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Chapter 55 – Experience

The scorched black willow tree trunk emitted a hazy mist that proliferated outwards. As if everything fell into primal chaos, the entire world became quiet just like the days before the creation of the world.

Everyone was fearful. There was only a single branch that emitted light in the past, but now that broken trunk also underwent an unexpected transformation and produced such an astonishing scene that they could not help but take a step back.

Zhi Zhi….

The fist-sized fur ball scurried away with a chi sound as screeching sounds endlessly came out of his mouth. It nearly tripped and fell into the lake as it stared from the distance with its perfectly big and round eyes.

The villagers all kept their distance as well. The only person remained near the village entrance was the little guy. As he was slowly enveloped by that hazy mist, it became difficult to see everything clearly.

Little Shi Hao remained motionless as if he was standing at the edge of the world. Chaotic air filled the atmosphere; he once saw this, but he was too young to remember any of it. The memories hidden within his sub-consciousness were now being recreated right in front of his eyes.

Eternally respected, the first to arrive. Stolen powers, relationships spread far and wide. Moving the five virtues, bearing the burden of life….

A massive serene and solemn voice resounded between the sky and the earth. This scene seemed straight out of a legend.

A huge, ancient and simple altar reached into the clouds. It released an aura that was able to change the world, and it appeared to have existed for millions and millions of years. There were many ancient images engraved on it, such as the sun, moon, stars, Archaic Descendants, first natives and even a deity. It was entirely awe-inspiring.

The alter was grand and imposing, and its size was without boundary. It reached above the mountains, and was surrounded by clouds. The carcass of an Archaic descendant laid upon it, and its blood trickled onto the diagrams. In addition, there were strange divine treasures, and rarely seen precious medicine… This was the sacrifices an entire country made to the heavens!

A golden sun emitted an utmost powerful aura. Its glare was so powerful that people couldn’t open their eyes. A terrifying silhouette stood in the middle, illuminating the entire sky. The silhouette looked like a god of heaven who disdainfully looked down from the heavens above. Its golden blood essence naturally proliferated outwards as it created this appearance.

This was the emperor of an ancient country that controlled millions and millions of li’s worth of mountains and rivers. Today, he was personally making sacrifices to the heavens while being incomparably solemn.

Behind him were the strongest experts of the imperial family that all had a terrifying amount of influence. When they opened and closed their eyes, it seemed as if rays of electricity appeared. Even further behind stood the lords and their endless court subjects.

The people alone numbered in the tens of thousands, and many of them came from different lands. All of them were terrifying experts within their regions, and the aura they emitted trembled even the heavens and earth.

Behind them was an endless army that never ended. It was impossible to know just how many people there were as they filled up the entire visible earth. Even while standing on the altar, it was impossible to see the end of them.

Even a feudal prince commanded an innumerable amount of men, and none of these individuals were simple. With so many feudal officials and aristocrats assembled, even if each of them only a few of their men, the total was still an astonishing amount.

The entire country offered sacrifices to the heavens. This was a seemingly unbelievable event straight from the legends!

There were some wives and children of important characters on the side who also participated in this sacrificial ceremony while bathing in that vast ocean of divine splendor. One of the young women held a baby in the early stages of his infancy. The baby laughed happily as he kept his hands outstretched. His eyes were incredibly similar to Shi Hao’s.

Under the willow tree, the little guy stared blankly as if he was lost in thought.

The scene of the sacrificial ceremony disappeared and another scene appeared.

The huge lake was dark blue and clear, and it was also incomparably beautiful. The spiritual essence within it was dense and did not disperse, making it an extremely suitable place for cultivation. Many precious birds and beasts walked along the shore, and that place did not lack Archaic Descendants at all.

No ordinary people dared to approach this kind of holy lake.

In the distance, there were tens of thousands of fiercely mounted soldiers. On top of powerful vicious beasts sat soldiers clad in shining armor. Their divine spears pointed towards the sky, flashing in a cold metallic sheen that had a harsh aura about them. They stood there motionlessly, as they were standing guard; there were aristocrats hunting ahead.

On the shore of the holy lake, terrifying descendants roamed about, and holy birds perched everywhere. Ordinary people could not enter this area; otherwise, they would lose their lives.

But at this moment, several hundred people were appreciating the view and fearlessly shooting their arrows. Every one of them had an aura that overflowed the heavens, and they were so powerful that people trembled in their presence.

A group of gorgeous bright-winged fierce birds who were perched by the holy lake were disturbed, and they immediately turned angry. Each of the vicious birds were six to seven meters long, and they were covered in feathers that shined like a burning divine flame.

In particular, one of the bird kings that was 17 to 18 meters long had a five-colored divine light flowing about it. The beauty of its wings was astonishing as every type of divine light circled around it. Its power made the tens of thousands of mounted soldiers in the distance tremble with fear.

It let out a long cry and produced a divine light that rushed into the heavens. It startled the endless number of mounted soldiers to retreat a step as its power shook the holy lake.

“Haha… such a good Luan. Unexpectedly, it’s a powerful descendant that has the blood of Archaic Divine Birds flowing inside of it. Its truly a rare and treasured medicine. Look at how I’m going to shoot it to death!” An old man laughed.

He drew a huge black bow that was strung with the muscles of a Flood Dragon. With his entire body emitting a bitter killing intent, he instantly arched his bow like a full moon and shot towards the sky.


This one arrow shot out like a Flood Dragon, sending out sound waves of wind and thunder as it rose into the sky. At the same time, it emitted rays of flickering light and endless divine splendor that flowed into the heavens as it shot towards the Luan.

With a honglong sound, a thread of lightning appeared in the sky. When the arrow collided with the Archaic Divine Bird descendant, endless multicolored red light exploded into an energy storm.

An angry bird cry sounded as it was unexpectedly injured. It no longer dared to attack and escaped into the clouds after transforming into a streak of five-colored divine light.

“Where are you going?” The old man arched his bow again and another divine arrow shot forth. The arrow had a terrifying trajectory, and it emitted light beams as it entered the sky. After disappearing within the clouds, a pu sound echoed through, and a rain of blood splashed out as the Luan fell from the sky.

“15th elder, I didn’t know you had such a divine mastery in archery. With two arrows, you shot down a powerful Luan. Others certainly have to experience this great battle. This method would certainly shake the capital city,” praised an old elder

The elder who shot down the Archaic Descendant burst into laughter. Then with his own hands, he split apart the Divine Bird’s descendant’s body with a silver knife. He poured the most precious blood out and collected it into a bowl. Just this bowl alone contained the majority of the bird’s essence.

He then took large strides towards a young couple. The male was tall and majestic, and the woman was beautiful like flowers and the moon. She held a baby in the early stages of infancy.

“Be obedient my grandson, try out some of the divine bird’s precious blood. Someday, you will certainly surpass your grandfather and your parents.” The elder took out a jade chopstick and dipped a few beads of sparkling blood on it as he put it into the infant’s mouth.

“Dad, Hao’er is still this small, can he handle it?” The young couple tried to dissuade him.

TL: Er is a term of endearment.

“It won’t hurt!” The elder waved his hand and then fed a few big drops of the divine bird’s blood to him in succession. That infant wasn’t against it at all and instead used his strength to suck them in. His eyes shone brightly as he laughed. All the onlookers clicked their tongues in surprise.

“Our king’s bloodline is at its peak with this generation. This will be an outstanding and prominent generation. This little guy will perhaps not be too different from the Yi child. In the future, perhaps he could suppress the entire land and be feared by all the large tribes out there,” said an even older elder.

After mentioning the two words “Yi child” everyone gazed towards the child and all exposed an affectionate and concerned smile. He was truly unusual; he was born with two pupils in each eye, and this was the appearance of a saint from the distant past.

This was a child who was around three years old. He was standing close by, and turned towards them. Although he was young, he was already well-built. He had four pupils that flowed with divine light, holding a sort of imposing presence that completely did not match his age.

In the ancient era, those people that had those double pupils were known as saints or deities. Those people had world-shaking abilities and were unrivalled characters under the heavens.

As soon as Shi Yi was born, his double pupils were discovered. Naturally, the news riled up a huge shock within the tribe. Everyone had extremely high expectations of him, and in fact, he was indeed very extraordinary. He was a heavenly genius that studied everything so fast that he vastly exceeded a normal person.

“Although we have a king’s bloodline, we are the relatives of the emperor. The blood of the emperor flows within us. According to the rules, we could fight for the position of emperor,” said an elder.

Everyone once again shifted their gazes towards Shi Yi as they had very high expectations for him.

“Yi ya….” That infant cried lightly. His face was flushed red as he charmingly and naively smiled towards everyone.

Everyone exposed a smile on their faces. An elder said, “Naturally, our little Hao is very obedient and extraordinary. In the future, he can be his elder brother’s right hand man when he becomes king.

“The younger generation is quite numerous, there shouldn’t be so many of them such that they have to be divided up into the bitter desolate land to become the rulers there instead right?” Some people joked.

They knew that there were some self-bestowed emperors within this great desolate land. They weren’t conferred the title from an ancient country, and so the two emperors were at completely different levels.

“A place with a population of ten million dare to have a king. They abuse the people of the bitter desolate lands and exploit the people. No one cares about them, it’s just something that the people who overestimate their abilities call themselves. Any truly powerful king who controls billions of people could easily exterminate a ten million population tribe by sending out a single family.”

The stage changed again and the beautiful lake became fuzzy.

A grand and imposing imperial city that looked like something that dropped down from heaven towered over the people. It occupied a vast region and had an uncountable population. The imposing city walls that shocked the citizens themselves seemed like an endless mountain range

“The fifteenth elder in the hundred clan battlefield shot dead an archaic descendant — Pi Xiu. We don’t know why this even shook the lands and caused such chaos!”

The news spread and was hotly debated.

“Accurate information just came in, the one involved was just a cub, but it was much more powerful than a regular Archaic descendant. It is suspected that a matured Pi Xiu who possesses extremely pure blood is about to enter the hundred clan battlefield!”

The Imperial City began to tremble.

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