.

“Such a powerful dual pupil individual. It’s even more powerful than the legends!” After the fearful events, some clan elders couldn’t control their admiration.

With a weng sound, his chest began to flicker and brim with holy light, solidifying all of his bloody wounds. Furthermore, his bones began to move rhythmically all over to the tune of a divine sound, as if they were slowly growing well again.

This was the power of the Supreme Being Bone. The people were stunned; it hadn’t even been two weeks, yet it was this already this terrifying. It truly lived up to its reputation!

Shi Ziling’s heart was in pain. This was little Hao’s bone, but it unexpectedly displayed such a shocking effect in the body of another person. If it fully matured, how heaven defying would it be?

“Ziling, give up,” advised a clan elder.

“Shi Ziling just retrain yourself now. If not, you’ll be put down today!” Those clan elders who were biased towards Shi Yuan weren’t courteous at all, and their eyes were full of cold intentions.

Shi Ziling waved his hand and the battle spear that was nailed into the ground was pulled out. Golden rays of light burned magnificently, and with a pu sound, it brought with it a blossoming string of blood as it returned.

“Mother!” Shi Yi loudly called out. He unexpectedly left the bosoms of the clan elder and rushed over. His eyes emitted a light with divine splendor that terrified others as he wished to mend that body.

However, before he even approached, the young woman let out a wretched scream as a small portion of her body exploded.

Meanwhile, Shi Ziling took large strides forward and pointed his battle spear forwards with his imposing killing intent.

A clan elder held Shi Yi back immediately and rapidly retreated. Shi Ziling was like a demon king right now, and he would kill everything that blocked his way; they had to avoid the tip of that spear.

“To the several ancestral elders here, you guys were here a long time ago. Why haven’t you shown your face until now?” Shi Ziling suddenly said.

The mansion had been shrouded by hazy light a long time ago. It was the precious bones of an Archaic Descendant that locked this entire area up, preventing the battle and shouting noises from leaking out.

Four elders appeared, and they each appeared in a different corner. They sat upon the palace, and mist curled up around them. They appeared to be hazy and indistinct, as if they were primordial gods that appeared before the heavens were created. They were so terrifying that it made people shudder in fear.

They didn’t make any actions, but they certainly suppressed all four directions.

“Before I entered the mansion and had the chance to take action, you guys already locked down this entire area. Since it already turned out like this, why won’t you guys take action?” Shi Ziling asked.

His eyes were filled with anger. As soon as he returned to his mansion, he felt a strangeness and peculiarity. The supreme experts within the clan had already begun plotting everything before he even went wild.

“Ziling, put everything behind for now. In ten years, you will govern our Stone Clan.” An ancestral elder said.

“To let me keep the seat warm for little Yi and hand it over to him in twenty years?” said Shi Ziling with an indifferent voice as he turned to look at his wife and child. His child was born with a Supreme Being Bone, yet he fell to such an extent. Right now, he had absolutely nothing.

“Ziling, you already killed many people. You should be done venting already. Just give up.” spoke and ancestral elder.

“I can. Just return the Supreme Being Bone back to my child!” Shi Ziling shouted loudly.

The four ancestral elders were silent as they sat in their spiral position. Mist curled around them, making them barely visible and indistinct like the chaos before the birth of the world. However, their seemingly hidden yet terrifying aura trembled the heaven and earth.

“Shi Ziling, you’re being too excessive. Do you know who you’re talking to? Those are our clan’s ancestral elders, do you even have a shred of respect left?!” shouted a few elders.

“F*ck off!” Shi Ziling shouted. Even the clan elders lost to him, how could this ordinary elder who depended on others still dare to provoke him? With a poke of his spear, divine light was released in ten thousand directions. A thousand different colors were displayed, and golden symbols pressed outwards like the sea. With a pu sound, that person’s exploded on the spot and only left behind a blood mist.

“Shi Ziling, the clan have not been unkind towards you. This ancestral elders still promises that you’ll have control of the clan after ten years. How are you still unsatisfied?” A clan elder grimly stated.

“Try and say this same bullshit after someone takes a sword and beheads your son!” said Shi Ziling without a trace of politeness.

“Then there’s no other way but to put you down and banish you into the wild and bitter lands!” a person shouted.

An extremely imposing elder walked forward and concentrated all of his spirit to fiercely battle Shi Ziling with the intention of capturing him. The entire area suddenly overflowed with divine light, and the entire heaven and earth lit up as it received the embrace of this resplendent radiance.

However, this imposing elder still flew out in the end while spitting out large chunks of blood. He suffered a serious injury and was almost cut into pieces.

The clan’s experts all came, but upon seeing this, their hearts shuddered. Shi Ziling was truly too powerful. It really was too unfortunate to banish such an outstanding person.

The clan elders were all emotionally stirred, but there were still some people who took action. All of a sudden, three of them walked forward while activating their precious techniques to attack him.

Immediately, this entire place was filled with deafening and ear-splitting noise. Divine light tore through the heavens, and thunder roiling like the ocean. The killing intent was incredibly severe as they destroyed the entire place. All kinds of holy light danced in the air as their supreme precious techniques wreaked havoc.

“Shi Ziling, you have so much nerve. Do you intend to betray and destroy our clan?” The clan elders who were biased toward Shi Yuan shouted and took large steps forward with the intention of entering the battle.

“Ninth grand elder carry me!” Suddenly Shi Yi spoke and and told a clan elder to bring him into the battle.

“You…” Shi Li was amazed.

“I have dual pupils. I can instill my mysterious powers into your body and assist you while fighting!” Shi Yi said to him quietly while leaning towards his ear.

Shi Li immediately carried him and discharged his symbols while wrapping him within. The two suddenly felt like they were connected together. He felt an acute pain within both his eyes and then he was able to see through everything. All the precious techniques and attacks became slower in front of his eyes.

Even though he was a clan elder and had a noble status, he was still shocked. This child was truly inconceivable. He was so young, yet he had such a remarkable precious technique and ability.

With a shua sound, Shi Li rushed into battle and launched his attack. His eyes were brilliant like the blazing sun, and were able to see through every opening as he took his tyrannical and violent actions.


A precious technique activated, and gorgeous symbols converged together into a dagger shaped like a Flood Dragon covered in dense scales and sinister claws. It rushed forward with its tip in front and streaked past Shi Ziling’s hair, cutting off a black strand.

“Good!” Shi Li achieved success with just a single strike, so he was immediately pleasantly surprised. He secretly muttered to let few other people cooperatively carry Shi Yi in order to launch an unrivaled and powerful killing blow.

Shi Yi’s dual pupils began to emit like as he leaned on the back of a clan elder. He coldly stared at the figure of the golden war god who stood in the midst of the battlefield. Although he was still very young, the gaze in his eyes could already make people’s heart beat irregularly.

The four clan elders had a huge and incredibly intense battle with Shi Ziling. The onlooking clansmen were all fearful in the face of the disaster.


Suddenly, Shi Yi began to transmit a sound. With the cooperation of the clan elder, he drew out a huge amount of his spirit essence to nourish his own body. His dual pupil discharged a light that shot forth a bunch of densely packed symbols into the air. It was unexpected able to influence all the precious technique in the area, and greatly interfered with Shi Ziling’s attack.

“So powerful!” Many people cried out in alarm.

“Although this child is still young, he’s truly complicated!”  This made all the elders who sat in the mist from afar stare widely.


A multicolored light blazed magnificently, and the four great elders’ attacks were like howling winds and torrential rain, and their precious techniques shocked the heavens. Shi Ziling’s body flashed, and his precious technique was interrupted and he was almost met with a disaster. His eyes suddenly became ice-cold as he stared forward.

“Protect little Yi well!” shouted a clan elder with fear swaying in his heart.

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